Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - could the real cause be chem-trails, fluoride, mercury and aspartame?


U.S. allopathic doctors love their “regular clients” – their repeat offenders – their patients that schedule their next visit on the way out the door from the current one. Most doctors who can scribble out some pharmacist recognizable pseudo-prescription on a piece of paper after looking down your throat and listening to your heart, those professionals make $300 - $500,000 a year without blinking an eye. They are visited by different pharmaceutical reps, who carry lots of new and “improved” goodies, and they go play golf and go yachting to talk about the best selling drugs. And now, just like Fibromyalgia, but multiply that by 10, we’ve got some CRPS, a syndrome that just debilitates you and nobody can seem to figure out why. It’s like the cure for cancer, let’s all march for CRPS and wonder why people who consume toxins all day are getting sick.


Yes, it’s true that some people are born into very unhealthy environments, and either fail to make a change or don’t know much better until its too late, but for the most part, chronic pain, lethargy, IBS, confusion, migraine headaches, numbing back aches, shooting pains in the legs, bone decay and lack of immunity is all part of a bigger plan, to keep people alive and paying taxes, medical bills, and for unnecessary wars. The great dumbing down is felt in the brain and the body. Natural News has coverage of this latest syndrome and there is a natural cure for everything, so stay tuned:





“The long-term health consequences of our increasingly polluted environment and food supply appear to include an unusual pain condition that strikes out of nowhere and leaves its victims in a near-constant debilitated state. Referred to in the medical literature as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, doctors say they have no idea what causes this strange illness or how to cure it, yet the number of people who suffer from it continues to rise.”




“… it is a disorder of the nervous system. CRPS is believed to trigger erratic nerve synapses that send constant pain signals to the brain, misleading it into believing that there is actual pain taking place, when in fact it is these signals that are causing the pain.”

Think for a second what psychotropic drugs do to the brain and body! They block nerve synapses from firing across to receptors. They make you crazy. They can numb pain in the brain so you think the health problem is going away, while it gets worse. MSG and Aspartame go to work on your central nervous system just like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. They block the brain from communicating its messages to the body properly, and the central nervous system falls apart at the seams, creating stressful situations and dysfunctional “norms” so people can’t figure out what’s going wrong, and not one allopathic doctor is gonna tell them. They can’t, or they’ll lose their “license” to dish out Big Pharma’s “junk.” CRPS is a junk disease and your Western Medicine specialist has JUNK meds for your junk body that can’t seem to move, or think, or do much of anything productive.


"On the McGill Pain Index, a chart that doctors use to measure their patients' pain levels, the condition ranks extremely highly, receiving a score of 42 out of 50, higher than both childbirth and amputation,"

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042957_Complex_Regional_Pain_Syndrome_toxic_environment_mysterious_conditions.html#ixzz2l6JlGRGA


It’s time to consider organic food, spring water and an environment that is clean and pure. Good luck my friends:


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