Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Even a 14 year old kid is well aware of the harmful effects of GMO Crops!

According to Natural News, Rachel Parent, a 14 year old kid, has created sensation over the internet for her cool debate on GMO and their harmful effects and how as a consumer we have the right to know what we are eating and what the components that make up our food are. She is the founder of the Kids Right to Know GMO Walk. In an interview with Kevin O'Leary on a popular Canadian TV show, she was literally and verbally accused by the host who said that she was a lobbyist against GMOs and equated her right of questioning to that of a holocaust of widespread death of children. However, Rachel remained calm during the entire interview, raised her point and asked pertinent questions in spite of Kevin’s behavior and attitude towards her.

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As an ardent reporter who wished to bring the truth out to its viewers, Natural News supports her and has suggested a few pertinent questions that she can ask and points she can make on her next interview or when she debates on this topic in the future with human health side effects, genetic pollution, and ecosystem devastation being some of the areas that she can highlight.

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The entire incident throws light on how the citizens of America, including the kids, are interested on knowing what they are consuming and how it is affecting their health. No matter how much the government tries to keep the issue under wraps, the public is quite aware of the whole affair and has started asking valid questions, putting the government in an uneasy situation.

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