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Dr Oz show blows lid off the "RoundUp" and Glyphosate controversy - has scientists talk about the proof that it causes cancer!

Did you know the Environmental Working Group ran tests on Roundup and Doctor Oz is talking about GMO corn and GMO soy causing cancer in the US? Monsanto, the largest producer of genetically engineered seeds on the planet is fuming! We are watching Monsanto grow nearly all US corn and soy with a carcinogenic weed killer that's proven unsafe. GMO grows unregulated in the United States. Dr. Oz is exposing this. Pay close attention when someone screams out the truth on national television, especially on one of the most popular talk shows ever. Remember, their sponsors, nearly every million dollar, sixty-second commercial shows Big Pharma dangerous drugs and Big Food dangerous food as the "product" or "service." Dr. Oz already had the HealthRanger, Mike Adams, on the show to blow the lid off of heavy metal toxins in foods like rice, rice protein, protein powders and some cacao (chocolate) powders too. This was huge. Now Oz is exposing RoundUp, the largest selling weed killer on planet earth, as a cancer-causing carcinogen and this show is going viral all over the health world on line too.


Are you using it in your garden or around your home??? Stop! Get the IARC REPORT and beware of Roundup herbicide (pesticide) in your food. Seventeen experts from eleven countries analyzed 30 years of research ...


World Health Organization: "Roundup might cause cancer"

International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC


Know the history of GMO. No United States regulatory agency is exempt of guilt for approving this stuff without safety testing by scientists other than the manufacturers. GMO has been DEREGULATED FOR MONEY and the tradeoff is cancer for men, women and babies alike. Corn and soy are in almost every product at the grocery store, restaurant and especially fast food options. This nightmare is being exposed on mainstream television. Know the history. Know what you're eating. The USDA deregulated RoundUp ready soybeans, corn and then alfalfa. Alfalfa is animal feed, if you didn't know, so humans are eating cancerous meat and milk from animals that have cancer and ate cancerous vegetables their whole, short miserable lives, not to mention hormones and antibiotics. It's no wonder one in two US men get cancer and one in three women. Babies are dying of cancer in America faster than ever before. Other countries around the world ban Glyphosate and the US doesn't even test to see if it's dangerous, at all. Zero safety precautions except believing the tests that the manufacturers run themselves. This means relying on huge corporations like Monsanto to test their own weed killer for human consumption safety. It's simply not happening. Then, the company simply declares there is a SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS on safety about their product, they have a few shills type some scientific, health and environment blogs and maybe their own handy-dandy safety reminder booklet and company mission statement, just in case anyone asks them about glyphosate, like if the EPA or the FDA come snooping. Or some pesky reporter from a natural health website. Dr. Oz has addressed some major topics lately though, right in the face of NETWORK TV and BIG PHARMA ADVERTISING. Oz had the courage to have a segment of his show dedicated to the REAL SCIENCE being done to prove companies like Monsanto are bio-engineering cancer food and hundreds of thousands of moms, dads and kids are dying from eating it, everyday, sometimes every meal.

Ask for a warning label! on GMO in America. This is crucial. The majority of our food supply is genetically engineered to be weed-killer tolerant. We need to head off escalating rates of disease.


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Dr Oz Show - April 7th, 2015

Topic: Monsanto's "Roundup"

World Health Organization cancer experts study 30 years of research

Cancer researchers top scientists report "glyphosates probably cause cancer"

"Highest level of concern"

"Could have major implications for home gardeners too."


Ask for organic food. Ask for a warning label! on GMO in America. This is crucial. Don't let history repeat itself. "Our grandparents remember when the Tobacco Industry was claiming that their products were safe ... "


Watch Dr. Oz show expose GLYPHOSATE a.k.a. "RoundUp" as cancer causing:


World Health Organization: "Roundup might cause cancer"

International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC


Ask yourself, says Dr. Oz, "Are the risks worth it?" Seventeen experts from eleven countries analyzed 30 years of research and concluded that glyphosate "probably" causes cancer. That's twenty years of heavy herbicide use for US soy being put to the ultimate test, and guess what. America is eating cancer. The EPA says it's not really a problem. The fact that weed-killer has EXPLODED IN USE and cancer rates are horrendous in the United States - - common sense alone tells you something is awfully wrong with the staple food supply. All regulators across the globe look to the WHO (World Health Organization) to ultimately tell them what causes cancer and what doesn't.


