Friday, November 15, 2013

“Prepping” for 2014 is not a 'fringe' activity - Here’s why


With Obamacare spiraling down the drain, a useless war still being fought at $1 trillion/year, it’s getting easier to see what’s coming. You know, you can see the future when there are patterns that just keep repeating. Inflation follows spending, and the people who actually read and study history are prepping for 2014, the largest financial “tsunami” you may see for 50 years. Some people can only afford organic seeds and cheap generators, but that’s a great start. Some people hit by the housing bubble burst and job layoffs since 2008 are spending every extra dime on storable spring water, camping gear and tools. Am I describing at least two of your neighbors yet? There is a big diversification of “preppers” now at expos and conferences. It’s not like it’s just ex-military or ex-police, we’re talking about your average suburbanites and people who are considering moving to the outskirts of the mayhem, the chaos, the metro cities and the medium sized cities of America, where total chaos could ensue within 24 – 48 hours, depending on the size of the “distruption” – whether financial, economical or environmental, or all of the above. People will panic, like they did at Walmart when they had unlimited spending on their SNAP food cards one Saturday morning for 4 hours.


America is one SNAP away (Obama shutting off food cards for good). What will you do to protect your family and home then? Do you live in a Big City? Do you have survival food and water and protection for weeks, if not months or a year? Can you even begin to imagine how long the lines will be at the gas stations, the superstores, and the shelves will go from full to empty during those few days. Prepping has a new meaning in 2013/2014, and a new face. It’s the face of the common man with common sense. It’s the smart thing to do when you see a pattern of government reckless spending.


Want to learn how to prep? It’s simple. The Health Ranger Mike Adams has the best coverage of this. Remember Hurricane Sandy? The Health Ranger called it out, how the help would be way too slow to come to those unprepared, and that’s exactly what happened:


Now preppers are just ordinary people who are reading the natural news and getting ready for big “storms.”


"It's definitely picking up. It's not just country people anymore. We really cater to a suburban market … much of the new gear isn't directed at low-rent folks or cave-dwellers. Items vary in price from $5,600 for a portable solar charging station to $649 for "Stomp Supreme" field medic kits offered by a firm called Doom and Bloom, LLC.”

Learn more:


Get ready now for 2014 and beyond


The show floor was packed with a dizzying array of small businesses and products that defied stereotypical 'prepper' classification -- not just ammunition and crossbows and camping gear, but also seed banks, beehives, financial planning, and acupressure."

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