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Altered Genes, Twisted Truth - the new book that's broken open the toxic GMO 30-year criminal case of fraud and deception!

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There's a new book available and it confirms everything all the health enthusiasts already suspected about GMO, and now we KNOW for sure. We were right. Jane Goodall, primatologist, science genius and humanitarian endorses this book, its message, the research and the commitment to informing people about pesticide-laden food they should never eat.


Changing Your Ways for Good!


Now that health enthusiasts are reading Druker's book, everything has changed. Now that we all have the ultimate confirmation that GMO is a cancer on society, all animals, the environment and our food and water, we should read the blueprint plan on how to avoid it, and then work it. Let's avoid GMO at all costs and help others do the same. You control YOUR food supply if you always look for "certified organic" seal and the "Non-GMO Project Verified" seal too. Then read about heavy metal toxins in foods, and even organic foods, that Mike Adams uncovered in his Forensic Food Lab with high powered microscopy, measuring toxins like lead, cadmium, aluminum, mercury, and even tungsten. See, now we know the real deal and we don't have to wait for some rogue organizations like the FDA or the CDC to test anything for us anyhow. Why did we EVER think those big business "guns" would do anything with scientific accuracy and truly in the public interest?


Health Ranger Mike Adams in Forensic Food Lab (for the Public Interest):






It's time to change your ways for good. When you read Druker's book "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth" and you read articles on health news by Mike Adams, well, over the past few years the entire health puzzle just came together, and all the evidence we need to metaphorically incriminate these food criminals, it all made sense. That's why we are where we are today, thanks to whistleblowers, and honest scientists like Mike Adams and Jane Goodall. Thanks to the whistleblowers recently from the CDC and Merck. Thanks to the whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, who turned us on to the fact that everything we do is being illegally recorded by our government. When the bad guys totally screw up, they are caught on their heels, and prolific writers like the Health Ranger and reporters from InfoWars let us know the new blights put on top of the criminal racket track record of these politicians and corporations that try to ruin our food and medicine and all the knowledge they can't memory-hole. The whistleblowers remind us with FACTS that fraud is going on inside the laboratories that make GMO food and Vaccines too. That fraud is then sold to the awaiting American public and consumers around the world that accept this chemical "warfare" as a way of living. Druker's book spans 30 years of GMO atrocities to the soil, the crops, the butterflies and bees, the minerals, the animals. The humans who haven't become senile from the fluoride and the pesticide - - we are reading books like Altered Genes and we are reading the lab reports from Seralini!


See, we know Seralini's work was legitimate, and the forces that be tried to ruin his findings by saying he didn't run his lab right. We know that was a huge mistake, and this sets the precedent for us never to believe the MSM (mainstreammedia) and "peer reviewed" bogus myths.





As reported by an Investigative Journalist for Natural Health News:

"The biological impact and outright danger of GMO genes transferring into humans and their tissues is the subject of great concern. The negative impact of genetically modified food HAS BEEN evaluated. Liver cells in animals show aberrations and increased ratios of DNA fragmentation. What does that mean in layman's terms? -- That if you are an animal, as rats and humans both are, then your cells are mutating too, weakening, and will soon be multiplying uncontrollably, because the mechanism that controls normal reproduction is broken or mutated. Some of your cells will experience a programmed cell death. This makes it easier for cancer cells to take over an organ or some already damaged area of the body, including the brain. This cancer you may be "experiencing" could come from biochemical alterations that create health hazards."   - - SD Wells


So think about that for a second. GMO consumers are eating their way into biochemical alterations that create health hazards. And GMO investors are investing their money in food that causes biochemical alterations in human health. That means that people are investing in your demise. They are anticipating that you will visit many doctors trying to figure out what is wrong with you. Those doctors will in turn, because this is mapped out by the AMA, write you prescription medications to address the symptoms of your sickness, but not the sickness. Even antibiotics like penicillin can't fix what you have. No flu shot or measles shot can fix what you have. And the GMO investors also invest in the tools the surgeons will use on you, that still can't fix what you have. And the GMO investors, and yes, we're talking about Monsanto and Merck, Syngenta and General Mills, Dupont and Bayer, Hain Celestial and all the way down to Dow Chemical - they are investing in your demise using GM medicine and food working in tandem. They are counting on most Americans needing some of the chemotherapy and radiation "equipment" their companies invest in heavily. That equipment is rented by doctors at exorbitant prices every month. How do you think THOSE bills will get paid, month after month after month? It's called repeat business, and customers-for-life. It's called recidivism when you are a repeat offender of something that brings and breeds your own destruction. People are incarcerating their bodies by ignoring the truth. Read, read and read more. You will know how the last 3 to 4 years has changed everything - - for the better. Knowledge is power. See what the Great Jane Goodall has to say about GMO and the new book by the Attorney who first sued GMO - Steven M. Druker:

