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Gluten - Today's Toxic Food Is Like A WMHD - Weapon of Mass Health Destruction! - - Take the TWO WEEK Gluten Detox Challenge

If you were told you couldn't go to the bathroom for 72 hours, what would happen. If you could not go "number 1" or "number 2" for three full days and nights, how would you feel? What would be going on inside your body while the food you ate rots and your cleansing organs can't be drained properly of not only food toxins, but chemicals that pose as food additives, preservatives, bleaches, dyes and artificial sweeteners? What kind of shape would your liver, kidneys and pancreas be in, not to mention your colon and bladder? Now take gluten for instance - - gluten can stop up your bowels for days. Sure, it doesn't keep you from urinating, but it can keep you from "number 2" for days, and any food inside your body, including organic, is stuck, decaying and turning to poison. Now let's talk about the toxins contained in most gluten - a.k.a. or better known as "toxic food glue."


Toxic Food-Glue Rotting in Your Intestinal Tract


Take some corn that kills beetles and some soy that kills weeds, process it with chemicals and mix it with some sticky wheat head known as gluten. Bleach it white so it looks clean and you kill other parasites, then add back in some flavor like MSG or high fructose corn syrup and what have you got? Toxic food glue rotting in your intestinal tract. Genetically modified organisms can live for a long time, even dormant, like viruses, until they decide to attack your cells and change them, altering their reproduction into a wild, uncontrolled multiplication that attacks your organs (cancer). No MD in the world will tell you this at your "next visit." If MDs talk about food causing cancer or curing cancer, they get their license to practice medicine revoked by the AMA. This has been taking place for 100 years in the US. The Big Food agents who represent the cabal and cartel of Biotech have one goal in mind - get rich from creating cancer-causing food. Every human being is allergic to this toxic gluten in some way or another. It doesn't take a doctor's diagnosis and series of blood tests to tell you that your body is allergic to consuming pesticide, bleach, ammonia and Roundup herbicide. No central nervous system on earth is immune to the detriment of consuming MSG - monosodium glutamate, a highly concentrated salt product that's made in a laboratory and contains genetically modified ingredients. Why do you think millions of Americans who consume fast food, pizzas and deli meats regularly also REGULARLY experience migraine headaches, vomiting and nervous system disorders?


Toxic Gluten and Recurring Health Detriment


Let's just say you decide to "go off the rails" a little this weekend, because it's a holiday or you're on vacation, or something like that, and you decide there are "no rules" for eating junk food, eating out at restaurants, having desserts or drinking some adult beverages. Then, after doing so, something dreadful happens. You begin experiencing immense pain in your chest, the numbing of one or more limbs, and a high pitch ringing in your ears that just won't let up. You call an ambulance, which basically has to "rescue you" from the scene - which may be on an airplane, in the Caribbean, at relative's home in far away town, or worse, on a cruise boat. Stay with me here, there's a big message in all of this.


Now, when the ambulance (or helicopter) arrives with medical staff, they quickly assess your vital signs and tell you that it doesn't seem that you are going to die, but rather are experiencing a panic attack mixed with severe dehydration. You wonder, how could this be? You're in fairly good health. One weekend of "going off the rails" couldn't do all this, or could it? Then you remember, you haven't had a bowel movement since before you left your house, to go on this venture, and it's actually been 72 hours. You haven't peed much either - so you're body must be clinging to every ounce of water it gets, which you've conveniently forgotten to drink. Here's the kicker: add up the amount of GLUTEN you've consumed and it's the size of a softball, wiggling it's way through your gut, destroying good bacteria along the way, clogging your system entirely and turning ALL the food you've eaten into poison that can't escape. Guess what's next? Pharmaceutical medications at the hospital, with GMO food and fluoridated tap water. More chemicals for a chemically-induced health-panic state where your body is telling you it's severely overloaded with toxins, lacking spring water, and fighting off GMO bacteria combined with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and yes, alcohol.


Do you also smoke cigarettes? Do you also take prescription drugs? Add that to the ultimate digestive chaos.


The gluten-induced "WMHD" nightmare continued ...


