Saturday, September 21, 2013


36,000 people a year do not die from the flu ..
And yet the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), eager to dispense 135 million doses of flu vaccine this year, is waging psychological warfare on the public by repeating equally false claims about how hundreds of thousands of people end up in the hospital every year as a result of influenza infection, and that about 36,000 of them die from flu-related complications.
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Friday, September 20, 2013

It is official – antibiotic-resistant superbugs are leading to incurable diseases!

According to Natural News, the CDC's new Threat Report 2013 states that an estimate of about 23,000 Americans each year die due to antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

This report comes as a shocker, because it means and implies that modern medicine is a failure when it comes to infectious disease. The CDC all but admits this now, saying the era of antibiotics is nearing its end. "If we are not careful, we will soon be in a post-antibiotic era," said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC.

This admission should send alarm bells ringing in the medical industry, as it directly highlights how ineffective these medicines are and the fact that they are more dangerous than they are effective at curing disease.

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According to the CDC, the top three superbug threats right now are:

• Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae or CRE (9,000 annual infections, 600 annual deaths)

• Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea (246,000 infections per year, now only one drug left to treat it)

• Clostridium difficile (250,000 infections per year, 14,000 deaths)

Because of the profit interests in patented antibiotic chemicals, doctors have never highlighted the benefits of herbal medicines. Nature has provided us with all the solutions. We only need to have an open mind along with the will to learn from Mother Nature, and we will be able to keep most of the diseases at bay.

Even doctors are not to be blamed, as they have also never been informed of the powerful antibiotic properties of silver, copper, aloe vera gel, garlic (and sulfur compounds), Chinese medicine herbs and many other bacteria-fighting substances from the natural world.

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Whole Foods Caught Lying Again! Training employees to say NO GMOs ever

Organic Spies requests you do not post this video on YouTube

If you attempt to post this video on YouTube, it will be immediately banned due to YouTube's outrageous censorship of real journalism and whistleblowers.

Thus, if you do post this video on YouTube and share the link, people who try to click the link will end up seeing a "video removed" message from YouTube. To avoid this, only share this link from, which will be fully protected by Natural News according to the First Amendment of the United States of America, as well as all the protections of free speech accorded journalists and media organizations operating in the public interest.

Natural News fully anticipates being threatened by the Whole Foods Market legal team, and we are well aware of our free speech rights as well as our responsibilities to protect our sources and conduct meaningful investigative journalism in the public interest. In fact, we would argue that we are one of the very few organizations left in America still conducting actual investigative journalism. As such, we are willing to go to great lengths to defend our First Amendment rights.

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Obamacare – more of a pain than being of any help!

According to Natural News, the closer we come to the date of “Obamacare” being implemented, the more the true colors are coming out in the open. Instead of health premiums going down, it is increasing the debts of Americans, affecting their employment as well as affecting their health care policies.

As per Breitbart News, “Because ObamaCare is nothing more than a wealth redistribution policy that forces the productive to pay for the non-productives' Cadillac health plans (which include birth control), and costs are about to explode. As a result, employers are desperate to cut the burden of their health care costs, which is why our economy is hardly creating any full-time jobs, and the part-time employees at Trader Joe's just lost their health insurance benefits.”

The Huffington Post also stated, “After extending health care coverage to many of its part-time employees for years, Trader Joe's has told workers who log fewer than 30 hours a week that they will need to find insurance on the Obamacare exchanges next year, according to a confidential memo from the grocer's chief executive.”

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The final nail in the coffin was put in by the U.S. Supreme Court when it upheld the individual mandate portion of Obamacare by declaring it a "tax." This is, in essence, a declaration that the federal government now has unlimited power to force consumers to spend some (or even all) of their take-home pay on various products, services or even intellectual property that they have no interest in buying in the first place. In short, it is a concentration of economic power in the hands of the federal government, thereby reducing economic liberty in America.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

World War III: Poison vs. Nutrition


Is it fair to say that toxic food is poison, even though it takes longer to kill you than, say, rattle snake venom or a sting from a scorpion? Let’s face it, poison is poison; it doesn’t matter how slowly or quickly it kills you. Ever seen the 1970’s movie “Nine to Five” where the secretaries poison their boss slowly by substituting rat poison for his daily “sweet-n-low” fix of sugar in his coffee? Yes, little by little, his body broke down and he died. There are politics involved with toxic food. Politics are a disease and there is proof.


