Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kids and their schools hate the (GOLP!) GMO Obamacare Lunch Program, no wonder why!


Some schools just serve half the food now, to meet “calorie” requirements. Yes folks, we’re still counting those calories, not nutrition or quality, no that doesn’t require any attention at all. Other schools get subsidies to serve up GMO garbage, but less kids are buying that GMO garbage, because humans (animals) don’t like eating chemical food, so the schools are selling up to 40% less lunches, and ooops, there goes that budget for decent food. It’s back to square one. Who ever thought of serving veggie wraps? What kids are eating pears and what kids are eating more junk food to cover that “calorie” base GUIDELINE we gotta meet? Just like back in the 1970’s when the four food groups were all the craze for teaching kids about nutrition, right! Then came along the mythbusters, and everyone learned that meat and milk were two huge reasons for cancer, alzheimer’s, and heart disease. Can you say stroke? Yes, the fat in the blood mixed with the grease from the fat from the vat. Junk food for kids or else! School lunches are the pits, and it fuels the agenda of Obamacarelessness, where the bills for negligence and stupidy are as big as a mortgage and gaining interest. Bills so big your five doctors can’t decide who gets to bleed you out first. It all starts in the schools, with GMO subsidized junk food, just like the George W. Bush GMO Corn push. “America is great, we feed the world corn.”




Take a big GOLP! It’s the GMO Obamacare Lunch Program


A mass wave of consumers discovered that hamburger meat often contains ammonia-treated beef, a.k.a. "pink slime." This is a food industry strategy to use cheap animal connective tissue instead of meat. It's still being served in schools across America as part of a plan to save lots of money. It should be called "The U.S. Public School MEAT AND DISEASE BILL." Defenders of pink slime say it's okay to eat it once cooked, just never touch it when it's raw with your bare hands (E-coli). (

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This treating of food with ammonia is nothing new, in fact, it was cleared by U.S. health officials 40 years ago (

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So the FDA and the USDA allow these CAFO farms to use ammonia to treat meat, and then the kids eat it. Let’s add up some other chemicals your kids are consuming 5 days a week if they buy lunch at school, plus some get breakfast too, so add that in!


Ammonia: pink slime hamburger “connective tissue” meat.


Bleach: White bread, white pasta, white flour, white rice, and white sugar contain bleach.


Pesticide: 90% of U.S. corn, soy and canola is GMO, plants which contain and generate pesticide.


Insecticide: This is bug killer used to kill the bugs that eat the GMO plants and food your children are eating. Is your child a bug?  Get the META Analysis:


Herbicide: This is RoundUp (most likely) made by Monsanto to kill weeds that attack crops. This is contained inside the plant seeds, so your kids are eating weed killer. Are your children weeds?






Learn about Superfoods and detox your kids from GMO!


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