Saturday, November 8, 2014

Back in 2004, Natural News was barely on the map, now it's 7 MILLION people strong!

Just say the name Mike Adams and Big Pharma cringes. He is their nemesis because he shines a huge spotlight on the truth about real remedies for staying healthy for life. They hate that more than anything. Right now, today, about a quarter of a million people will read Natural Health News and get some real and helpful information about food, the environment, and how politics affect our daily lives and consumption habits.


The Health Ranger has made this huge "something" from nothing, building Natural News from the ground up in just a decade. Mike Adams - a genius when it comes building the Natural News Network, a profound scientist who investigates high level toxins in foods, whether conventional or organic - a man who shares his research FOR FREE as daily news and broadcasts via the radio. This is the heartbeat of longevity online, and it's reliable.

You can simply read articles daily on Natural and learn how to grow organic food at home, learn the best water filters available, learn the best superfoods you should be eating daily, learn which supplements work and which ones are abysmal failures sold by Big Pharma.


You can learn for free daily about GMOs and heavy metal toxins that might be showing up in your food, damaging your intestinal tract, your central nervous system, your heart, cleansing organs and your brain. You can protect all of that and keep your body "firing on all cylinders" day in and day out. I do it. I'm forty six years old and if you met me you may think I'm 33.


I am an athlete, a deep thinker, and a Natural News enthusiast. Are you? Maybe you should read about it, blog about it, become it, and live happily past 100 years, self sufficient and vibrant all the way. Let's do this together and live Naturally!








Remember, don't eat cancer and it can't eat you!



If you smoke cigarettes and want to quit naturally, here is the best method in the world - recommended by the Health Ranger!


You were born "organic" so now you must return to being organic 24/7! This is your birthright. Live by it. Do not consume gluten, MSG, aspartame, fluoride water, or the like daily. Your body has the ability to filter toxins, but don't overwhelm it!


You can experience total longevity and have a crisp mind forever! Never poison your soul with dangerous pharmaceuticals or flu shots. Learn the difference between herbal medicine and scam medicine. Don't cover up warning signs (symptoms) treat them from the root, which usually means eat organic food as much as possible, and raw!



The Natural News Tracker is following the Health Ranger and all the doctors, reporters, journalists and mental health experts who post real news and real research. You can follow the Natural News Tracker for updates on the best news and research on the web. It's easy. Click below and choose a couple sites to follow. It's that easy.





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