Thursday, August 8, 2013

Want to really be heard on the NET? Check out today!

Want to really be heard on the NET? is a free speech haven for health enthusiasts!

Want big traffic to your blogsite? Want to even make money off adsense while blogging about the most important things in life, health, happiness, personal liberty and the pursuit of your dream? This is where to do it. Mike Adams opens up an enormous “door” or call it a “portal” to expression, sharing, benefiting from other’s advice and comments, and making the most of technology and on-line news that is real. Natural News has been reporting the truth on natural remedies, natural cures, politics and food regulations for a dozen years, attracting millions of people every month to the main site. It’s like a newspaper you don’t have to buy, borrow, or get any ink on your hands. It’s a full color health “newspaper” you can read on your laptop, phone, or tablet. It’s now time for you to voice what you know, and how you react to news, and get paid for it too! You could eventually escape some other job you don’t like, or just have a second income for sharing good news. These blogs are easy to set up and easy to manage, you don’t even have to be some computer nerd or graphic designer to take advantage of this great opportunity.


There are several blogs that support Natural News already, and a few have between 40,000 and 70,000 views in just the last year. This could be you! Climb aboard the information network that’s already running in the “HOV” lane. Here are some samples of blog sites developed and maintained since 2012 that receive a ton of visitors, comments, compliments, and are linked to Natural News articles, track Mike Adams, and Track information that is relevant to personal lives and personal success stories, because that’s where people want to be reading and interacting the most!   First year: 70,000 views from all over the world; 7580 just last month (July, 2013).   45,000 views from around the world


  Most popular natural health flickr site on web


Track Natural News daily and you’ll be surprised how fast your own health reaches its pinnacle!  


Check out this new NATURAL NEWS ESTABLISHED site connection that’s available for bloggers, truth-tellers, alt medicine practitioners and activists:


Also check out the launch of the powerful reference website, which indexes and organizes millions of scientific studies on nutrition, drug side effects, diets and more.

If you'd like to join, simply sign up at:

Everything from food and health to liberty, science, lifestyle and more

Top-level categories are:

News, Food, Environment, Liberty, Health, Medicine, Fitness, Science & Tech, Lifestyle, Entertainment

And within those top-level categories, there are dozens of sub-categories including Film & Cinema, Travel, Physics, Weight Loss, Holistic Medicine, Parental Rights, Mental Health and many more.

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