Friday, February 15, 2013

GMO News: Reversal of Fortune; Fed and States’ “illegal” raids of milk farmers may backfire!

Can you imagine the story, “Feds raid Aspartame factory and dump 700 gallons into ditch, ruining small business, possibly for good.”


I like this one, “State terrorizes biotech CAFO farmer again, conducting random raid the destroying/confiscating entire facility of hormones, antibiotics and GMO alfalfa feed, total losses over $1 million.”


Or how about this one, “County police raid MSG factory and confiscate entire long term storage supply and wrecking labs.”


Ok. So maybe I’m dreaming, but it sounds great … the FDA raiding the bad guys instead of the good guys for once. The DOJ, the DOE, the DEA all taking down REAL bad “farms” and “labs” and entities that create toxic food, toxic medicine, GMO, and that breed sick, miserable animals.


But wait, what’s this … breaking news:


“Rogue county police invade homogenized milk farm and burn 10,000 gallons of pasteurized milk, basically bankrupting corporation overnight!”


There is some real new though, that you should know. It’s important to know when the government and the police think its perfectly okay to ruin a farmer’s business when that farmer is not breaking the law in any way. It’s important to know when the government or the local police kick in the doors of a business and ruin private property and equipment all in the name of executing corporate competition. You see, there shall be no entity of small business which will threaten the market share of a corporate monopoly. Raw milk is safer than homogenized, pasteurized, hormone laden milk any day of the week, but if the word gets out, if a farmer starts distributing on a wide scale, the masses could start to question the norm, and then all hell breaks loose. Loss of income. Loss of dividends. Loss of control! That’s why the big guys (large corporations) always try to buy out the small organic companies that start getting big, so they can either change the product to include toxins, like “other ingredients,” or to nab up that part of the market share that was threatening their bottom line.



Cornucopia has recently filed complaints regarding a synthetically derived oil used as additives by some corporate dairies, especially against those dairies that promote themselves as organic with the USDA organic seal displayed. The oil is added to almost all infant formulas and some larger supposedly organic dairy products.”


Is your “Silk” milk GMO cancer causing soy?




Nearly 100% of school milk is hormone-laden rBGH and those cows eat GMO and are administered antibiotics for utter infections from being milked too often and too much, and those cows are the cows with digestive infections from eating GMO corn and alfalfa, and sometimes even candy. Yes, those are the corporate CAFO sick cows that give that milk. That school milk. That “safe” milk. That Government approved and stamped milk. That ice cream and sour cream and that cheap cheese. That’s the milk the FEDS and the rogue STATE agencies don’t raid, and don’t ruin their businesses, and don’t throw the “dead milk” breeders  in jail cells for weeks with no phone calls, in a few inches of feces to wonder what’s happening to them, to their family, to their business! What about that?



Mike Adams has been covering this on Infowars and with Alex Jones on the radio shows:




65-year-old California 'milk man' subjected to extreme torture, hypothermia, raw sewage in LA County jail


Natural News is covering the in depth true story: “Raiding small dairy farms for selling raw milk has become an active form of state terrorism throughout North America. The farms are usually small and the farmers are not well off.”


Stay with the Natural News bloggers and follow Mike Adams and the everlasting search for truth and the organic way of life.




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