Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kidney damaging antibiotic discovered in Japan after WWII now the “last stand” for fighting Superbugs – so what’s next for NIH?


The sheer lack of new antibiotics from drug manufacturers has led scientists to resort to a dangerous “old” antibiotic known as COLISTIN, and though killing humans slowly isn’t really a good answer for how to kill superbugs, it’s one last ditch effort by Big Pharma to reign in the evolution of mayhem they created themselves, by the overuse of antibiotics in animals and hospitals, and by blocking out all natural remedies as a way to build immunity. Between vaccines, pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, the human body is completely polluted with toxic “meds” and the bugs – the bacteria, viruses, and genetically modified combinations of bacteria and viruses, have created a wave of sickness that is breaking away from Western Medicine and wreaking havoc on the masses. Unfortunately, the “masses” rarely hear about Nature’s remedies for superbugs and super viruses, so they just accept disease and disorder as normal, and plug in their social security number to Healthcare.whatever – hoping the President and some corrupt oncologists can save them.


Locked in a battle with an extremely drug-resistant superbug last year, doctors at the National Institutes of Health's Clinical Center played one last card.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042612_antibiotics_superbugs_hospitals.html#ixzz2iSiZcHJs


Natural Remedies for Superbugs


Have you heard of colloidal silver? Have you heard of oil of oregano? I bet you haven’t. Have you heard of licorice root or medicinal mushrooms? Do you know anything about turmeric or chlorella? How can you protect yourself from the new super bugs and the antibiotic resistant “germs” that are floating around, infecting people in waiting rooms at the doctors’ offices and hospitals right now? How can you detoxify your body of parasites and pesticide laden wheat gluten? Have you heard of Diatomaceous Earth?








Don’t let Western Medicine and all the corrupt and ignorant MDs fool you into believing that scientists have somehow concocted “anecdotes” for the diseases they are perpetuating and worsening. Don’t let Western Pharma convince and coerce you into believing that if you inject a bunch of chemicals into your arm every year, you can somehow build up resistance to the GMO superbugs they create in labs themselves. Don’t eat food that comes from animals that are SHOT UP regularly with hormones that make them sick, obese, infected, and that are given antibiotics to kill the infections that breed in their sickly, polluted living quarters. Don’t take antibiotics for the flu and head colds. They are useless. Don’t get flu shots – they contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and probably new superbugs. Don’t eat GM food and don’t EAT cancer:


Watch out for dirty hospitals and doctors who claim you need antibiotics and swine flu injections to build immunity! Pigs can’t fly yet, so don’t fall for the scams:


10 years ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 1.7 million annual hospital-borne infections had caused 99,000 deaths.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042612_antibiotics_superbugs_hospitals.html#ixzz2iSiR0Tem



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