Tuesday, February 12, 2013

GMOs are the biggest killer of all times


Biotech giants have been pushing genetically modified seeds and foods on the market for quite some time now. The situation has deteriorated so much that the top 10 breakfast cereals that U.S. citizens consume daily are laden with GMOs. Natural News reports that about 85 percent of the corn that is grown in the U.S. is genetically modified. This huge production and unchecked consumption of GMO corn is leading to severe consequences like cancerous tumors, along with liver and kidney damage. It is suggested that people should turn to organic food if they want to get rid of this problem.


The U.S. government is now thinking about reforming the school lunch program. It is reported that the United States Department of Agriculture has proposed to equip school vending machines with water, low calorie sports drinks, baked chips and diet sodas instead of GMO laden sugary sodas. A similar attempt was made a few years ago, with results not as expected.


The intent of the government is unclear. Many are of the opinion that the government is trying to show their concern about public health, while at the same time, safeguarding the interests of food and drug companies. These companies earn profits by selling genetically engineered, chemically preserved, nutrient deprived foods that are the seeds of many incurable diseases, which are again sanctioned by the FDA.


The Nazi army, during   World War II, used Zyklon B to gas Jews to death in concentration camps. It may sound bizarre but it is a fact that Zyklon B is nowadays used in the pesticides and finds its way into our body through our daily diet. The general public is being subjected to a slow but certain death by GMOs and vaccines. In order to fight these issues, a person needs to turn towards the natural ways of sustenance and healing, reports Natural News.

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