Wednesday, October 23, 2013 – A research-based website is here to answer all your existing queries on science!

According to Natural News, the research website has now achieved 12 million studies posted on topics covering over 20 categories, including vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs, phytonutrients, toxic chemicals, drug side effects and more. The website is the world's largest relational database of scientific studies organized by concept correlations. In other words, for any given topic (such as "chlorella" or "blueberries"), it can tell you which other concepts are most frequently studied or cited in relation to that concept.

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Based on billions of correlation calculations requiring months of computation, reveals that the scientific literature is well-populated with studies demonstrating the medicinal effects of nutritional supplements, super foods, minerals and herbs.

The aim of is to help make this science more readily available to authors, bloggers, activists and journalists so that they can more easily explore the truth about the remarkable power of nutrients, herbs and foods to prevent, treat and even cure many diseases. When you use it, please cite the URL in your own website so that others can also find the site and benefit from its remarkable research.

For example, on the “selenium” page, you can see all the most frequently correlated concepts on the right, such as prostate, tumor, diabetes, cancer, HIV and more.

Now, whether you have a science term paper to submit or wish to enrich yourself with knowledge, you can easily check out this site in order to get updated information on almost all topics of health, hygiene, food – science in general, you will get everything out here.

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