Thursday, November 6, 2014

Now at 12 NEW EBOLA cases a day, the killer virus is spreading like wildfire in Sierra Leone - how would this equate to a metropolitan US city?



The common cold in America can be spread by just visiting a doctor's office and sitting around in a waiting room for 30 - 45 minutes. People are coughing, sneezing, wiping their WET hands on the magazines, the table tops, the couch cushions, and yes, the clipboard YOU will soon touch to sign in and out.


The flu is spread as easily as a head cold, on grocery cart handles and grocery basket handles at the stores. You catch it by touching the "anti-bacterial" hand-wash container that the last infected person just used. The flu is spread when people cough and saliva is projected TEN feet across the room. And of course, you can give people the flu BEFORE YOU SHOW SYMPTONS.


Now let's talk about Ebola virus in the news:


In Sierra Leone, on the continent of Africa, the west side near the panhandle, Ebola is a pandemic. No CNN report can cover up that fact. No Wolfe Blitzer to play it down and tell the people not to panic. It spreads when people ride in taxi's that other infected people have ridden in, and it spreads in the hospitals, which are no more dangerous or safe than American hospitals. It spreads at the "doctor's" office, when people with Ebola sneeze, cough or even vomit on the rug, the chair, and yes, the clipboard where other people "sign in." Are they signing in to death at the doctor or hospital? What if they just have the regular flu or head cold and then CATCH EBOLA at the flagrant doctor or hospital that thinks you aren't contagious the first 18 days, or thinks you're fine after being tested, even though it lays dormant, that virus that kills 70% of it's victims by dissolving organs.


How would THIS play out in Atlanta, Dallas and New York? What about L.A., the city of angels? What happens when it breaks out in Eastern cities where many Liberian nationals travel to and from quite often to visit their relatives, like in Rhode Island? How fast will the disease reach New Jersey and New York, or Washington DC, the "District of Criminals? (politicians)"


Let's look at Sierra Leone now as a mini model of what could happen in large US city and the whole country for that matter - if the CDC and Obama don't get their act together and do something with the NEW SENATE and protect our southern border, ban incoming flights from African inflicted countries, and set up for real biohazard protection at the hospitals. Here's the Natural News report:


" ... In early September, the official number was 1.3 new cases of Ebola per day in Sierra Leone, one of the three "ground zero" countries that has been most ravaged by the virus. Now, that number has escalated to 12 new cases per day ..."

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