Doctor Oz couldn't get anyone from Monsanto or GMA (Grocery Manufacturers of America) to appear on his show to discuss Roundup, even though the entire Monsanto corporation says it's safe and GMA pays millions to keep GMO unlabeled in US states. That just goes to show right there! Here was their chance to refute the science they claim is on their side. Isn't "Biotech" and "Science of Food" one in the same? Aren't vaccines safe? Isn't Tobacco Safe? But doctors told us so for years! Medical Doctors recommended their favorite brands, during Thanksgiving Dinner to aid in digestion!! Remember Camels? Oh yeah. If GMO corn and soy existed then, the 20,000 plus doctors who said they recommend cigarettes for health would have been eating some GM corn on the cob with their soy sandwich from McKee Dee's and the GMBurgerKing while they inject mercury and aluminum into their muscle tissue to build immunity. They would RECOMMEND extra MMR-2 vaccines for autistic children to take because autism is special and genetic, right?


Watch Dr. Oz show expose GLYPHOSATE a.k.a. "RoundUp" as cancer causing:


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stop Smoking King challenges Big Tobacco to drink one ounce of pesticide and French Filmmaker challenges biotech PR clown to the same

In a sixty minute video that teaches smokers how to quit cigarettes without using medication, a patch or hypnosis, the inventor/teacher challenges anyone, especially the manufacturers of commercial cigarettes, to drink an ounce of pesticide (RoundUp - the most popular herbicide used on Earth). Knowing nobody will take him up on the offer, including the smokers in his classroom, the "Stop Smoking King" continues and explains that if you did take him up on the dare, to drink one ounce of either the pesticide, ammonia, or bleach, that you would have to be rushed to the hospital and have your stomach pumped, if that could even save you from death. But as a smoker, he explains, you smoke that every puff of every cigarette.

14&Out is Chemical Knowledge to Stop Smoking Naturally, Part I, on YouTube:   

The Stop Smoking King is touted by Natural News as the most sensible, comprehensive way to quit cigarettes, and the streaming video features a nutritional guide put together from the advice of two of the best nutritionists on planet earth - David Wolfe, best-selling author and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and lead scientist at Natural News Forensic Food Lab.

Stop Smoking King challenges Big Tobacco to drink what they put in cigarettes, because they won't. If you smoke now, you can learn how to stop consuming what the industry won't dare put in their mouths. Learn how and share this story with friends who smoke. Get the Natural News Connection and Challenge Big Tobacco to a dual. You can win by quitting smoking, naturally in 14 days or less. Check out the resources below:


Natural Health News also has coverage of the two-faced, hypocritical Biotech "representatives" who lie through their teeth and don't practice what they preach:

"Biotechnology frontman Patrick Moore recently made a fool of himself during an interview with French documentary filmmaker Paul Moreira after he claimed that drinking an entire quart of Monsanto's glyphosate is completely safe -- but then refused to actually do it."

Learn more:

RoundUp, FYI, is made up in large portion of glyphosate:

"Monsanto's infamous Roundup contains the hotly debated compound called glyphosate. This merciless herbicide is also found in 750 or more U.S. products. An herbicide like this infiltrates the landscape and accumulates in mammals, especially bone, hindering cellular detoxification along the way. A destroyer, glyphosate annihilates a plant's building blocks of life, tearing apart amino acids. By disrupting the "shikimate pathway" in plants and microorganisms, glyphosate creeps inside leaves and stalk, raping natural life processes. Glyphosate also destroys the beneficial microorganism in the human gut, destroying the human immune system."

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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Rise of FrankenScience and the subversion of Nazi-technology on U.S. Food



The deregulation of GMO began BEFORE it was even planted across America's fields, as new expose book by attorney reveals. They claimed that the biosphere "is so tightly integrated" that it "affords no niches for GMOs." Biotech wants everyone to believe that evolution is so fine tuned that any unnatural alteration will just "drop off" unless there is sustained human intercession. In other words, nature will simply cleanse itself of GMOs if they don't fit in. Yeah, right.


Steven M. Druker, the attorney that first sued Monsanto over their evil, misfit seeds, should get a Nobel prize for this new book - - this prolific revelation of how Frankenfoods silently became staple food for all of America to consume. How does one sue the FDA for a crime  - - a huge crime? As you can imagine, the courts subverted the case and ran with all the presumptions that Biotech put in place long before anyone even understood that GMO meant infusing dangerous insecticide and herbicide into the seeds of the most common foods eaten by Americans. For the first time in US history, a group of scientific experts were part of a lawsuit that challenged federal administrative policy of an agency - and the scientists were the plaintiffs! Imagine that. This was nearly 20 years ago. GE foods (genetically engineered) were flawed and these scientists were out to prove the abnormal risks of eating bug and weed-killing food that was NEVER tested for safety.