Many people don’t want to believe it, or they don’t want to “accept it,” or even worse, they think it might be true but they don’t want to change their ways, their eating habits, their conveniences, their lifelong addictions. People have been brainwashed by commercials, ads in magazines, talk show hosts posing as real doctors who care, and a variety of other insidious influences convincing them that what they are doing is okay and doesn’t have short or long term detrimental effects to their health. Oh, but the politics run deep, and the most invasive form of evil in the world, and especially in the United States is toxic food, leading billions of people off the health cliff for the past 75 years. Ask yourself now, what happened to the Nazi scientists who helped Hitler infuse insecticide into gas chambers to kill millions of Jews? What happened to the German scientists who figured out synthetic food additives cause disorder in the human body? Did the U.S. hire them fresh out of prison to “engineer” toxic food in order to fuel “Big Pharma” – a new name for I.G. Farben of WWII? Your toxic, poisonous food intake is BY DESIGN, whether you believe it or not.


Most food preservatives, additives, concentrated artificial flavorings and food colorings cause disease and disorder, but people turn a blind eye. Conventional animals and the meat and milk coming from them are mostly corrupted with hormones and antibiotics. The animals suffer from digestive infections from eating GMO feed (alfalfa) and sugar (corn products). Cow’s udders have infections that leave pus in the milk. Meat is very hard for the human body to digest. Animal fat lodges in the arteries. End result: America is suffering from 4 diseases that are almost entirely preventable. Slow death is planned though, very well, and costly insurance is your “reward” for a full time job working for “The Man.” What can you do about it? Do you have any control? Of course you have control. You have purchase power. You control your voting. You control everything you buy, as food, drink and clothing, and as household products. You control whether or not you allow poison (toxic food and products) to invade your body.






You saw Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis says “Zed is Dead” – now TED IS DEAD and Modern Science’s Fake Front is exposed

You know how Hollywood uses fake backdrops and blue screens to pretend they are somewhere they are not, right. This is the exact same thing. TED, the supposed think tank of modern science, has been blitzkrieged by thugs, by Monsanto and their cohorts, their constituents, their corporate junk science “junkies.” TED, the latest philosopher’s circle of power, has become just another thug hub, a sort of  “pat each other on the back” convention, a BIG LIE. Mainstream is quack science and they don’t want to ever mention the words GMO and problems at the same time in a crowded room. This convention is to establish speaking grounds, and ground rules, so people never discuss nutrition as a part of science, as a part of healing, as a part of the cure for any ailment or disorder. This TED convention is now run by and accepting applications from complete sellouts. Sell your soul to bad food and bad science and you can stay at the luxury suite at the Ritz Cracker Hotel, overlooking the chlorine pool. Remember, Obama eats organic only but highly recommends each member of TED support GMO by consuming ONLY GMO food. This provides stock and vested interest in the company with more strength, plus you are helping build company morale. Do it for the company!

TED, Monsanto and the Obamanation: No missing rungs in the corporate “ladder”

And, if you can write the script for the next convention, you can get promoted within TED Super FAST! Do what’s good for GMO, don’t talk about nutrition and you can climb that corporate ladder right to the White House. Check this out: The top editor for TIME magazine, Richard Stengel, leaves his post of seven years for the State Department.

Welcome to the coalition of the media, corporate America and the ruling class

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Yes, Zed is dead, and so is TED. If you saw some old clips of TED when they were talking about doing the right things for agriculture, or the economy, or sustainability, those times have passed. We are in an ERA where Uncle Sam can afford to buy out some of the biggest names and group efforts to snuff their own lies. Uncle Sam’s Monsanto lawyers are wealthy and they eat lunch with the Supreme Court Justices they used to work for, or with, or who worked for them. Bye bye Ted, it was nice knowing you. By the way, if you like Hollywood style business and thug movies, you should check out “Angel Heart” with Robert DeNiro and Mickey Rourke, where the guy sells his soul to the devil to get rich and famous, but then the Devil (DeNiro) comes to collect a little earlier than the sellout figured, and its got a rather spooky ending.!overview/7476/Angel-Heart


Arsenic in Rice – how safe is it to consume?

