Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What do you really want, health insurance or health? The Health Ranger Mike Adams wants to know


Let’s start off by asking about prevention and cure before we start talking about coverage, anyway. See, the whole mindset is for Americans to worry whether or not certain conditions will be covered and will they be able to see their doctor “of choice.” Worry, worry, worry and pay, pay, pay. That’s politics. But the evolutionary person, someone who invites change as it relates to development, intelligence, kindness, progression, they want to actually prevent disease and disorder, and learn how to cure yourself of it, not prolong it, mask it, and add to it. There is a cumulative effect of bad food and bad medicine and now all healthy people are being asked to pay for it while the rest carelessly wait for Western Medicine to “treat” their major health problems, without even asking why NOONE is talking about natural medicine, organic food, Superfoods and botanicals.




The conversation across every network and “affiliate” news station is the same. They’re debating about the price of your coverage going up or the total non-functionality of the website. That’s the con. Don’t you see it? It’s right there before your very eyes and listen, they’re telling you to decide between to crooked choices. Do you like it? Which one? Do you hate it? Will you just pay the “fine,” the “levy” and carry that tax penalty, year after year? Will they pressure you into deciding between the lie. The debate about whether your plan covers the Cymbalta or the Chemo? Does it cover the anxiety medication or the anti-depressant, the one that makes you feel numb so you just choose the next fixed choice. Think about it. Make an evolutionary choice. Choose to prevent and cure, instead of whether to prolong or mask.


The Health Ranger balances the “health” BUDGET here:


“For every cancer patient where the government spends $500,000 on "disease management" interventions such as chemotherapy, there's a bona fide cure to be had for less than $5,000 worth of nutrients and botanicals. That's a 100-to-1 savings and it has a far better outcome, too, since chemotherapy actually causes repeat cancer as well as permanent damage to the kidneys, brain and heart.”

Natural News comes at this positively, suggesting a whole spectrum of natural cures and holistic care that changes the entire picture and this is where we can really take things if we want to have HEALTHY health care coverage.


• The outlawing of drug company bribery of doctors, financial influence of medical schools and commercial funding of science journals.

• Reforming the mission statement of the NIH to study causes of health rather than causes of disease.

• Restoring patients' rights to sue vaccine companies for the permanent health damage caused by their products.

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