Thursday, September 19, 2013

You saw Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis says “Zed is Dead” – now TED IS DEAD and Modern Science’s Fake Front is exposed

You know how Hollywood uses fake backdrops and blue screens to pretend they are somewhere they are not, right. This is the exact same thing. TED, the supposed think tank of modern science, has been blitzkrieged by thugs, by Monsanto and their cohorts, their constituents, their corporate junk science “junkies.” TED, the latest philosopher’s circle of power, has become just another thug hub, a sort of  “pat each other on the back” convention, a BIG LIE. Mainstream is quack science and they don’t want to ever mention the words GMO and problems at the same time in a crowded room. This convention is to establish speaking grounds, and ground rules, so people never discuss nutrition as a part of science, as a part of healing, as a part of the cure for any ailment or disorder. This TED convention is now run by and accepting applications from complete sellouts. Sell your soul to bad food and bad science and you can stay at the luxury suite at the Ritz Cracker Hotel, overlooking the chlorine pool. Remember, Obama eats organic only but highly recommends each member of TED support GMO by consuming ONLY GMO food. This provides stock and vested interest in the company with more strength, plus you are helping build company morale. Do it for the company!

TED, Monsanto and the Obamanation: No missing rungs in the corporate “ladder”

And, if you can write the script for the next convention, you can get promoted within TED Super FAST! Do what’s good for GMO, don’t talk about nutrition and you can climb that corporate ladder right to the White House. Check this out: The top editor for TIME magazine, Richard Stengel, leaves his post of seven years for the State Department.

Welcome to the coalition of the media, corporate America and the ruling class

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Yes, Zed is dead, and so is TED. If you saw some old clips of TED when they were talking about doing the right things for agriculture, or the economy, or sustainability, those times have passed. We are in an ERA where Uncle Sam can afford to buy out some of the biggest names and group efforts to snuff their own lies. Uncle Sam’s Monsanto lawyers are wealthy and they eat lunch with the Supreme Court Justices they used to work for, or with, or who worked for them. Bye bye Ted, it was nice knowing you. By the way, if you like Hollywood style business and thug movies, you should check out “Angel Heart” with Robert DeNiro and Mickey Rourke, where the guy sells his soul to the devil to get rich and famous, but then the Devil (DeNiro) comes to collect a little earlier than the sellout figured, and its got a rather spooky ending.!overview/7476/Angel-Heart


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