Saturday, February 16, 2013

Does your cooking oil go RANCID when you cook at high heat? Natural News says you better know this vital fact!


If you look it up on “Web MD” (web mainstream distraction) you’ll get some lies. If you watch any news about oils on TV (total void) you’ll get some lies. If you read in a newspaper about oils and good health, you’ll get a bunch of lies.


The media lies about cooking oil. Why? There’s so much bad oil for sale, there’s no way they’re pulling back now, and regulating, and losing money, and losing healthcare dividends, when America is dying from clogged arteries and GMO (genetically mutated on purpose). Corn oil, Canola oil, GMO vegetable hybrid oil, which poison are you using regularly?


Canola oil used to be called RAPESEED oil…

but the name was changed for marketing reasons:
Learn more:


Are you cooking at high heat? Add the fact that GMO means it’s laden with pesticide, and you are cooking PESTICIDE at high heat and eating it.

GMO pesticides linked to birth defects, disruption of male hormones, cancer



Maybe you use “I can’t believe it’s not butter” or some Crisco grease? Do you ever cook with margarine (plastic)?


Natural News has great advice on oils!

Many vegetable oils are unhealthy and cause systemic inflammation:

“On the flip side, vegetable oils like soy, canola (rapeseed), safflower, sunflower, and corn, all of which are touted in the mainstream as healthy alternatives to traditional saturated fats, promote chronic inflammation throughout the body.”

Learn more:


Many oils go rancid when cooked with high heat!


Is your “Extra Virgin” Olive oil really virgin olive oil at all? Is it a hybrid of other oils? Can you tell by the color and consistency?


Check out grape seed oil and cooking at high temperatures:


Cooking oils 101 - Choosing the best oils for your health

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