Unfortunately for the FDA, they had to hand over copies of their internal files, including over 40,000 pages of reports and memoranda that revealed ONGOING FRAUD in a trove of documents being studied and exposed in court by scientists and lawyers.

The FDA deliberately broke the law and misrepresented the facts about GE foods and their dangers to public health. Even the FDA's own scientists knew about the dangers. Sure, the FDA has been a dark, twisted and insidious agency since it's inception, just like the AMA and the CDC, but this opened Pandora's box, so to speak, by allowing pesticides to be infused into the genes of plants and calling it more "selective breeding." What it really represents is selective breeding of deformed, sterile, autistic and immune-compromised humans by feeding poisons to unknowing consumers as they get cancer, Alzheimer's and other preventable diseases and disorders while Big Ag (Biotech Agriculture) turns their "easy" profits. The big plan is to control the world's seeds while making a fortune with Big Pharma treating agent orange food disorder. The cancer industrial complex is booming now that GMO invades 90% of the typical meals Americans consume at least three times a day. Kids in schools everywhere consume GMO breakfasts and lunches. Infants all over the country consume baby food that contains glyphosate, toxic soy and toxic corn processed and chemicalized by-products. People getting surgery in hospitals and fighting off major infections are being fed GMO food on the tray that comes to directly to their superbug-ridden hospital bed. Even the water contains toxic fluoride insecticide imported from China.


Genetically mutated food is not labeled at all in the USA. If a product doesn't say Non-GMO Project Verified or "Certified Organic" then it's probably containing genetically modified organisms that cause IBS, headaches, inflammation, confusion, depression and anxiety. Doctors across the nation are trained only to prescribe chemical lab-made medications for the symptoms, the inflammation, the nightmare - - and it gets worse. While covering up the symptoms and providing PAIN RELIEF, prescriptions and aspirin are fueling the acidic body's production and replication of mutated organisms that attack the good cells. It's a war going on inside the body everyday, and GMO, thanks to Monsanto and the FDA, are being fed the exact fuel they need to cause more cancer, and that's more GMO. Chemicals feed off chemicals, and a healthy body fixes itself with organic food. Who knows this in the mainstream? Nobody, because they all think the FDA is looking out for them. They all think the CDC is looking out for them. Every MD and every nurse in America believes the AMA is a good thing and has always been. They have no idea that it was the AMA that removed nutrition education from ALL medical schools ONEHUNDRED YEARS AGO because natural remedies were making doctors go broke, because everyone was using natural healers, midwives and the advice of the American Indians. Preventable diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and the list goes on and on - - these diseases barely existed in the USA. Imagine that for a second. Then came processed food and the AMA. Then came toxic vaccines with fraudulent data saying they work and propaganda like Nazi-style to scare everyone into getting injected, including babies 30 times with toxic multiple "jabs" that contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde and now genetically modified organisms, and this all before age six.


This is the FDA that opened the back door to the greatest health THIEVES of the century - Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow, Syngenta and the like.


The Rise of FrankenScience and the subversion of Nazi-technology on US Food

Whether you choose to believe something that's already proven true doesn't change the fact that it happened. The Holocaust happened. Period. Six million Jews were erased from existence, including women, children, babies and unborn babies. Few of their relatives survived, escaping by the hair on their chin. Today, many Jewish people consume GMO and get cancer, and then, unfortunately, fall for the biggest scam ever besieged on mankind via a hospital, and that is chemical treatment called chemotherapy, which was also invented by Nazi scientists. The same scientists who concocted the poisonous gas used in gas chambers to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews (who weren't shot in the head or starved to death first), they created chemical medicine to treat a disease created by chemicals in food, water, personal care products and even vaccines. These psychotic mad scientists who committed mass murder and were FOUND GUILTY of mass murder and who went to jail for mass murder helped the Biotech industry begin and get to where it is today. They designed seeds to contain pesticide to kill weeds and beetles and worms that consume crops in the field, all for profit so the big wigs at the FDA and Monsanto can get richer and more powerful. Jews and non-Jews alike are dying from eating cancer food and the FDA says there's no cure for cancer. Anyone who cures cancer is actually taken to court by the FDA, FTC or rogue corporations that "own" and run these unregulated government administrative agencies. Nothing's really changed in 100 years, except for the fact that people are dying from eating food - - mutated, deranged, insidious insecticide and herbicide-laden food that tastes normal, and is usually loaded with toxic salt, toxic sugar and toxic animal fat.


