Sunday, November 2, 2014

Do You Eat Cancer Daily?



Didn't they tell us it's not contagious?


What if you "catch" cancer from toxic food?


Since nearly every kind of cancer is preventable, it's also curable. Because we are born organic WITHOUT cancer, we can simply return to 100% organic living and reverse cell mutations so ALL of our NEW cells are NOT mutated, don't become mutated, and therefore cannot multiply uncontrollably, which is how cancer functions.

This is HEALTH BASICS 101.

Welcome to a world where health enthusiasts live past 100 on NO MEDICATIONS and who are laughing, taking care of themselves, and telling MORE people how they do it.





Get off the cancer train. Be spiritual and organic. You can afford it, because organic food is hundreds of times cheaper than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, if that's where you're heading now. Think about it. Plus, your family deserves you to be at your best always. You can do this. Keep it simple. Read "Don't Eat Cancer" - the book, and go from there.
This has been Natural News Tracker reporting Natural News and providing only the best resources so you NEVER become a cancer victim.


Stay tuned and stay organic!




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