Tuesday, November 12, 2013

USA quickly becoming a third world country – in regards to food and healthcare


Go buy a sweet roll and a quart of pasteurized milk and shut up, you stupid Americans! This is the attitude of a Government gone completely insane, serving up corn sugar and chemotherapy to all the fools who watch television for their news, eat fast food as their staple diet, and vote for the person who tells them stuff they want to hear, even though none of it ever happens. Welcome to the Un-united States of Dumberica - where people eat processed gunk and wonder why the Government won’t pay for their by-pass surgery and to remove the huge tumors growing where they used to have reproductive organs. This is the country where each state hates the rule of Big Government, but isn’t doing much about it. This is the country where states try to protect people’s rights and decent food, but corporate crooks step in and “buy the vote” and fix the polls and write legislations to “overrule” the states. This is the north end of South America, yes, the Un-united States of Dumberica, much like the movie “Idiocracy” – where people slurp up corn sugar drinks and watch idiot TV all day and all night, wondering why the plants don’t grow right anymore and why the environment is stacked mile high with garbage and filth. (here’s a scene from the future of Dumberica – “Idiocracy”) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsJFNQd62Wk


It’s so easy for Obama to lie about the Healthcare “plan” which is really about to drop 93,000,000 people, just as planned. It’s not just the individual market either, we’re talking about corporate Dumberica here too. People’s healthcare catastrophe is just the beginning. 401k’s will be seized during the financial meltdown of Dumberica too. It already happened in Detroit if you need a model of that. Most government pensions will be seized from Dumbericans within a decade: http://www.naturalnews.com/041298_unfunded_liabilities_retiree_pensions_government_confiscation.html


Un-united States of Dumberica  


Are you an idiot? Would you know if I told you? Do you eat MSG, aspartame, insecticide corn sugar and wash it down with fluoride water? Is your brain laced with mercury and aluminum from dozens of vaccines? If you are stupid and believe that Obamacare is something good, meant to help Dumbericans and Dumberica, then you have not seen the movie “Idiocracy” and you are just another victim. Welcome to third world living in the Un-united States of Dumbocracy.


Here are some cold hard FACTS reported by Natural News and Forbes, in case you need some reliable sources on all of this: 


51 percent of the employer-based market plus 53.5 percent of the non-group market (the middle of the administration’s range) amounts to 93 million Americans. What this means is that not only did Obama lie when he repeatedly told Americans that they can keep their plans if they like them, he also lied in Boston on Wednesday when he said he was referring to the majority of Americans coverered by their employers.”




So go on, sign up for deathkare.com, and see how far it gets you. Plug in all of your most personal, confidential information into the NSA idiot hub and be sure to print FOUR copies when you’re done: One to read in the superbug hospital bed when the power grid goes down, one to read at the FEMA camp during re-education, and the other two copies for when you are done reading the first two copies.

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