Saturday, November 9, 2013

Organic fruits and organic vegetables cure cancer - Natural News inside story

There is a 75-year "CON" known as Western Medicine, but it's a hush-hush topic in the news and in newspapers and magazines. Although medical doctors and surgeons are experts at fixing broken bones or removing animal fat from clogged arteries, the "pharmaceutical nation" known as the USA is caving in on itself, but nobody is allowed to talk about it on TV, or they lose all their sponsors. There is also a world of medicine known as organic food, but some people want to cook it, fry it, boil it or broil it, or even worse, grill it out, and that LIVE food becomes DEAD food, useless to the body, which needs nutrients for immunity, cellular health, vitality and sustainability.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Gelatin, lard and chicken stock, NOT SO vegetarian or vegan!

Vegetarians and vegans alike are sharing this information to help each other out.
Stay with the program you set for yourself and learn more about how the food “industry” sneaks dead animals into your dishes and supplements:

Natural News has coverage of this: “Do yourself a huge favor, start asking questions about dishes at restaurants that might contain chicken stock.” …

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“CAFOs are a complete and utter nightmarish world for animals, as they are very inhumane. Since you are what you eat, if you eat animals that led a depressed, unhealthy life, guess what you become? Learn more about CAFOs and about the dangers of eating chicken stock”

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Letters from Around the World, "14AndOut works! ... I quit smoking!"

It's time to share the love and the cure for smoking with every person who mentions quitting. It worked. I figured at the beginning that if anyone had the WILL, then I had the WAY for them. 14AndOut is about me supplying the knowledge and the tools, and you supplying the DESIRE to quit. That's it.  I am so thankful for everyone who has supported this global agenda and my dream to save people from cancer and the nightmare of being stuck in a "habit" and not knowing how to escape.

14 days. You are 14 days away from quitting right now, if you are a smoker, and you can start by just reading more of this blog and visiting the 14AndOut main web site:

December 1st I will be celebrating 2 years of success of this program and  platform by making lots of videos and posting them to these blogs, websites, and on Natural, who helps sell and promote the program, and whose professional writers cover my subjects and my mission in articles that are published periodically by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams.

14AndOut works! Tell your significant other about this program. Tell your co-workers who go outside and take "smoke" breaks, which are really "bad health" breaks, and they can be free of the tobacco chains in 14 days or less.

I promise, you'll like the video and the nutritional guide. You will realize all of my years of education, commitment and purity of heart has driven this program to over a 90% success rate.

Thank you and good luck with everything you do!

Special thanks go out Mike Adams, David Wolfe, Coleman Barks, and Solomon Gross.

Hey Grandpa, they're listening!

Letters from Around the World, "14AndOut works! ... I quit smoking!"

  • "Thank you for helping me free myself from that awful habit! - Donna M: 35 year "ex" smoker!"

  • "It has been around 4 or 5 months since I quit tobacco. I never even think about it anymore. I will never EVER, EVER go back to tobacco. The toxic tobacco cancer industry has lost a customer for life, and I say that with great delight! If someone had told me 6 months ago how easy it really is to quit once you know the dopamine/nicotine connection, I would have thought they were messing with me. But it so true, your program made it unbelievably easy, and I am so thankful for your program and hope you become rich from your program, which helps people, instead of the other side side - that gets rich off people's misery. I can't thank you enough, keep up the great work, thanks again, Robbie"

  • "I quit 4 days after starting 14andout! Once you explained to me about my breathing habit and about ammonia and pesticide in the tobacco, I followed everything else you said to do, including the supplements and I don't even have cravings anymore!!! Thank you, Mike G."

  • "I kept saying to myself that its never a good time to quit, because I'm always stressed and I didn't want to be more stressed, but 14andout gave me insight into my problem and advice on nutrition AND how to stay positive the whole time. I watched the video and did the hands on activities. that's what got me to quit! I highly recommend this program, even if you're stressed out. Any smokers out there, if you're saying 'It's not a good time to quit, well, hey, it's NEVER a good time to die! Check out 14andout, this guy will show you why you haven't quit yet, and you'll finally know how to!" Allen C., Athens, GA

  • "Thanks to 14andout, I have switched to organic tobacco and only smoke a few self-rolled cigarettes a day. I feel one hundred percent better. The genius of your course is what made me throw away my store bought ones. You were right, the chemicals just wore me down and made me crave more. You were right about the supplements too. I bought some vitamin B complex and the mucuna helped alot! Keep up the great work Sean" CJM

  • "Dear Sean, yes, I did watch your video and I did most of the hands on activities. I grew up on a farm so I was already familiar with some of the things on there such as ammonia and pesticides. I tried Mucuna extract and plan on adding L-tyrosine. I did quit with the help of the Mucuna extract and your hand's on activities! There are several things that stood out in your program, some of the things I learned were the supplementation of vitamins and minerals along the breathing techniques and how to simulate your smoking habits by taking breaks and using your hand habits. Thanks for your response to me after my purchase of your program. It is much appreciated and doesn't happen with any other programs." - T.M.