According to Natural News, Consumer Reports tested 223 samples of rice products in 2012 and found significant levels of arsenic in most of them, including inorganic arsenic (the really toxic kind). And it is generally higher in brown rice. The release of this information woke up the U.S. rice industry from its slumber, which then started putting pressure on the FDA to clear the issue.

So the FDA issued a statement saying that yes, there was arsenic in rice, but no, it didn't pose any "short-term" health risks. This is the absolute truth. There are chances of long-term health risks from chronic exposure to arsenic.

But this aspect was completely overlooked by the FDA, which stated that "agency scientists determined that the amount of detectable arsenic is too low in the rice and rice product samples to cause any immediate or short-term adverse health effects."

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Well, that is not enough. New evidence has emerged that suggests that the entire global supply of rice may have already been contaminated by unapproved, genetically-modified (GM) rice varieties manufactured by the American multinational corporation Bayer CropScience.

A recent entry in the GM Contamination Register explains that, between the years of 2006 and 2007, three different varieties of illegal GM rice, none of which has ever been approved for cultivation or consumption anywhere in the world, was identified in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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And surprise, surprise, Michael Taylor has been appointed as the US food safety head. As healthy food consumer advocate Jeffrey Smith wrote at the Huffington Post, "The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar."

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kids and their schools hate the (GOLP!) GMO Obamacare Lunch Program, no wonder why!


Some schools just serve half the food now, to meet “calorie” requirements. Yes folks, we’re still counting those calories, not nutrition or quality, no that doesn’t require any attention at all. Other schools get subsidies to serve up GMO garbage, but less kids are buying that GMO garbage, because humans (animals) don’t like eating chemical food, so the schools are selling up to 40% less lunches, and ooops, there goes that budget for decent food. It’s back to square one. Who ever thought of serving veggie wraps? What kids are eating pears and what kids are eating more junk food to cover that “calorie” base GUIDELINE we gotta meet? Just like back in the 1970’s when the four food groups were all the craze for teaching kids about nutrition, right! Then came along the mythbusters, and everyone learned that meat and milk were two huge reasons for cancer, alzheimer’s, and heart disease. Can you say stroke? Yes, the fat in the blood mixed with the grease from the fat from the vat. Junk food for kids or else! School lunches are the pits, and it fuels the agenda of Obamacarelessness, where the bills for negligence and stupidy are as big as a mortgage and gaining interest. Bills so big your five doctors can’t decide who gets to bleed you out first. It all starts in the schools, with GMO subsidized junk food, just like the George W. Bush GMO Corn push. “America is great, we feed the world corn.”




Take a big GOLP! It’s the GMO Obamacare Lunch Program


A mass wave of consumers discovered that hamburger meat often contains ammonia-treated beef, a.k.a. "pink slime." This is a food industry strategy to use cheap animal connective tissue instead of meat. It's still being served in schools across America as part of a plan to save lots of money. It should be called "The U.S. Public School MEAT AND DISEASE BILL." Defenders of pink slime say it's okay to eat it once cooked, just never touch it when it's raw with your bare hands (E-coli). (

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This treating of food with ammonia is nothing new, in fact, it was cleared by U.S. health officials 40 years ago (

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So the FDA and the USDA allow these CAFO farms to use ammonia to treat meat, and then the kids eat it. Let’s add up some other chemicals your kids are consuming 5 days a week if they buy lunch at school, plus some get breakfast too, so add that in!


Ammonia: pink slime hamburger “connective tissue” meat.


Bleach: White bread, white pasta, white flour, white rice, and white sugar contain bleach.


Pesticide: 90% of U.S. corn, soy and canola is GMO, plants which contain and generate pesticide.


Insecticide: This is bug killer used to kill the bugs that eat the GMO plants and food your children are eating. Is your child a bug?  Get the META Analysis:


Herbicide: This is RoundUp (most likely) made by Monsanto to kill weeds that attack crops. This is contained inside the plant seeds, so your kids are eating weed killer. Are your children weeds?






Learn about Superfoods and detox your kids from GMO!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Extra Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium-Loaded Rice for All Americans! Eat up!


The toxic elements lead and cadmium are more toxic than arsenic! The FDA is playing down the dangers of arsenic in the human body by only saying there are little to no SHORT TERM effects, but the LONG TERM EFFECTS are horrendous!