Chapter Six: "Globalization of Regulatory Irregularity"


This chapter of the new book focuses on how food safety officials in the EU and Canada also sidestepped science and sound policy to allow GM to reign free. I know what you're thinking, the EU prohibits most GMO now, but do they provide modest assurances of safety? You see, with crimes in the USA, you are innocent until proven guilty, and so went the 30 year trial of GMO, a mass-murdering criminal food system that continues to wreak havoc on the environment, bees, butterflies, humans and it's killing all nutrition in our soil. GRAS, or generally recognized as safe, is the worst misconception ever. That's like saying Nazi scientists who helped Hitler kill millions of Jews will be allowed to alter all of America's farming practices until they are proven guilty of wrongdoing in a court of law. It's a huge problem on top of a huge crisis on top of calamity. Rogue scientists well-paid to lie and alter research are running the whole gamut and most Americans have no clue, not even Jewish Americans. Six million Jews died in the Holocaust. That's a fact. 500,000 Americans die each year from cancer. twelve years of that is 6,000,000 people. Most cancer cases originate from toxic food. Since GMO has been infecting corn, soy, canola since around 1990, that's TWO holocausts equivalents of deaths from a preventable disease. Sounds like a World War on Food, huh? And it's still going. Wake up.

Cancer barely existed in the US before WWII. Processed food is void of nutrition. Did you know that Hitler instructed the guards at the concentration camps to regularly put FLUORIDE in the Jews' drinking water to keep the feeble so they couldn't rebel? How much longer will you eat corn and soy that contains pesticide and was designed by scientists at Monsanto, the same restructured company/corporation that was the right arm of Hitler, then called I.G. Farben, a conglomerate of pharmaceutical companies that included Bayer. You're still not sure about the power of organic food?

Most people who undergo chemotherapy do not realize the origin of common chemotherapy agents is found in the mustard gas chemical weapons used in World Wars I and II. That's just one of 25 stunning -- but historically accurate -- revelations found in an investigative report issued by The report reveals a well-documented series of startling revelations about the origins of modern medicine, including:

• The truth about how blood-thinning medications are made from a combination of rat poison and pig intestines.

• How modern-day crop pesticides are formulated with Zyklon B, the chemical used by Hitler to gas Jews to death.

• The true history of the USDA and how it sold out the American people and colluded with agricultural and food interests to legalize poison in the food supply.

• How even the FDA now admits prescription drugs kill one million Americans every decade.

• How the former chairman of Bayer was found guilty of Nazi war crimes during the
Nuremberg trials.

• Shocking details about the former head of the American Medical Association and how he acted as a monopolistic criminal thug who sought to destroy all knowledge of natural cures and plant-based remedies.

• Why the medical establishment has spent 100 years trying to suppress information about nutritional therapies, mineral cures and natural cures.

The full investigative report written by S. D. Wells, containing 25 amazing facts about the hidden
history of medicine, is available now at
In conclusion: GMO and Chemo are of the same variety ... 

So what? An honest, hard-working lawyer may not have been able to defeat Monsanto and the FDA in court, but a best-selling book might be the "superbowl" game that reveals the truth to the world about GM foods and a rogue bunch of insane scientists who design food to kill bugs, weeds and humans.


Check out the new book and you won't be disappointed. Learn the facts and get healthy fast. You have complete control over your health. Take it!


Get the New Book!   "AlteredGenes, Twisted Truth"

Quotes from Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE and UN Messenger of Peace from Foreword of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth:
"GMOs are a shocking corruption of the life forms of the planet."


From the Foreword by Dame Jane Goodall:

"Druker makes the case that it was this fraud that truly enabled the GE food venture to take off. And he asserts that the fraud continues to deceive the public and Congress, despite the fact that the lawsuit he initiated thoroughly exposed it. His description of the proceedings surrounding this lawsuit was, to me, one of the most astounding and chilling parts of the book."
"And what of the role of the media? How have the American public been so largely kept in the dark about the realities of GE  foods -- to the extent that until quite recently, a vast majority of the populace did not even know they were regularly consuming them? Druker describes, in Chapter 8, how the mainstream media have been highly selective in what they report -- and have consistently failed to convey information that would cause concern about these engineered products. Moreover, Druker demonstrates that the policies imposed by the media magnates have been, in his words, 'not merely selective, but suppressive.' [single quotes were double quotes in original] And he relates several dramatic incidents in which journalists who tried to bring unsettling facts to light had their stories altered or totally quashed by higher level executives. So it is not surprising that the American public, and a good many key decision-makers, believe that there are no legitimate concerns regarding GE foods."


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