Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From GMO crops to vaccines - the horror of mass poisoning continues


It has always been a raging issue but has never been paid much attention to by government authorities. GMO crops that are being steadily propelled into the market are the origin of various deadly diseases. Natural News reports that the European Food Safety Authority has published a report where it has been clearly stated that most of the GMO crops nowadays harbor a deadly viral gene. It is reported that 54 out of the 86 GMO traits that are approved for use hold a viral gene called Gene VI which is unsafe for human consumption.


GMOs are infested with pesticides like Zyklon B that are the most effective weapon of killing humans. Zyklon B was used by Hitler to gas Jews to death in concentration camps. The same element is now being used in GMO crops. The latest scientific experiments reveal that the consumption of GMO foods give birth to deadly cancerous tumors in rats very rapidly. This can be the case with humans also. It is now clear that GMO crops are unsafe for public health but the government authorities do little to prevent them from getting into the market.


Vaccines have always been regarded as an effective weapon in the fight against deadly diseases. But Natural News reports that vaccines mostly contain toxic chemicals that harm more than they help. It is reported that most of the vaccines contain chemicals like sodium chloride, sorbitol, bovine cow serum and gelatin. Moreover, the latest study published in the German journal Der Hautarzt or The Dermatologist has revealed that the vaccine for chicken pox may be responsible for ushering a shingle epidemic. The chicken pox vaccination that was introduced in the U.S. back in 1995 could be responsible for reducing the natural immunity of the human body against shingles thus giving a boost to the disease.


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