Friday, October 25, 2013

“Shop and Browse” $99 Sports Cars and Super Cheap Healthcare!


Let’s start off with a huge lie: Obamacare is cheap and you can shop it on line without entering any personal information.


Let’s delve into a BIGGER LIE: If you are 51 years old, you get the same rates as someone who is 88, and if you are 49 years old, you’ll get the same rates as a teenager or a pro football player.


One more Big Lie just for the record: You can buy a brand new sports car with ZERO down, zero interest, and no payments until 2050.


Now let’s talk about REAL news and how it is affecting millions of Americans who think they can get some kind of health coverage that’s anywhere near the price and quality (your own doctor) of what they have now. The U.S. Government has set up a sneaky way to miss-price your quotes on line, even though the system barely works for anyone right now. What they’ve done is made sure you have to enter ALL of your private information first, and then shop, so they can record everything about you in their NSA/CIA/IRS computer mother hub. Then, after frustrating you to the core, you might get a quote based on some best case scenario you probably are NOTHING LIKE. There is no way in this lifetime that your government is going to give you good rates for health insurance when this same government is feeding the masses GMO food, GMO medicine, fluoridated water and toxic vaccines. They simply would never foot that bill. So they’re making prices look good on line so you will continue to plug in your life’s personal information for tracking later, when the &*^%$%^%^% hits the fan, and everybody figures out they’ve been robbed by the system, the system that’s imposing a TAX PENALTY for not registering for healthcare LAW when you can’t even get past the first few screens of the hoax system Healthcare.gump (trying not to help them with their link popularity)!


So go on … SHOP AND BROWSE … and get ready for  POST PURCHASE STICKER SHOCK brought to you by the same administration that promised to end the unnecessary and false pretense WARS in the Middle East that cost a trillion dollars a year. How do you think they’re paying for THAT?


"The numbers for older Americans are even more striking. A 62-year-old in Charlotte looking for the same basic plan would get a price estimate on the government website of $394. The actual price is $634," said the report.

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All healthy, young Americans who eat organic food and know better than to eat cancer and drink cancer (GMO, gluten, MSG and Aspartame) must sign up for the mandatory sick care now! Cancer costs double up front and quadruple in 4 years. Obama may even be writing in a clause in the Constitution that allows him to serve as Attorney General of Health until the end of time. That would not be much of a stretch for him, since he was able to sneak in the NDAA laws, which was purposely aimed to destroy the Bill of Rights.


Know your rights. Eat organic. Defend your personal freedom and the Constitution:








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