Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flu shots or population reduction? You be the judge of “CVS” brand sales tactics to push flu shots on elderly


Did you hear that Bill Gates wants to reduce the world population using vaccines? Did you read about that yet? That’s just an introduction to the real NWO – New World Order. Remember the Bush Sr. era where “New World Order” really set in? Then his son came along and followed in his dark footsteps. Flu shots shouldn’t be killing ANYBODY. Are you kidding me? Our senior citizens are terrified of the flu and pneumonia because they have low immunity because they’ve been drinking fluoridated water and getting vaccines and pharmaceuticals full of chemicals. And how could a drug store chain be involved in all this, you ask? We’ll do the math here. It’s easy.


Bill Gates wants to reduce the world population




Now that I’ve shown you proof, what will you do about it? Will you still get that flu shot, when your relatives or friends talk you into it because they’re getting “theirs?” What will you do now that you are a natural news enthusiast and are trying to change your ways, to live healthy, naturally, organically, and pure as the day you were born? What actions will you take? Will you avoid GMO vaccines and food? You know if the food is GMO it contains either pesticide, insecticide, herbicide or fungicide, so you are eating that. And you know if the vaccine is GMO it likely contains MSG, aluminum, formaldehyde and probably mercury, so you are injecting that! Will you send your mother or father to get their flu shot when “flu season” (big pharma industry trademark) comes around? Do you still have grandparents? Tell them. Tell them what you know. Put that "fire" out!


Natural News is reporting the following breaking news about CVS and the “BIG SALE” and elderly “push” for toxic injections:


“CVS Pharmacies is accused of bribing, then killing senior citizens with high-dose flu vaccines that have an established track record of preceding shockingly high death rates among seniors receiving them, according to a new video by ExperimentalVaccines.org.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042064_CVS_pharmacies_high-dose_flu_shot_vaccines_senior_citizens.html#ixzz2fA0RhJGX


Where are ethics, values, morals, and scruples? America please, look into natural remedies and immunity from organic plants and herbs. Please.





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