Quotes from Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE and UN Messenger of Peace from 
Foreword of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth:
"Altered Genes, Twisted Truth is without doubt one of the most important books of the last 50 years." ....  "I shall urge everyone I know who cares about life on earth, and the future of their children, and children’s children, to read it. It will go a long way toward dispelling the confusion and delusion that has been created regarding the genetic engineering process and the foods it produces." .... "To me, Steven Druker is a hero. He deserves at least a Nobel Prize." -- Jane Goodall
And this description of the book from a molecular geneticist: 
Altered Genes, Twisted Truth reveals how the inception of molecular biotechnology ignited a battle between those committed to scientific accuracy and the public interest and those who saw genetic engineering’s commercial potential. Steven Druker’s meticulously researched book pieces together the deeply disturbing and tremendously important history of the intertwined science and politics of GMOs. Understanding this ongoing struggle is a key to understanding science in the modern world.”
    --Allison Wilson, PhD molecular geneticist, Science Director, The Bioscience Resource Project

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth 


FDA documents:
By the way, if you're looking things up, like you're supposed to and the way we were all taught, check truthwiki first, and know that the other "wiki" is a bunch of BS!
Always use TruthWiki for reliable health facts: 
The first genetically modified plant was produced in 1982, using an antibiotic-resistant tobacco plant. The first field trials of genetically engineered plants occurred in France and the USA in 1986, when tobacco plants were engineered to be resistant to herbicides. Genetically modified crops have been shown to disrupt other crops that are not in the same field as the GMOs. Genetically modified crops (GMOs, GM crops, or biotech crops) are plants used in agriculture, the DNA of which has been modified using genetic engineering techniques. In most cases the aim is to introduce a new trait to the plant which does not occur naturally in the species. Examples in food crops include resistance to certain pests, diseases, or environmental conditions, reduction of spoilage, or resistance to chemical treatments (e.g. resistance to a herbicide), or improving the nutrient profile of the crop. Examples in non-food crops include production of pharmaceutical agents, biofuels, and other industrially useful goods, as well as for bioremediation.

Read the full definition of GMO here: 

CDC Whistleblower! 

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How dirty politics is hiding the truth about what we eat, drink and smoke - in turn, we are becoming victims of allopathic paranoia!

According to Natural News, Dame Jane Goodall argues that the advocates of GMO food have ignored evidence of harm with the result being that it is they who are guilty of being "anti-science."  She says that intervention in the food chain comes in the form of biotech giants like Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer who have used their clout with governments and industry to force GMO crops and foods onto plates in the U.S. without first conducting proper safety tests. For Goodall, she sees GMO crops and foods as a "shocking corruption of the life forms of the planet." She further noted that the GMO process, which involves placing foreign genes into plants and seeds to create toxins that work to ward off insects or give them immunity to chemical pesticides, has altered them in fundamental ways.

Realize that allopathic paranoia wastes money and takes chances by endangering health with chemical, synthetic medicine. Most conventional food (seeds) and medicine has been modified in a clinical lab to contain either human albumin or pesticides. Are you eating bug killer or ingredients from Agent Orange - the chemicals they used in Vietnam to destroy the jungle brush? How many thousands of quack doctors in the USA push chemotherapy as a cure or "treatment" for cancer? They know the real statistics, but they push it anyway.

So why take prescription drugs for pain, depression, cholesterol and blood pressure, if the cause of your pain, depression and malnutrition stems from bad food choices? You make the choices and the consequences are defined by your actions. Energy and immunity come from organic food.

Conclusion? Do NOT Join the Allopathic Pathetic Sick Care Industry. Break free of the chains that bind you now and quit eating, drinking and smoking chemicals. This is your life, your body, your mind and your free choice.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the dirty politics regarding everything we eat, drink and smoke and how we are misguided, one can easily log onto:

Learn how to quit smoking naturally with this amazing 60 minute video:


Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh no! Bill Nye sells his soul to the devil (Monsanto) and declares his "love" for GMO - what a shill ...

Bill Nye sells his soul to the devil and says he's "in love" with GMO - another familiar science face joins Monsanto.

Hey kids, turn on your TV it's Bill Nye the science guy talking about how good it is for your health to eat bug-killer and weed-killer food! Yay! That weird and creepy old dude that makes all those funny faces and who tells us how all things in nature are inner-connected is now saying we can insert the genes of pesticides into seeds and it's all still just wonderful butterflies and flowers, except these flowers will be growing on our early graves, if we all eat cancer food daily. He leaves that part out, but Bill Nye is declaring publicly his LOVE for GMO, because he visited the Monsanto headquarters and the scientists (filthy rich vice presidents and lobbyists) showed him how ag-science (cancer industrial complex) is so great for the world's food supply (Frankenfood for zombies) and how GMO is sustainable (all the world's patented seeds are "sustained" inside Monsanto volts).


Hey kids, look, it's Bill Nye the Corporate Science Fraud Guy! He's a trickster clown now spieling off propaganda because Monsanto gave him a tour of the Franken-factory where they mutate seeds so kids are born with birth defects, like the fish and rats that eat it in independent lab tests not done by Monsanto.