Eat up America! Wanna try to be healthy, eat brown rice … LIE! Is white rice bleached too, to add to the toxins already contained in it? How much rice is GMO right now?


The Health Ranger Mike Adams informs us: “Cadmium is, roughly speaking, 100 to 1,000 times more toxic to the human body, we are talking about a problem that is 1,000 - 10,000 times worse than the problem of arsenic in rice.”

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No more standards for Corporate Food, only Certified Organic food is regulated.


Corporate food can serve you ANYTHING they want to and never lose a single court case if they get busted. They serve you poison in your rice, and only talk about the short term health issues “you can’t prove.” We are talking about INORGANIC ARSENIC here, the really, really TOXIC kind, folks!


It’s in the infant cereals:


Do you know the difference between PPB and PPM, parts per billion and parts per million? Which one is worse when talking about TOXIC ARSENIC, CADMIUM AND LEAD? How much does it take to give a 175 pound male cancer? What about a 6 or 8 pound newborn baby?




People are screaming for the FDA to regulate this atrocity, but all they do is support Big Food and Big Agriculture. They are one-in-the-same, The FDA and Monsanto, or didn’t you know?


Do you eat toxic rice, toxic bread, toxic corn, toxic soy and drink toxic milk? Do you eat chicken, beef, pork and turkey that comes from animals that eat feed high in arsenic and GMO? Are you drinking fluoridated water? Do you get vaccinated with mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and aluminum? If you get flu shots you do. What internal problems are all of these causing you, to ADD to your CADMIUM AND LEAD POISONING? Are you having short term issues, or just long term ones? Does it matter? Is there really a difference between when the symptoms arise to tell you that you’re consuming a little poison every day and when you actually begin getting cancer and heart disease?



Maybe you should look into this now:


Unapproved genetically-modified rice trials in U.S. have contaminated the world's rice supply


A recent entry in the GM Contamination Register explains that between the years of 2006 and 2007, three different varieties of illegal GM rice, none of which have ever been approved for cultivation or consumption anywhere in the world, were identified in more than 30 countries worldwide.”

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The rest of the world is banning U.S. Rice!


“European Union (EU), Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and others have placed strict limitations on GM rice imports. Both Russia and Bulgaria, on the other hand, have completely banned all rice imports from the U.S.

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If you ignore the facts and eat cancer food, Obamacare will be waiting for you:


Members of Congress secretly negotiate their own exemptions from Obamacare mandates

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Flu shots or population reduction? You be the judge of “CVS” brand sales tactics to push flu shots on elderly


Did you hear that Bill Gates wants to reduce the world population using vaccines? Did you read about that yet? That’s just an introduction to the real NWO – New World Order. Remember the Bush Sr. era where “New World Order” really set in? Then his son came along and followed in his dark footsteps. Flu shots shouldn’t be killing ANYBODY. Are you kidding me? Our senior citizens are terrified of the flu and pneumonia because they have low immunity because they’ve been drinking fluoridated water and getting vaccines and pharmaceuticals full of chemicals. And how could a drug store chain be involved in all this, you ask? We’ll do the math here. It’s easy.


Bill Gates wants to reduce the world population




Now that I’ve shown you proof, what will you do about it? Will you still get that flu shot, when your relatives or friends talk you into it because they’re getting “theirs?” What will you do now that you are a natural news enthusiast and are trying to change your ways, to live healthy, naturally, organically, and pure as the day you were born? What actions will you take? Will you avoid GMO vaccines and food? You know if the food is GMO it contains either pesticide, insecticide, herbicide or fungicide, so you are eating that. And you know if the vaccine is GMO it likely contains MSG, aluminum, formaldehyde and probably mercury, so you are injecting that! Will you send your mother or father to get their flu shot when “flu season” (big pharma industry trademark) comes around? Do you still have grandparents? Tell them. Tell them what you know. Put that "fire" out!


Natural News is reporting the following breaking news about CVS and the “BIG SALE” and elderly “push” for toxic injections:


“CVS Pharmacies is accused of bribing, then killing senior citizens with high-dose flu vaccines that have an established track record of preceding shockingly high death rates among seniors receiving them, according to a new video by”

Learn more:


Where are ethics, values, morals, and scruples? America please, look into natural remedies and immunity from organic plants and herbs. Please.





