Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gandhi's Anti-Vaccine Views - did people call HIM an extremist or a health nut?

* The nature of diseases like smallpox have been misconceived. While smallpox has a contagious component, vaccinated individuals can become infected, and non-vaccinated individuals remain immune, disproving Jenner's original theory that vaccination equates to bona fide immunity.

* Vaccination is a unsanitary practice. By injecting the 'filth' of a diseased cow and smallpox patient into the body of a healthy individual one inevitably makes them sicker, possibly producing new infections, ultimately resulting in a greater disease burden.

* The route of administration of the vaccine -- injection--- harbors special dangers versus natural (oral) exposures to infection.

* Fear of disease drives people to vaccinate against commonsense and rationality.

* Vaccination is unethical and immoral because of the manner in which the vaccine is produced (through the great suffering of poisoned animals)

* The income generated through vaccination is the driving reason why the medical profession does not wish to identify aforementioned problems in safety and efficacy.

* Conscientious objectors should be willing to stand their ground with courage and face persecution and penalties.

* Those objecting for medical reasons should aspire towards mastery of the subject such that they will be able to win others towards their perspective.

* Sanitation, hygiene, fresh air, water, and clean food are essential for preventing infection and/or helping those infected to recover.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Change your lifestyle the Food Babe Way!!


According to Natural News, Food Babe Vani Hari is single-handedly convincing corporations to remove useless food toxins, and she's doing it the Food Babe Way!

Over the past three years, Vani has not only transformed her health and the quality of her life but also inspired many to become leaders of their own health. Vani's commitment to researching and understanding what's in the American food supply has also motivated entire food corporations to remove toxic additives from their widely produced food products.

Vani's graceful personality, unrelenting activist spirit and growing army of supporters have convinced companies like Kraft, Chipotle, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Subway to be more honest and remove artificial and controversial ingredients that are making the population sick.

Her new book, The Food Babe Way, is NOT about a diet. It's NOT about counting calories. This book is about finding and eliminating the chemicals in your food and increasing nutrient absorption every day of your life. It doesn't just focus on the problems. This book highlights the solutions -- teaching about the foods that make you feel good, inside and out.

The Food Babe teaches you how to remodel your food pantry to re-energize your cooking experience, discussing everything from cooking oils to microwaves. She teaches what to look for and what to ask about when dining out and how to eat organically while traveling. The book even includes daily checklists to help keep you on track with your goals.

The Food Babe Way tastefully teaches you how to vary your eating selection to maximize your nutritional intake and absorption. Vani discusses "10 Superhero Foods" that she encourages everyone to indulge in, superfoods that everyone can have access to in their own kitchen.

The Food Babe Way will help anyone address the root causes of disease by teaching that food is more than just calories. Food is information and instruction, communicating messages to your genes, hormones, gut flora and immune system. Is the food you're eating more often communicating disease or vitality?

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about Food Babe Vani Hari and her work, one can easily log onto:



Thursday, February 26, 2015

Michelle Obama's disastrous school lunch program is starving the kids, while the US food crisis is being solved by the Health Ranger with grow systems


In a food culture wrought with corruption, Michelle Obama's efforts to bring some "healthy" into the picture is like forcing kids to eat kale while they're surrounded by donuts and slurpees, and that's almost the case. From GMO and MSG to HFCS and hormone-laden milk and meat, school lunches are the extreme end of malnutrition, junk science addictions and major health detriment just waiting to happen. Infuse some forced-fruit choices and a "presidential" lunch lady and we're saved! Not so. Take a look at the statistics since the "healthy" M.O. (method of operation or "Michelle Obama" approach) kicked in. Nearly half of school meal programs reported declines in revenue during the 2012-13 school year and 9 out of 10 said food costs went up, including complaints arising from school districts in Chicago and Los Angeles. This comes as a shock since the first lady's initiative is federally subsidized. What a disaster. Principals are reporting massive waste. Take a wild guess what the L.A. Times reported for losses last year: $18 million, or about $100,000 a day worth of uneaten entrees simply tossed in the trash cans.


Did you know that federal guidelines prohibit schools from offering hard-boiled eggs and humus? Which schools have QUIT the national school lunch program altogether? Arlington Heights District 214, in Michelle Obama's home state of Illinois - they did! How ironic. That's like Congress people being exempt from Obamacare, or draft dodgers becoming President, or better yet, the husband of the disastrous "healthy" lunch program backing all things GMO!


Look for hundreds of schools to withdraw from the absurd M.O. forced-health food program soon. Maybe the whole thing is just a front, another staged event, so Obama himself, the dictator and GMO food propagator can sign more legislation behind closed doors that pollutes the food we eat with pesticides, insecticides and herbicides for greedy politician and biotech profits. Don't forget, big business and special interests are the name of the game at the White House. Michelle Obama herself was on the corporate board of directors in 2005 for Walmart's processed-foods supplier TreeHouse Foods Inc.


The much needed healthy food revolution is not coming from government but from Texas inventors


In less than one week, the Food Rising grow system project is delivering revolutionary food abundance to school children across America! The non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( secured sufficient funding to donate 250 grow systems to schools, churches and community centers across America. Classrooms everywhere will be able to begin teaching the joy of food self-reliance to thousands of children across the USA.