Back to the rescue situation. Many, many people have health catastrophe false alarms, from indigestion to acid reflux, and the pain and stress can totally overwhelm the person to the point they believe they are dying. They feel like they're having a heart attack or a stroke, and the symptoms are very similar. Chronic dehydration can cause massive inflammation also, which exacerbates arthritis, digestive issues and it beats down your immune system because it keeps your body from being healthy. So, usually, this gluten-induced nightmare is the root of the problem, and the best way to solve that problem involves a vital 8 steps over the next 14 days ... 

 The TWO WEEK Gluten-Detox Challenge:

1. Start hydrating with spring water or water that's been through reverse osmosis and no longer contains fluoride, bleach, other people's medications, pesticides, or anything else you often find in tap water.


2. Stop eating any kind of gluten, including organic.


3. Do not eat any chemicalized food. This means no bleached white foods like rice, pasta, bread, sugar, tortilla, etc. Most of those items contain bleach and gluten anyway.


4. Do not eat artificial sweeteners of any kind. Avoid them like the plague. They cause more inflammation, digestive issues and they leave toxins in your cleansing organs.


5. Do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes during this detoxification period. The detoxification of gluten could take up to a week. This is very important.


6. Find a good organic source of fiber: examples: fresh fruit like dates, sprouted "Raw" fiber that is also organic, and green vegetables like kale and mustard greens, and organic beans and legumes.


7. Eat some good fats, like from avocado and coconut oil. This gives you omega 3s and lots of fat to burn for energy.


8. Oil of oregano and turmeric can reduce your inflammation and provide some well-needed immunity booster.


Now, finally, if your naturopathic physician says it's okay, I would eliminate any unnecessary pharmaceuticals that usually exacerbate inflammation too. Maybe some organic vitamin D would do the trick, since a lack of vitamin D can lead to hundreds of health issues to begin with. Always good to attack your problems at the root and not try to cover up/relieve symptoms, thinking that helps the problems go away. This is what most MDs are trained to do, unfortunately, because they don't know a darned thing about nutrition and natural remedies.


There are many herbs also you may want to check out. They can be eaten or mixed into tea to settle the nerves and relax your whole system. Remember, stress is the number one health detriment, followed secondly by bad food choices. Find a mental balance, maybe through meditation with yoga or just sitting in a quiet room or at the beach or lake, reflecting on your recent food choices and the new ones that will help your body repair itself. Your body is a machine and can do all the work. Don't let MDs tell you all your problems are genetic and inherited in your family, because most are NOT. This would just be a ploy for them to scribble out some prescriptions for you while you accept what is not true. Most diseases and disorders DO have cures, but the sick-care industry doesn't want you to know. Thousands and thousands of health enthusiasts on NaturalNews.com and other similar sites are sharing information that can transform your health for today, tomorrow, next month, next year and forever.


Indigenous cures have worked for centuries and even millennia

Addressing cancer, immunity and vitality:

Hemp Seed Oil: (http://www.cureyourowncancer.org).

Hemp Protein: (http://www.tropicaltraditions.com).

Oil of Oregano (wild oregano oil): (http://www.naturalnews.com),

Spirulina and Chlorella: (http://www.naturalnews.com)

Cannibas sativa: (http://www.naturalnews.com) Read how Dr. Sanjay Gupta "changed his mind" on weed! (http://www.cnn.com)

Maca and Mucuna: Raw food expert and world traveler/speaker David Wolfe is an authority on maca and mucuna. Watch these YouTube videos for great information:

  Maca: (http://www.youtube.com).
  Mucuna Pruriens: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIVwil2TN8Y).

Garlic Cloves: (http://www.alternative-cancer-care.com).

Licorice Root: (http://www.mountainroseherbs.com).

Burdock Root: (http://www.whyfoods.com).

Medicinal mushrooms: Check out
Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake and Chaga to boost immunity and fight cancer cells -- everything from brain cancer to breast cancer.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/044276_herbal_cures_ethnopharmacology_traditional_Chinese_medicine.html#ixzz3Ycnuu96b


Now is the time to act. Make the difference in your life by choosing the right food, drink, and personal care products that end inflammation and turn on all those billions of enzymes that keep you healthy and energetic. Remember, 85% of the bacteria in your gut should be of the good kind, including probiotics for good gut flora. Look into this. You will be quite pleased you did. Listen to the Health Ranger Mike Adams. He is an expert on organic food and can show you how to grow your own for pennies on the dollar, whether you have a back yard garden or you live in the city and need to grow the food indoors or on your porch.



Watch and you will learn how to start a home herb garden!

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