Friday, August 8, 2014

Mike Adams is ahead of the curve - the Health Ranger shares about preparedness

The CDC is NOT giving out information about building your immunity, and Mike Adams, the Editor-in-Chief of Natural News is calling it out like nobody else. Though there's no known "cure" for Ebola, the human body is a machine that can overcome great odds - with the right help. Nature provides it's own NATURAL antibiotics and immune boosters that have helped people survive infectious diseases for millennia, but Western Medicine isn't about preventative medicine by any means, and it IS about the money and maintaining customers "for life."


So what if an EMP (high altitude and electromagnetic doomsday weapon) went off during the big Ebola outbreak in a few US cities? Imagine that panic. ( )


No phones, internet, TV, maybe not even toilets flushing. Cities government's would run the supply of water, food, and batteries waiting for FEMA to come in and seize what's left. DHS needs your home! Don't panic, just "SHELTER IN PLACE" - Remember Boston after the Marathon bombing? Natural News and Alternative News told everyone they were being tested, with tanks and automatic weapons keeping the suburbia neighborhood (everyone of them in America is similar) on complete lockdown. Politicians could care less about America's health. They don't care about safety much either. You have to take care of yourself and your family so you will be prepared if these mass panics happen. Stock up on food, clean water without fluoride, batteries, radios and natural immune building superfoods and supplements. Get aloe, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, and lots of garlic - the good kind. Stay tuned my friends. Natural Health News is the best inside track to staying safe and healthy.

Here's info on EMP's from the Health Ranger:


"ICBMs typically carry nuclear warheads, and they can easily target cities on the West Coast such as Los Angeles or Seattle. But even this threat doesn't compare to the "doomsday weapon" that China or Russia could almost certainly launch right now: A high-altitude EMP weapon (HEMP for short, and I'm not joking). ... "High-Altitude EMP could fry the USA back into the pre-industrial age" ...
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Sharing information on preparedness


Advice: Don't buy stupid stuff you don't need. CNN will always report the scary stuff, but they won't tell you to prepare, prepare, prepare. Just like the big storm Sandy that wiped out New Jersey where NOBODY had gasoline, heaters and basic survival stuff, and FEMA and Blue Cross absolutely blew any opportunity to step in properly and TIMELY and do what was necessary, less of mention would be Obama and his cohorts.


You might want to start getting ready for Ebola, EMP, GMO droughts that wipe out the West and maybe some more SWINE flue II for the winter of 2015 ....


The Health Ranger on Natural News says to be ready:


"First, you should substantially increase your personal preparedness in terms of supplies of food, water, emergency medicine, sanitizing liquids (like plain bleach), batteries for flashlights and so on. An Ebola outbreak may come to your neighborhood without warning, and the government may announce a mandatory quarantine without notice. You could suddenly find yourself stuck in your own home with no access to a grocery store for weeks."

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Monday, August 4, 2014

New report shows 38 percent of children in United States under 5 years of age are on WELFARE!

How many homes do you know in your neighborhood that house 6 to 10 individuals, and not necessarily immediate family? So many millions were devastated by the housing collapse and the economy collapse just 6 to 7 years back, but the media avoids really pointing out that it's WORSE now. Per the report, 50 million Americans on welfare. Per the report, 38 percent of kids under 5 are on welfare. This is a report from 2011 and it's probably worse right now in 2014. What's next? Most people on welfare have no clue about good nutrition, so they're probably also suffering as we speak from 2 or more of the following; cancer, diabetes or at least diabetes II, arthritis, alzheimer's. birth defects for the young (from parent's GMO consumption), heart disease, strokes and all the other preventable diseases, because most people on welfare live in mid-sized to large cities and eat fast food, chain restaurant foods, takeout, and canned meats and milk. They eat gluten bread and gluten pasta and gluten tortillas and their corn chips contain pesticide. These people are trying to make ends meet desperately while wondering if Obamacare can fix their health ills, their habit of consuming pesticide and fluoride all day.


