Sunday, September 15, 2013

Who is out to ruin Journalism and freedom of speech? Senator Dianne Feinstein

If you don’t know by now, Sen. Feinstein is the anti-christ, the reapor, the darkness, the beast. If you don’t believe in “the beast” it doesn’t really matter though, because she’s out to ruin Journalism, integrity, the Bill of Rights, the amendments, and everything she can get her forked “pen” to write against that is good in this world. She wants the holy power to be able to decide if someone is a Journalist, an independent writer, a blogger, or some other “category” of truth teller, and she wants to silence them with legislation. Feinstein, the gun control freak, is also the one trying hardest to bury NSA whistleblower Eric Snowden.

Feinstein is frankenstein, she’s frankencorn, she’s Satan’s messenger. She is pure evil. If you don’t read natural news and infowars coverage of all of this, you may not know a thing, though. See, the networks are paid to do the same things as Feinstein, just more subliminally. The mass media trick is to close you by choice, and that choice “shall be” based on FEAR, on fear of people with guns, on fear of people with a message about freedom. Peace is a dirty word now, it used to be our “painted bird.” The mass media message is clear, just react to the fear you feel and you will be safe. Forget about your rights as an American or even as a human being, you fear terrorism so you must look to your government to use all of your rights against you to PROTECT YOU.

You will pay using your taxes too. Just as the mafia in New York City make you pay for their protection, you are being bullied and beat down whenever the Man feels like it. Read more:

Here’s an excerpt from Natura News coverage that exposes just how sinister Feinstein really is. Her trojan horse amendment has  “… new requirements would make it especially difficult for self-publishers such as independent bloggers and citizen journalists to be protected under the law."  The GOOD NEWS is bill known as S. 987, or the Free Flow of Information Act of 2013, will protect news reporters from being harassed or otherwise maliciously compelled by the federal government

Wanna bust some Journalistic criminals? Check out the FLAWED organic study – the big lies by Big Food, Big Pharma and Monsanto!

Wanna know who’s on the BOARD at Monsanto?

Peace is a dirty word -  it used to be our “painted bird”  

Natural News busts this wide open. It’s the crooks trying to make honest Journalists look like they are the criminals. Let’s bust the real crooks. Vote out the two party fixed system and listen to Ron Paul speak about your rights, your Constitution …

Here is: An invitation to consider Ron Paul’s view:

Natural News Tracker is tracking the Best Health and Freedom News on line:
“Ron Paul is speaking, and the masses are still listening. Not many politicians stay in the limelight after an election is long over. We have seen already that the American economy is worsening and that the presidential election was more or less about voting for the lesser of evils. As the feds print more and more greenbacks, yet spend about 2 trillion a year on unnecessary war and wasteful spending, we have to wonder if European countries on the brink of bankruptcy, such as Greece, Spain and Cypress, are simply mini-models of what’s coming to America next. The global banksters have complete control and have been documented as pocketing bailouts and inflating their own salaries and bonuses at the expense of tax payers.”

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