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AMA, CDC and ACSH Busted! The "Natural News Tracker" puts it all together - Medical Tyranny and Allopathic Reverse Psychology in USA

Obviously, you already track Natural News if you're reading this, and that's good. How long have you tracked the Health Ranger and been a health enthusiast yourself? Do you know the history of "hidden" medicine in America, mainly the past century? If you need a refresher test and you want to gauge yourself against the current events, here's your chance. Presenting the ten-question allopathic reverse psychology trivia revelations about the world around you. It's always good to know when companies and corporations are trying to hoodwink you using reverse psychology, so it's time for you to test your knowledge and learn what you REALLY need to know about the AMA, the CDC and the ACHS. After the test, we will visit the "2014 Awards Banquet" for the Chemical Industrial Complex and see what they've been up to lately. Here we go:


TEN QUESTION "Reverse Psychology" Test on Health News:


#1. How do you ruin a doctor's reputation? Publish lies about him in multiple major media outlets at the same time, and never retract them even when proven falsehoods. This just happened to Dr. Oz, except the attempt failed.


2. How do you make a vaccine with 95% efficacy if you have no idea what you're doing and you're using toxins and genetically modified bacteria to make it? You don't.


3. Why don't MDs talk about food as medicine? They can't. The AMA will shut them down.


4. Why does reverse psychology work so well? If you say a big lie over and over and over people just start believing it. That's why people think chemical medicines can be used to treat disease and disorder.


5. Why is chemotherapy, a chemical-based medicine, used to treat a chemically-driven disorder of the cells? Because it's a scam.


6. Who invented chemo? Nazi scientists who went (back) to work for Bayer after WWII.



7. What does the CDC call a cancer survivor? Anyone who survives after 5 years of initial cancer diagnosis (even if you die that very next day).


8. Why does the Susan Komen Foundation have pink buckets of chicken at their events? Because KFC chicken is carcinogenic and Komen is a front group that tells you mammograms are smart to get, even though the mammograms themselves can cause cancer, not to mention the KFC special recipe of infected cows and MSG!

9. Why do people believe the US Government is fighting a "War on Cancer?" Because they've been brainwashed into believing the FDA and CDC aren't corporations that profit off the PRO-CANCER industrial complex, but somehow actually care about people and the environment (again, reverse psychology).


Question #10WHEN did the AMA, ADA, FDA and CDC first become criminal rackets that push chemicals on Americans and profit from writing their own legislation to support it? That's another trick question.

Answer: They never "became" criminal rackets because they were all CREATED TO BE criminal rackets!


And Bonus Question: Is the American Council for Science and Health (ACSH)* good, bad, or really bad for public health and safety?


So, how did you do? How many answers did you know after reading the question? Two, three, four, five??! Did you score more than eight out of ten? Did you know the answer to the bonus question? Good work.



