Thursday, November 6, 2014

95% of smokers who quit without help go back to smoking within six months - A study

In a world where smoking is the most prevalent among all addictions, the task of quitting smoking can really be Biblical. But with the introduction of a new program called 14 And Out, the task seems easier and less time consuming. It is said that this program will help smokers quit their habit in 14 days or fewer. This program is designed for smokers to understand the true reason for the addiction and helps them get rid of their habit.

The program conducts an in depth study of the smoking habits— why smoking becomes a habit, why 95 percent of smokers who quit without help go back to smoking within six months, why nicotine patches, nicotine gums and electronic cigarettes are not of much help, what keeps the smokers hooked to their addiction and many topics similar to these. The program consists of a 60 minute video that discusses how to replace bad habits with good habits and what a smoker should do to keep himself from succumbing to the habit once more after quitting. It also throws light on the central nervous system and other body functions and how to keep them normal without the help of nicotine or other harmful chemicals that are present in the cigarettes. At the end of the video, a smoker is bound to question the logicality of smoking.

As the popularity of the video grows, the number of people who have been able to quit smoking with the help of this video is also on a steady rise. The feedback that is flooding the internet is all positive in tone and the people posting them say that the program really works. Well, it sure does!

So, whether you have been smoking a packet a day or more, or you have been an avid smoker for 20 years and above, you will surely be able to quit smoking with the help of this program. All the program does is that it educates the smokers about the real consequences of the addiction that they have cherished for so long.


“Revolutionary stop smoking program gaining popularity fast”

Program talks about GMO tobacco containing more pesticide.
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60 minute video download rips into chemicals in commercial cigarettes, behavior modification and NUTRITION. No more smoking plastic and pesticide for you!

14AndOut is Health Ranger recommended and has over a 90% cure rate.

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