Monday, September 16, 2013

Win the cigarette WAR, stop smoking naturally

Quit Smoking before 2014 begins!  14AndOut is THE way, the natural way - and you SMOKE YOUR LAST CIGARETTE, WITHOUT A REGRET!


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14AndOut! Stop smoking naturally in 14 days or less!

 How does it work? Here's the Health Ranger Mike Adams presenting the trailer:


14AndOut! Stop smoking naturally in 14 days or less!




I AM doing very well. I am also no longer a smoker!! I took an evening to myself to watch the video and go over the packet. I had one cigarette after the video because my boyfriend upset me. It was the worst and last cigarette I will ever smoke!  I taped a few of the handouts to my bathroom mirror to keep me motivated to quit. The picture of the lungs really puts things into perspective.. The first 3-4 days, I was one irritable young lady! But I got through it and will NEVER go back.


I have been a non-smoker for 6 weeks now and I feel great. I now go to the gym regularly and eat healthier. You're video changed my life! I am trying to help other people quit and change their lives as well. Three positive things about 14AndOut:


1) This program was made from the heart to help others change their lives for the better.


2) If you believe in yourself you can become an non-smoker with this program!


3) 14AndOut changed my life completely and I've never been so happy and stress free.


I can not thank you enough, you have changed my life forever. I appreciate what you do everyday for others, it melts my heart.


Sincerely, Erica 



Understand this and you can quit Cigarettes in less than 14 days


There are roughly 7 million visitors every month to, and among those visitors, almost every person knows at least one smoker who would love to quit cigarettes for good. Also, every person in the world knows at least one person who is either battling cancer now or who has died from cancer, whether that person is/was a relative, neighbor, spouse, child, friend or coworker. Most people who die of lung cancer were either smokers or they lived with a smoker and inhaled the second hand smoke daily, which has proven to be just as deadly as smoking. Some people try to quit smoking using nicotine gum, some try to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs,” some people try to stop smoking using medications like Chantix or Zyban, which are very dangerous and toxic to the body, causing nightmares and feelings of suicide. Other smokers try to quit smoking using the nicotine patch, which can be dangerous also and rarely keeps smokers away from cigarettes for very long. Cigarettes are very, very powerful addiction now, and the nicotine is very “juiced up” with ammonia and other chemicals like formaldehyde, so the smoker feels so lousy that the only relief from the chemical hangover is another cigarette loaded with nicotine.


Some people think electronic cigarettes are the answer to their problems, but many find themselves still trapped in the nicotine addiction, which infests and infects the cleansing organs and can still lead to disease, disorder and death.


Have I scared you yet? I’m not trying to. Really, all I want to do is educate you about a program that doesn’t involve furthering your addiction, or giving you a new one, or even continuing the nicotine addiction for any more than 14 days. In fact, weaning yourself off of nicotine is the easiest way to quit the habit once and for all! You can learn about your chemical addiction, your behavior modification, and understand the benefits of nutrition in a new program called 14AndOut, which the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, founder and Editor of Natural News, recommends.


How much is the program? It’s one dollar less than forty. How great is this program? It has a 95% success ratio? How many people have used it and are now ex-smokers? Thousands! Why is this program unique and special to each person who uses it? Because the teacher and inventor of the program talks to you directly via video download, and he provides a “classroom” guide you can follow at home or in the privacy of your own environment. The one time fee includes the video, the 30 page program guide, and the nutritional guide about Superfoods and herbs that kill the cravings, so you never even want to smoke another cigarette again!


How do you see the preview of the program for free? Click this trailer link now:


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And just WHAT do you learn in 60 minutes so you can quit in 14 days or less, naturally, without medications, without hypnosis, and without gimmicks that cost a fortune?


Here’s what you get for $39.00 one time fee. You get chemical knowledge, behavior modification, and nutrition advice from the best nutritionists in the world, compiled together in one program:


The 14AndOut program from the “Stop Smoking King” includes the following:


• Why 14AndOut has proven results and a high success ratio for getting smokers to stop smoking forever.

• Why 95% of smokers who quit without help go back within 6 months.

• The risks of taking pharmaceuticals like Chantix and Zyban.

• Why the pills fail so many smokers who try them.