Most people in America who aren't farmers or avid home gardeners don't know a thing about growing food. They don't know about the power of organic soil to feed the plants nutrition. They don't know how much water to give plants, how to support them as they grow, how to maintain gardens indoors, and most kids are NEVER educated in school about it. Why? Well, the US government doesn't teach self-sufficiency in schools, neither do they teach self-reliance, sustainability or anything about organic living. The whole school lunch program is just a front to make it look like the White House cares about kids and nutrition. They know as well as every nutritionist and health enthusiast on the planet that GM chicken sandwiches and pasteurized milk drive disorder and disease, obesity and cancer, brittle bones and clogged arteries.


How about the revolution that's coming from grass roots, the natural news health arena, and the Health Ranger himself, who has invented grow systems that kids can use easily to learn to grow food indoors, without electricity, without tons of water and soil, and with parts and pieces that can be printed from 3D printers, which now sell for between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars. That's a revolution that's sustainable and environmentally friendly. Plus, the parts to these grow systems are made from recyclable plastic. That's revolutionary!


It's time to put a program in EVERY US SCHOOL that's cheap, smart, healthy and that teaches self-reliance. What could be better than to counter this "dead culture" of GMO and fake school promos the White House puts forth. Michelle's school lunch program was built to fail, whether she knows it or not. Let's not teach failure, let's teach success. Stop force-feeding children lies. Give the world what it wants - an organic future that's bright with creativity, critical thinking and food that carries robust nutrients!






Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Western Medicine is nothing but a "shot in the dark!"

Thimerosal dangers are UNTESTED by the CDC, yet mercury is one of the most deadly toxins on planet Earth. Thimerosal, a form of mercury, is listed on most flu shot and vaccine inserts. Read it for yourself. The Health Ranger tested the flu vaccine for heavy metals and found 25,000 times higher mercury levels than the EPA's limit for water! Sorry, but putting THAT in vaccines is NOT disease prevention. Aluminum is also listed on most flu shot and vaccine inserts. Aluminum is also found in vaccines and is known to cause Alzheimer's disease. It's no wonder people have nervous system disorders and dementia.

What food is YOUR medicine, because all of this UNTESTED chemical medicine is an insane "shot in the dark!"

When something works very well, you don't have to fake the science or engineering behind it, and all the experts know if you do. Well, most of them. Currently, top CDC scientists are BLOWING THE WHISTLE about vaccine fraud concerning safety and efficacy testing of the MMRII vaccine - measles, mumps and rubella. But why? Doesn't everyone think vaccines are perfect and have no side effects, like seizures and death? Maybe they've missed out on hearing the "key informants" who left the CDC due to high level FAKE research!



It's unbelievable that top CDC scientists were threatened with jail if they told the FDA about the fraudulent tests of the MMR II vaccine to make it sound highly effective when it was NOT.


This is a top government agency of the USA steeped in mafia-style coercion tactics, bribery, theft of human health, and detriment to society. Read these sources and contemplate ALL that you consider medicine. Think then of organic health enthusiasts and who's sharing the most vital health information on Planet Earth:






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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Forced Vaccination Coverage and the Voices for Medical Freedom ... in the News

"Now is not the time to be intimidated by all the deception and lies pouring forth from the mouths, pens and keyboards of those who are ruled by the prevailing evil of our day."

"If you think the government has the right to forcibly vaccinate people -- for the good of society -- what is to prevent them from forcibly sterilizing people, or forcibly euthanizing people, or forcibly implanting a tracking device -- for the good of society?" asked Dr. Lee Hieb, M.D., another brave vaccine opposer.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Four must-see videos reveal the revolutionary realization that the raw, uncensored truth brings us, and that is that most humans are doing it "all wrong"


Knowledge is power and once you have it, well, you have to do something with it. It's that simple. Once you read the next paragraph, you will know more about the real world around you, and how it DIRECTLY AFFECTS your health, wealth, safety and happiness, or lack thereof. Every second of every day will be different now, knowing what YOU know and feeling OBLIGATED to do something with the power of the new knowledge contained in your brain, stored for eternal use.


What if 9 out of every 10 things you ate, drank and put on your skin causes disease and cell disorder? What if 90 cents of every dollar you spend, on everything, went into the hands of the most evil corporations, who re-invest that money to drive your health into the ground, slowly and at a very steep price? What if the cost of viewing and researching ANYTHING on the internet suddenly jumped, from the low cost of your wifi to the high cost of the US Government's "new tax", just like healthcare, that's mandatory? What if the AP, the Associated Press, told you TODAY that there is no longer dangerous mercury in vaccines, meanwhile the CDC listed mercury on the vaccine AND flu shot inserts, you know, the one you're SUPPOSED to read before even considering an inoculation of any kind, at any time, and especially as a multi-dose coming out of a multi-dose vial? What if the pathogens are awakened, never killed by that formaldehyde, and that mixes with the deadly mercury, to destroy your immune system and ruin your CNS for the rest of your life? You know they call it ASD, autism spectrum disorder, but they won't talk about the vaccine insert you never read. It's time to do your homework right this minute:

Mercury in Vaccines Exposed!    (Click to read the insert with your very own eyes!)

Check out all four videos right here, as tracked by Natural News and the Natural News Tracker, always keeping up with the current events and Natural Health News:

"Bought" the movie (trailer and free full movie pre-viewing - for limited time)   

"The Lie We Live"  (8.5 minute video short)

How the Government wants to regulate the internet with bureaucratic legislation

Vaccine Thimerosal (mercury) exposed with the top "criminals" (politicians and vaccine shills) reading the vaccine "safety" script!


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