Saturday, November 16, 2013

Got stupidity? Obamacare and the AMA want young people drinking alcohol and getting injured or pregnant!


How stupid does Obama think young Americans really are? Just because he got the majority of young Americans supercharged to get rid of the Republican force in 2008 doesn’t mean he can con them all into supporting chronic sick care that is relying on everybody to register their personal information on the new dysfunctional NSA/healthcare.gullible tracking “hub.” The concept of socialism healthcare is to get all the healthy people registered for $1,000 per month healthcare to pay for all the people who have not taken care of themselves for the past 30 – 50 years, eating fast food, corn sugar, smoking, drinking and being lazy, ending up with chronic diseases and disorders which are all fostered by flu shots, vaccines, fluoridated water and MSG.


Obama talks his smooth game on TV, apologizing for glitches and promises he can’t keep, all while acting like everything will be fixed in the short term. However, the hard truth (good news actually) is that healthcare.gullible cannot be fixed. There is no way the government gurus and bureaucrats can hire enough techies to fix the broken system, get all the insurance companies to comply, and rob everyone of the policies they have in place that cover their big pharma drugs. Millions of people are addicted to pharmaceuticals that cover up symptoms and aches and pains of chronic food disorders cuased by eating chemicals, drinking chemicals, and smoking chemicals. Doctors know it. The American Medical Association knows it. The Food and Drug Administration knows it and Monsanto knows it. This is fake GMO coverage – this Monsanto insurance act – it is fraud and no government is going to foot the bill for the citizens it poisons with toxic food on purpose. This is a 75 year scam that’s being called a new name, the affordable care act.


Now there are horrendous and stupefying ads about young people showing them partying and being promiscuous and irresponsible, like those are the main people in the country who need insurance and should get insurance so they can “continue this” irresponsible way of living on the “edge” and needing medical attention regularly.


It’s an insult to every young adult and teen and nobody should vote democratic anything or comply with this con act and immoral ad campaign!


“Obamacare is now encouraging and spawning risque new ads that make young people look like immoral slobs with no self control or dignity.”


The new ads make Obama look like some kind of savior, crediting him for giving young people affordable insurance so they can all go out and party it up!

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