  • "Hi, I’m doing great !!! Thank you. Yes I have quit smoking and feel pretty darn good about it !!!!! I did watch the whole video, but did not do the hands on activities. I had already started a nutritional program including juicing and trying to go 100% organic. The best thing about 14AndOut was the knowledge it provided me with. That in turn completely changed my mind on how I felt about smoking and gave me the power to quit. Thanks a million!" Cathy

  • "14AndOut is a breakthrough course that frees smokers from the core habits that trap them in a pattern of smoking. Far more than just a chemical cure, it's a behavioral approach that delivers lasting results for people who want to stop smoking for life!" - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of

  • “I smoked a pack a day for twenty years, now I’ve quit for good. My business is doing better and so am I, thanks to 14andout.” - P. Gordon

  • “The 14 AndOut course offers insight into the vicious cycle smokers find themselves trapped in, and offers a lot of strategies for replacing those bad habits with good behaviors, right from the start.” - Dr. Richard A. DiCenso. Author of "Beyond Medicine, Exploring A New Way of Thinking".

  • “This course is very informative, interesting and insightful. I have to second guess smoking now.” – D. Chaparro

  • “I’ve been waiting for someone to answer all of my questions about smoking. Thank you so much!” - R. DiFlorio

  • “Thank you for the inspiration, strategies, and momentum you create. It’s like I have a new chance at life.” – T. Purcell

  • “I always wondered why I kept going back to smoking after I would quit for awhile. This time I’m done smoking for good!” – P. Taylor

  • “I learned more in 60 minutes than I ever thought I would. It’s easy to see how much hard work and careful consideration went into this program.” – Dr. B. Rose; Naturopath/Orthomolecular Medicine

  • “Now smokers don’t have to be afraid of becoming a nervous, disgruntled wreck when they stop smoking. Great program and strategies.” – Dr. D. Roebuck

  • “God bless you for figuring this all out. You made it easy to understand and easy to follow. I’m done with cigarettes and I feel amazing.” – A. Dimitri

  • "You give smokers the best chance at quitting they could ever have. Great work!" J. Mullin



Nature has answer to all the health problems faced by man – We just need to adopt a healthy lifestyle!


According to Natural News, spinal meningitis is caused either by a viral or bacterial infection that leads to severe swelling in the spinal cord and, ultimately, the brain. Once in the brain, bleeding can occur, making early diagnosis vital. According to the World Health Organization, 5-10% of patients die within 48 hours, despite early diagnosis and proper therapy. It is an infection often caused in close-proximity situations where saliva is present ranging from intimate behaviors such as kissing to crowded living/social conditions like college dormitories or even day care centers.

John Kohler, who is a survivor of spinal meningitis, lives to tell the amazing journey of overcoming the condition with a raw food lifestyle. He's been so successful that he's a sought-after raw food expert, coaching thousands on sites like and

Kohler remembers thinking that "health is the most important thing and without it, we don't have anything." Driven by this new mindset, he found comfort when he discovered Jay "The Juiceman" Kordich on television. Kordich, known as the "father of vegetable juicing," says raw foods are responsible for overcoming his own bladder cancer. Kohler has been on a raw food diet since 1995, primarily enjoying juices. Not only did he survive his spinal meningitis, but he also lost weight and is living life more healthfully than ever.

For more information, log onto:

Bernando LaPallo, who is of 112 years of age, has no problem walking at least a mile daily. His food habits comprise of eating fresh vegetables, olive oil, honey, cinnamon, garlic and chocolate. According to him, the following are great natural treatments that one should use to promote good health:

·        High quality, organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil: use on the skin as lotion; use as salad dressing; known to lessen risks of colon cancer and heart disease.

·        Dark, organic chocolate: reduces stress; helps with depression; lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

·        Organic garlic: helps fight coughs and colds; considered nature's antibiotic; helps with digestion and intestinal problems.

·        Organic cinnamon: antibacterial and antifungal; reduces proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.

