Friday, November 22, 2013

Cancer CURE smear campaign continues, decades later, for Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski


Thanks USA Today, for jumping on the bandwagon, the one that beats down a proven cure for even the worst, most fatal cancers, and once again helping the American Masses remain in the dark about the cure for their most feared atrocity. Thanks USA Today, you remind me of Dr. Oz when he stabbed the organic world of food in the back, saying it was for snobs and elitists. Thank you USA Today, for riding the I.G. Farben train, the one that’s going off the health “cliff.” Thanks USA Today, for acting like the FDA, and trying to bury an innocent man while he’s still breathing, and doing Nobel prize worthy scientific work, and curing people of Stage IV cancer, and curing kids of brain cancer, and more. Thanks a lot!


Mashing together just the right combination of heartbreaking anecdotes, manipulated data points and generally false accusations, USA Today's Liz Szabo completely marginalizes the work of Dr. Burzynski in her shameless ridicule, while at the same time conveniently ignoring the utter failures of conventional oncology to come anywhere close to his successes.”

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The smear campaign is sponsored by USA Today and the FDA, working hard to ruin your chances of figuring out there is prevention and a cure for cancer. All proceeds go to shareholders who have stock in chemotherapy and radiation equipment manufacturers. You can find their symbol on the stock exchange under “ctch22.”


Ask your allopathic doctor if cancer is right for you! Side effects include dizziness, internal bleeding, going psychotic when you find out there’s been a cure all along, more news burying the cure, and some people on other medications will experience a total lack of appetite and extreme nausea. Also, some patients complain about insurance not covering alternative cancer treatments, especially those that work. You can register for anything that doesn’t work on line at You contributions are helping politicians play golf at luxurious resorts and remember, what happens to them in Vegas stays in Vegas (and on YouTube).

Investigate the natural cures for cancer and stay tuned to Natural News for more coverage of how you can begin healing your mind, your body and your spirit!




Mike Adams, Part III: Nutritional Cancer Cures and the Best Products on the Market
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Tell the Texas Legislative Oversight Committees and Gov. Rick Perry to Stop the

TMB's Harassment of Dr. Burzynski!







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