Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gambling sites work better than and the world is beginning to scream at the whole BIG Healthcare LIE


Breaking News! This is NOT a test of the emergency broadcast system …  This just in: The huge meteor heading directly towards Earth will be delayed 3 weeks by the Obama Administration, as that will interfere with the release of the actual computer software that will magically save the healthcare-dot-guv site that is crashing for millions of people every minute, who are in a mad rush to register their guns and medications with the IRS/NSA combo team who will soon be enforcing tax penalties for those who don’t get “signed up.” This horrible but enlightening news about the METEOR DELAY and individual mandate delay comes at a time when Americans couldn’t be MORE frustrated with a tyrannical U.S. Government that terrorizes organic farmers, natural medicine distributors, and third world countries by dropping GMO food bombs and syringes with small pox and swine flu. Millions of Americans who go on porn sites and gambling sites via U.S. based computers are BEFUDDLED that they can’t register all their medical records with Obama, who requires this for the upcoming FEMA relief system that goes into effect when the METEOR finally does hit earth, even if the Administration delays the impact AGAIN when the fiscal cliff is extended for the 75th time.


More than one hundred thousand people are instead signing up for surthrival care, where they can actually PURCHASE organic storable food, organic dried fruit, and other actually rewarding features of the survival program. The Health Ranger Mike Adams has spoken to the masses and provided relief for victims of different natural disasters over the years, including Hurricane Katrina victims and Northeast’s Sandy storm that wiped out New Jersey’s shores. Although the meteor that’s on its way is very, very LARGE, the survivors will be on pirate radio communicating updates and the truth about the situation as it develops. Stay tuned to Natural News Radio 24/7/365 for more on all of this:




Mike Adams covers this IRS/forced healthcare atrocity:


“Just for the record, even the dark underworld of the internet seems to be more competent than the Obama administration, as gambling and porn sites work far better than Maybe that's because they actually have to deliver something to stay in business and keep collecting payment, unlike Obamacare which just steals your paycheck away from you in the form of IRS penalties, all without your consent.”


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