·        Organic honey: helps you lose weight; nature's energy booster; has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

·        Juice organic raw vegetables: A decent juicer costs less than $100.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about raw foods, their benefits and more, one can easily log onto:










Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The growing dissent towards GMO, gun control and!

According to Natural News, the proposed new law by Feinstein, which includes nationwide registration and fingerprinting of all gun owners, will do the following:

• Outlaw all AR-15s and anything resembling an "assault rifle," including .22LR varmint rifles.

• Outlaw ALL semi-automatic rifles, period.

• Outlaw nearly all handguns.

• Allow you to own "permanently disabled weapons." That's your new Second Amendment right under the tyranny of the federal government.

• Massively expand funding of the ATF to conduct raids on gun owners, during which the plan is to have the government murder and/or arrest and imprison all gun owners.

• Outlaw the domestic manufacture of nearly all firearms, further gutting the U.S. economy and costing hundreds of thousands of jobs lost while our freedoms are gutted.

• Outlawing all magazines over 10 rounds, instantly turning tens of millions of Americans into felony criminals.

• Require nationwide registration of all guns and gun owners, complete with fingerprinting (to build a federal database of all gun owners) and a certification from your local police chief who must vouch for you being "allowed" to own a weapon.

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A video featuring a bizarre, mind-boggling REAL chat session with support staff is going viral across the 'net. In the video and transcript, Obamacare support staff actually tells a customer this totally bizarre, meaningless statement: "Imagine you are stuck in this site's rush hour traffic. You still exist. You just aren't going anywhere."

This incident shows how insensitive the government has become. For them, as long as they are able to make money, they don’t care about the people.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Crippling the U.S. “free market” with government “mandates” is the Obama signature M.O.

The method of operation (M.O.) for socialism to crush the free market at gunpoint, Americans just can’t see the gun because it’s so dark inside. Back in the early 1900’s, doctors in America barely made enough money to support a family. Natural remedies and vitamins were being dished out by natural healers and over 85% of the people were not interested in pharmaceuticals or vaccines of any kind. Then came WWII and afterwards, the Washington D.C. bigwigs hired those Nazi scientists fresh out of prison, to work on drugs and food additives that breed cancer, and that was the M.O. then. Nothing’s really changed, except now the genetically modified food warps cells even faster than just processed food does, so people are suffering from all sorts of self-inflicted diseases and disorders, so get ready for some “forced care” for ALL of THAT. Obamacare is coming to a grocery store, a pharmacy, a hospital, and a Doc-in-tha-Box near you, to force inject you with GMO medicine, to x-ray you over and over, to surgically remove organs that aren’t functioning correctly due to the GMO food the FDA pushes, and your taxes will pay for your own demise, whether you like it or not. Free will and choice are going down the toilet, and a toxic food and toxic medicine “mandate” is upon the U.S. people, so what is the only choice left if you don’t like it?


Mike Adams has plenty to say about this on Natural News:


“Sooner or later the people revolt and overthrow the tyranny for the simple reason that liberty is part of the DNA of all humans. We are beings with free will and consciousness, and that means we don't want to be enslaved and forced to act against our will -- especially not by a criminal, incompetent government run like a mafia.”



“Deep inside, all Obama supporters believe in a soviet-style centrally-planned economy, and they live in a matrix of wild delusions in which they believe government actually delivers services more efficiently and cheaply than the private sector.”


People who eat fast food regularly, get flu shots regularly, and drink tap water and soda regularly are ‘dumbed down’ and believe the Government is good at running the programs they want most. Now, a 75 year track record of synthetic food and synthetic medicine has overwhelmed a whole NATION with cancer, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. NO other nation in the world suffers more than the USA from preventable disease. Doctors could soon be forced to work on the GMO sick, the fast-food sick, the artificial sweetener diseased sick folk, and the doctors will have to work for free. This is where Obamacare is heading. If you think pre-existing conditions will be covered, think again. No government can foot the bill for poisoning its own citizens for decades. That is not the Healthcare.gullible plan you’re looking at on-line and trying so “hard to secure.”




There is a fix. There is a solution to the madness. Tune into Natural News and track the real health news and understand a program that could take care of people while giving them freedom of choice and natural, organic food coupled with natural remedies and doctors who actually understand and have studied nutrition. Follow the yellow brick road to good health and tune in to the truth:


“We, the People of these United States of America, hereby call for revolutionary changes in our health care system that encourage health and prosperity instead of disease and corporate profit.”

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