Friday, November 15, 2013

The goal of the Obamacare "FIX" talk was to make everyone feel more subservient!

Can the President just “disrupt” a law because his health computer doesn’t work? Can the President write law or cancel law based on emotion? People are REALLY beginning the see the light; that this whole healthcare plan is one huge fraud, and now the insurance companies are supposed to magically cover who they weren’t going to cover, by law! It doesn’t even make sense.


It’s almost insane to expect this website to be functional by the end of November. To listen to the U.S. President try to speak “off the cuff” was so painful, all the hemmin’ and haw’n, and when he says he talks to an “awful lot of folks” and starts naming leadership roles like CEOs, talking down to everyone, almost like George W. Bush (Mr. Evil Do’er)


Yep, he’s a big leader with big responsibilities, in charge of a lot of stuff, having expensive lunches, meeting to make agreements. Yes, we know.


The goal of his FIX talk was to make everyone feel more subservient than they already are. Hey, listen to this guy, talking about not quite getting it right. It couldn’t be more WRONG, or broken, but he’s gonna still fix those glitches!


You have to be mentally challenged to believe he can fix this.


Natural News is reporting on this and




“which companies will be prosecuted for "illegally" keeping policies in place that violate the Affordable Care Act as written.”

Learn more:


Yes, the “FIX” is in, and the clock is ticking. Stay tuned for more on the super hero coming in and saving the day, again and again and again. Because certainly we all need to be “saved” from ourselves!  Obamacare is going to do just that, for about 500% premium mandatory upgrade installed next month.



Does that mean our local police can now make up laws? What about the sheriff, because they could all get together at some town hall meetings and have quite intelligent conversations on justice and the constitution. Let the “creativity” flow!

For more on the leader of the "NOT SO FREE" world; read this from Natural News:


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