Saturday, August 10, 2013

Filthy U.S. Chicken Factories barely inspected, breed salmonella, then coated with cancer causing chemicals as mass cover-up continues



What’s your poison, “Chik-fil-A”, yoga mat patties, BK, Mikki Dee’s, Kentucky Fried Contamination, … which CAFO is your chicken sandwich, breast, thigh, leg or “nugget” coming from? Is it the one where they pour ammonia and bleach all over to kill germs, or is it the one that jacks up the animals with hormones so they’ll be fatter, meatier, more swollen with money making limbs? Which miserable little cage with no sunlight did they live in, in which city, country, or farm barn “cave?” Do you know? Wait, you cut back on chicken didn’t you? When the TV said cut back on red meat, you knew they meant all meat didn’t you? How many people are getting lawyers and suing the “contaminated chicken” industry? Where do they start?




If you eat this kind of chicken regularly, or even at all, can you tell whether you’re sick from the growth hormones, the antibiotic overload, or the salmonella, or did your doctor NOT go to school for that? What exactly are American MD’s learning besides how to scribble out prescriptions and cut out failing organs?


Natural News coverage: “The
Washington Post (WP) reveals that many chicken slaughterhouses are merely treating their filthy chickens with an ever-expanding volume and variety of toxic chemicals to mask the presence of more virulent salmonella strains from federal regulators.”

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Since George W. Idiot Bush, there has barely been any testing of conditions in America’s CAFO’s that breed sick, disgusting, disease laden and cancer infected chickens, cows, turkeys, and pigs. Obama doesn’t care either. Neither would have Romney and his undercover vice president Dick Cheney. It’s just more Donald Rumsfeld and the King’s of Pharmaceutical contamination of the Agriculture, Meat and Milk industries of USA.


Like no other country in the world, not even THIRD WORLD, has horrific breeding and slaughter house conditions like the Grand Ole USA. Turkeys and chickens stepping on their dead counterparts, and their dying relatives who are so fat and unnaturally heavy they can’t even stand anymore. Their little legs won’t support their hormone-laced bodies. Their poop is rarely cleaned away, and so they walk in that too, which breeds all kinds of bacteria and viruses. This is why the farmers have to USE and OVERUSE antibiotics, bleach, ammonia, and anything else that kills this disorder breeding nightmare, but does that even work anymore?


That is the biggest question NATURAL NEWS poses and will be investigating from here on out. How much salmonella and e-coli is escaping this process, and infecting humans?




"The presentation to the USDA showed that the number of chemical treatments on chicken processing lines has grown from an average of two to four since the early 2000s," writes Kindy. "It also showed that the chemicals are not as diluted as they were in the past."

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The cancer epidemic is upon us. The CAFO epidemic. The fast food epidemic. Quick, run to your doctor and ask for the vaccine and prescription, because you can always trust the AMA, the FDA, the CDC, Biotech Agriculture, and Bush and Obama to do the right thing, and tell you what to do during CNN and on all the commercials on TV! Tune into talk show hosts for more on how to “eat less red meat” and “the other white meat” and how Dr. Oz is on the right path!



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