Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In Vitro Meat actually being eaten by people of this planet – Natural News “inside” story

The most laughable food idiocracy is upon us, and people are willing to eat meat grown in test tube vials, like some cavemen who just happened upon some leftover carcass, except this time mother nature didn’t even provide it, a laboratory did. I guess people who eat this won’t mind waking up in a laboratory, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Being a lab rat is kind of the American way if you don’t read labels these days, and filter out the lab testing meat tube funk. What’s next, bacon flavored milk and yoga mat cookies? I can hear ‘em now at the drive through windows; “Pull around for your happy meals sir, that’s only $9.99 for the 5 meals with your Bush and Obama corn card. I see you’re a frequent customer, today you’ve qualified for a year of free flu shots, all twelve … here’s your voucher.”


Mike Adams rips into this one, “The average hamburger consumer is utterly clueless about all this, as they don't give a squat what's in their "beef" patties in the first place.”


Check out what you’re REALLY GETTING! Get the science behind it all:


The Skynet Beef Launch is on! The Burger Terminator! Try some In Vitro Meat, you’ll love it when you start growing meat on your body – but don’t worry that just a side effect. Doctors are recommending antibiotics for that. (satire)




5% stem cells and the rest GMO filler. You thought pink slime was gross, wait til you sink your teeth into some bouncy “Island of Dr. Moreau” test tube meat chunks. 


“Much of the current production of in vitro meat relies on using non animal based nutrients to grow the cells in. Animal products can't be used in the process because the cells can't digest animal derived nutrients themselves. Instead solutions must contain nutrients from other sources such as plant and microorganisms.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032945_test_tube_meat_in_vitro.html#ixzz2bDEv6R2F


This is no joke. Visit the site that promotes it. They ask if you’d like to contribute. I would contribute visiting Natural News and buying some Superfood from the Natural News store, where I can trust the Health Ranger. Boycott everything GMO. Read the labels on everything and ask your local farmer’s markets and farmers questions. Find the truth. Eat only nature’s food that’s never been put in a laboratory, including the seeds. Don’t eat pesticide food.


Don’t eat mutant food and you won’t wake up in their laboratory.

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