People's babies didn't cause the housing crash. Subprime lending did. When you can borrow 200,000 with no money down and "C" credit, you have no equity and no "skin in the deal." Plus, when home values get inflated by up to 100%, it's like burning the candle at both ends. Now, what's next? Will the people blame the government and want to revolt soon? What will they do when ALL the benefits get CUT OFF like a big faucet and there's NO HELP from the "Man?" Who has all the guns and power? You might wanna run for the hills if this is your family and livelihood. The big cities could get really ugly really fast. Read more on this ....


"A startling 38 percent of all children 5 and under in the United States were welfare recipients in 2011, according to the report."


Here's more on that report by J.D. Heyes at Natural News:


According to the HHS, nearly half of all Americans are now dependent on some form of government benefit just to put food on the table. And of our population of 310 million, nearly one in four receive welfare benefits.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Organic Tobacco - the Ultimate Secret to Quitting Smoking Naturally!

Cold turkey is the hardest way to quit smoking, especially without any help. Some smokers pull it off, and they never go back to smoking cigarettes ever again. Hurray for them! The rest of the population, well, that's another story. They need weaning and they need it bad. They have no clue that most commercial cigarettes deliver over 100 milligrams of nicotine, just ask them. Coming off 100 mg. of nicotine in a single day and repeating that success for more than six months is reserved for only the strongest willed, meaning only five percent of smokers can actually do it without help. So what programs deliver on more than ten to fifteen percent success at helping people become non-smokers for life? Not many, but there is good news, besides all this "darkness."
Have you ever heard of organic tobacco? Many smokers have, but they may not know how easy it is to quit cigarettes for good after smoking organic tobacco for just two weeks. Once a person's chemical intake is reduced 90 percent or more, there is much less anxiety, nervousness, and the need for ... wait for it .... cigarette hangover relief. Nicotine is nothing more than a drug that acts as aspirin for the central nervous system disparagement caused by the last cigarette! The accumulation of toxins inside the body of the smoker is so high, that when you cut the bottom out using organic tobacco, the weaning process is then effective, and that's when you infuse nutrients, minerals, vitamins and spring water. The urge to smoke, the need, the fix, whatever you want to call it, comes directly from the human desire to have a balanced central nervous system. This is innate. Every person wants to feel balanced. When a smoker cuts out the hourly pesticide, insecticide, ammonia and bleach smoking ritual, he/she eliminates the driving force of misery. Kill the urge and you kill the habit. It's that simple.
Infusing Organic Tobacco the Last 14 Days of YOUR habit
So you go out and you buy some organic tobacco at a smoke shop or tobacco shop near you, or you go on line and order it. It's not very difficult and it's rather inexpensive. Then you get some rolling paper and you roll three cigarettes for each day of the last fourteen days of your smoking "career in self-punishment", as it is ending. This is your allotment, the organic tobacco that contains only about 10 to 12 milligrams of nicotine, and then you won't be going out "cold turkey." Next, go to the health food store, whether Whole Foods or a local shop, and buy some organic fruits and vegetables. Also stock up on spring water, preferably bottles that say BPA free - that's just one more toxin you'll be cutting out of your hourly intake!
Then look up mucuna, maca and the power of dark organic chocolate. You will be very, very happy with your research. Here's a head start:
Mucuna for moods!
Maca for energy!
Organic chocolate ends depression!
Yes, stop smoking, get in shape, love your life and do it for your family! Watch the natural method that is approved and recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, and wean yourself off commercial cigarettes without a hitch! This is the organic method that recommends organic tobacco for the last 14 days and it's called 14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally. (
Stop smoking for good and change your life. It's all about willpower and the right guide. Natural News enthusiasts are sharing the best methods in the world to help each other live long and prosper. Today's a new day - make it your best ever.
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Get rid of your “cigarette hangover” for good the natural way