Thursday, September 19, 2013

World War III: Poison vs. Nutrition


Is it fair to say that toxic food is poison, even though it takes longer to kill you than, say, rattle snake venom or a sting from a scorpion? Let’s face it, poison is poison; it doesn’t matter how slowly or quickly it kills you. Ever seen the 1970’s movie “Nine to Five” where the secretaries poison their boss slowly by substituting rat poison for his daily “sweet-n-low” fix of sugar in his coffee? Yes, little by little, his body broke down and he died. There are politics involved with toxic food. Politics are a disease and there is proof.


Many people don’t want to believe it, or they don’t want to “accept it,” or even worse, they think it might be true but they don’t want to change their ways, their eating habits, their conveniences, their lifelong addictions. People have been brainwashed by commercials, ads in magazines, talk show hosts posing as real doctors who care, and a variety of other insidious influences convincing them that what they are doing is okay and doesn’t have short or long term detrimental effects to their health. Oh, but the politics run deep, and the most invasive form of evil in the world, and especially in the United States is toxic food, leading billions of people off the health cliff for the past 75 years. Ask yourself now, what happened to the Nazi scientists who helped Hitler infuse insecticide into gas chambers to kill millions of Jews? What happened to the German scientists who figured out synthetic food additives cause disorder in the human body? Did the U.S. hire them fresh out of prison to “engineer” toxic food in order to fuel “Big Pharma” – a new name for I.G. Farben of WWII? Your toxic, poisonous food intake is BY DESIGN, whether you believe it or not.


Most food preservatives, additives, concentrated artificial flavorings and food colorings cause disease and disorder, but people turn a blind eye. Conventional animals and the meat and milk coming from them are mostly corrupted with hormones and antibiotics. The animals suffer from digestive infections from eating GMO feed (alfalfa) and sugar (corn products). Cow’s udders have infections that leave pus in the milk. Meat is very hard for the human body to digest. Animal fat lodges in the arteries. End result: America is suffering from 4 diseases that are almost entirely preventable. Slow death is planned though, very well, and costly insurance is your “reward” for a full time job working for “The Man.” What can you do about it? Do you have any control? Of course you have control. You have purchase power. You control your voting. You control everything you buy, as food, drink and clothing, and as household products. You control whether or not you allow poison (toxic food and products) to invade your body.






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