• Know why the nicotine patch and nicotine gum are far cries from real help.

• Understand why hypnotherapy and electronic cigs are rarely the answer.

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• Find out why cigarettes burn so hot, so evenly, and never go out in heavy wind, and how this heightens the addiction.

• Get the inside scoop on which household chemicals are used to manufacture a cigarette in order to keep you hooked.

• Understand why it’s the chemicals in cigarettes more than the nicotine that’s fueling the habit and the vicious cycle.

• Know how Marlboro almost put all other brands out of business and how that plays into premium brands hooking more smokers.

• Learn how to replace bad habits with good, natural, healthy ones that keep you from ever being a smoker again.

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Stop smoking before 2014 with all natural empowerment program 14AndOut!


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Did you know 95% of tobacco is GMO? that's means you're smoking pesticide, bleach, fiberglass and plastic. You can end the nicotine nightmare in 60 minutes ....


Learn the 10 KEY strategies you need to stop smoking for good. Get “insider” knowledge from the Author/Teacher who has helped thousands of smokers stop smoking within 14 days.


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14AndOut! Stop smoking naturally in 14 days or less! preview website preview trailer!


14AndOut! Stop smoking naturally in 14 days or less!



Sunday, September 15, 2013

Who is out to ruin Journalism and freedom of speech? Senator Dianne Feinstein

If you don’t know by now, Sen. Feinstein is the anti-christ, the reapor, the darkness, the beast. If you don’t believe in “the beast” it doesn’t really matter though, because she’s out to ruin Journalism, integrity, the Bill of Rights, the amendments, and everything she can get her forked “pen” to write against that is good in this world. She wants the holy power to be able to decide if someone is a Journalist, an independent writer, a blogger, or some other “category” of truth teller, and she wants to silence them with legislation. Feinstein, the gun control freak, is also the one trying hardest to bury NSA whistleblower Eric Snowden.

Feinstein is frankenstein, she’s frankencorn, she’s Satan’s messenger. She is pure evil. If you don’t read natural news and infowars coverage of all of this, you may not know a thing, though. See, the networks are paid to do the same things as Feinstein, just more subliminally. The mass media trick is to close you by choice, and that choice “shall be” based on FEAR, on fear of people with guns, on fear of people with a message about freedom. Peace is a dirty word now, it used to be our “painted bird.” The mass media message is clear, just react to the fear you feel and you will be safe. Forget about your rights as an American or even as a human being, you fear terrorism so you must look to your government to use all of your rights against you to PROTECT YOU.

You will pay using your taxes too. Just as the mafia in New York City make you pay for their protection, you are being bullied and beat down whenever the Man feels like it. Read more:

Here’s an excerpt from Natura News coverage that exposes just how sinister Feinstein really is. Her trojan horse amendment has  “… new requirements would make it especially difficult for self-publishers such as independent bloggers and citizen journalists to be protected under the law."  The GOOD NEWS is bill known as S. 987, or the Free Flow of Information Act of 2013, will protect news reporters from being harassed or otherwise maliciously compelled by the federal government

Wanna bust some Journalistic criminals? Check out the FLAWED organic study – the big lies by Big Food, Big Pharma and Monsanto!

Wanna know who’s on the BOARD at Monsanto?

Peace is a dirty word -  it used to be our “painted bird”  

Natural News busts this wide open. It’s the crooks trying to make honest Journalists look like they are the criminals. Let’s bust the real crooks. Vote out the two party fixed system and listen to Ron Paul speak about your rights, your Constitution …

Here is: An invitation to consider Ron Paul’s view:

Natural News Tracker is tracking the Best Health and Freedom News on line:
“Ron Paul is speaking, and the masses are still listening. Not many politicians stay in the limelight after an election is long over. We have seen already that the American economy is worsening and that the presidential election was more or less about voting for the lesser of evils. As the feds print more and more greenbacks, yet spend about 2 trillion a year on unnecessary war and wasteful spending, we have to wonder if European countries on the brink of bankruptcy, such as Greece, Spain and Cypress, are simply mini-models of what’s coming to America next. The global banksters have complete control and have been documented as pocketing bailouts and inflating their own salaries and bonuses at the expense of tax payers.”


Get rid of your “cigarette hangover” for good the natural way