Now let's look at the ACSH* a little closer - - the American Council on "Science and Health." This chemical-pushing front group gets most of it's money from corporations that donate for literature that favors their products. It's groups like this that help character assassins ruin the reputations of people like Dr. Oz (well, they tried but failed miserably). ACSH has two goals: sound like a legitimate council that helps people and gather about $4 million a year from the worlds most polluted industries, like fracking, petroleum, personal care products and cigarettes. They're taking donations now, from pharmaceutical companies and soda makers, from Fast Food Giants to Agricultural Chemical companies, like Crop Life America. They're writing propaganda for any companies that pollute America and need a good cover, a brochure, a "platform" - and that platform will be the EXACT OPPOSITE of what that companies makes, processes, spills and discards onto land, into rivers, into food, into medicine. This is reverse psychology, in the land of the free. Free to advertise a complete lie and have ACSH build that platform for the company PR stunts and press releases. Sometimes they can buy you a peer review! ACSH works with Phillip Morris International to help America smoke. They work with Monsanto and Syngenta, drumming up support for some cancer food with a funding goal in mind. Shall we all put on pink ribbons and march around town with ACSH signs, eating GMO granola bars and drinking diet Coke or diet Pepsi? The vaccine industrial complex has it's players at the ACSH convention too. It's like going to the Academy Awards, except this is for all the villains. The ACSH Awards for the Chemical Mafia! Hello Merck and Dow Agro, you "guys" are up for a bid! How much money can you donate for your brochure about how safe mercury-laced vaccines and bug-killer food are for humans? Tell me more about how chlorine is good for groundwater and nutrients. Feed the world chlorine and atrazine, right and then promote the company via ACSH as trying to do "good" by the world. Some other big "nominees" were in attendance last year at the "Shill" awards banquet and ceremony (donating funds to biotech and anti-science): PCPC - Personal Care Products Council - have you heard of them yet? GE Foundation was seen hanging around the punch bowl talking to tobacco women's magazines, and the teen smoking crew was there, bumping elbows with Alzheimer research and Obesity research, of course. Oh, and the ladies were hanging out talking too, you know, Eli Lilly and Co. and Estee Lauder, but they didn't seem to want to talk to Johnson & Johnson, who was standing in the corner like a geek. If you could have just been a fly on the wall to hear all of that! The list of contributors to this sick network of chemical product environment criminals goes on and on. The National Cattlemen Beef Association helped with the meat spread at the banquet as did the American Meat Institute. All support was appreciated, including the artificial hormones and double dose of antibiotics. You know Hershey was there with baked desserts! It's a grand affair every year (accepting millions of dollars of donations to help build chemical industrial complex of USA), and many E-cig players were in attendance, like Green Smoke! Even the V2 Cigs and 21st Century were there, making fun of VMR. Did we name your poison yet?


Did you know ACHS has a brochure to address the "Soda Ban Issues?" It's on the table by the punch bowl! Grab one. Everybody stick around after the ceremony for the after party, sponsored by McDonald's and yes, there will be GIFTS!


Rumor has it, this year, that since Jon Entine was fired from writing for, that he will review the great con ceremony with some of his hilarious "shill" banter he spews out, and maybe some of his old NBC and ABC constituents will cheer it on, live on the networks. Entine, of course, is the not-famous ex-producer who wrote a book for ACHS that said Atrazine (Glyphosate mainly) was safe. That's why Dr. Oz's reputation is being attacked by character assassins that work for ACHS. Amazing Drama! Definitely will get raving reviews this year. BTW, congratulations go to ACHS for raising almost 400k in 2013 from the likes of the US Chemical Industrial Complex. Always figuring out ways, whether via direct mail campaigns or just good healthy phone calls, to drum up money to help corporations CAUSE cancer, Alzheimer's, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease and more. Thanks GMO! Thanks Obama!


That concludes coverage of the ACHS awards ceremony. Thanks to all "in attendance" and thanks to the health enthusiasts out there who love being AWARE of the bad guys and what they're trying to "accomplish." After all, knowledge is power.


Let's check the TruthWiki (true definition) for ACHS now:

"The American Council on Science and Health is an organization that states, “Our objective is to restore science and common sense to personal and public health decisions in order to foster a scientifically sound and sensible public health policy for the American people. ACSH is committed to improving communication and dialogue between the scientific/medical community and the public and the media, in an effort to ensure that the coverage of health issues is based on scientific facts – not hyperbole, emotion or ideology. Their platform, invariably, sides with big business, opposing science that claims products or practices are harmful to the public or the environment. The only exception seems to be a clear stand on the dangers of tobacco and smoking. In a letter to the editor of the Washington Times, Michael Jacobson, the Director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, stated that ACSH is "a receptacle for payments from pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, food and other companies who appreciate the convenience of having their grantees and former employees serve on government science panels."


You see! ACHS even hosts "Health Scare Seminars" to help the hypochondriacs of the world contribute to their own demise and worship allopathic doctor's feet.


This has been a public service message for health enthusiasts worldwide.


Live long and prosper.


Sources for this in-depth research include:







Warning to all Health Enthusiasts:


"ACSH - American Council on Science and Health is a PROPAGANDA front group for the chemical industrial complex of the USA"



Keep a close eye on the next move of the CDC, FDA and AMA.


Additional Sources:










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