Hey kids, learn your "science" fiction ...

Wow, isn't that the "Science Guy" who used to say question GMO because it could screw up entire eco-systems? So fast how money changes people. Let's audit Bill Nye and see if he now owns some small island off Guam or maybe just some new high-end stock with New York Life and McDonalds. It's hard to tell, but one thing's for sure, when Bill Nye's new book comes out with it's newly revised chapter on GMO, you can bet the school system's will have a copy of the video of the animated science fraud-shill in his white lab coat, juggling bowling pins with his microscope, all while he mixes facts with "science" fiction.


As reported on Natural News:


Many of today's young adults grew up watching him on public access television. But Bill Nye "the Science Guy" has taken an unfortunate turn for the worse as it pertains to his position on genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), degenerating rather suddenly from an honest position of concern about their impacts on the ecosystem to open acceptance of this disproven technology.

Learn more:


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Will the anti-vaxxers be burned at town square, live on pay per view, after the anti-GMO'ers are stoned to death?


Some people are very violent inside, but you wouldn't know it, unless some fight breaks out on the street near them and you watch them react, or not react for that matter. People "rubberneck" at auto wrecks so they can see if there's blood and guts on the scene. People cheer on fights and even rape, and those cases might not be as few and far between as the general "consensus" would estimate. Would you watch a public stoning of a mass murderer in town square if it was free and he was going to get the death penalty anyway, by injection or electric chair? Do you have pent up frustrations that just need airing out - - and maybe that's why violent video games and violent action movies sell so well in America. Think about that for a minute.


Neanderthal pro-vaxxers are pro-violence too, just watch the discussion unfold


Vaccines are violent, no matter which side you support. Injecting mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde into muscle tissue conjures up an unnatural immune "fight-or-flight" response that often ends with permanent central nervous system damage, if not permanent immune system damage, and thousands of parents have testified and won settlements for just these reasons, to the tune of $3 billion.


Post a good article or blog about this, or even a tweet or beloved Facebook picture with a quote and see what happens. The retorts are verbally abusive and violent. Americans are scared to death of people who aren't trying to protect themselves with chemicals from infectious diseases and they're not kidding for one second. They fear for their own lives and the lives of their children, because mainstream media, the AMA and the FDA have pushed so much horrifying propaganda for the past fifty years. There are pictures of crippled children who got a bad case of polio. There are lepers and trolls and coffins galore of vaccinated children who got sick from the unvaccinated children who caught these awful diseases and infected the vaccinated (not really but that's the thought-provoking propaganda message). If any child dies from any infectious disease, ever, it's always because some non-vaccinated child gave it to them, right? But how. That doesn't even make sense. So where is the fear justified? It's not, but brainwashing works, and advertising works, and MDs saying these things works.


Chemical medication for the misinformed


And now, after years of fear-mongering, people want the anti-vaxxers fined, arrested and put in jail, and they want their kids sold at auction by Child Protective Services (CPS) to the highest bidder, or trafficked on the black market, or kept in an orphanage with all the other "sick" kids, quarantined, or better yet, at a FEMA camp! Yes - - burn the "witches" - - the parents who don't go along with the status quo, so everyone else can have that warm, fuzzy safety feeling they so long for all day long, in their fabricated, false-world of using chemicals to conjure up artificial immune reactions, all while they inject themselves with multiple genetically modified versions of the very diseases of which they are terrified. The flu shot tells you on the actual insert that it doesn't work and hasn't been tested for safety. Still - arrest the non-vaxxer parents for they are bio-terrorists and there children should be banned from public places until they are confiscated by the State for auction, right? Are you anti-GMO? Does that make you a bad parent?


Burn the Witches!!


What's the best way to kill a witch - - do you burn her or drown her? What's the best way to destroy a warlock or a vampire? Who cares. It's a rhetorical question. You don't go around thinking about destroying anything, if you're civilized, educated and spiritual, but then again, who's got ALL THAT going on these days. After all, witches and terrorists are very much alike - they cast spells on people and turn them into toads or even stone, like Medusa once did. Anti-vaxxers aren't really people at all, but the deniers of science and progress and safety, right? Most pro-vaccination zealots would love for the government to publish the names and addresses of all the people who are not vaccinated and don't plan to be, that way if Obama so desires he could drone-bomb their houses and get rid of them all and the threat they pose to society and America. After all, measles and chicken pox are massive epidemics that kill millions of people daily, so we should all be very afraid and just say "yes" to all inoculations the government provides and enforces, including swine flu inoculation, bird flu inoculation, anthrax inoculation, MMR -2, chicken pox, yearly flu, Ebola, HIV, and anything anyone can catch from anyone else, ever. Is there a vaccine for the common cold yet? Are doctors suggesting injecting antibiotics yet? Is there an anti-autism injection that's got GMO corn syrup in it, because rumor has it the HFCS is great anyway you can get it because it comes from corn!


If you disagree with any of this, you are not a patriot and you may be put on a watch list. You may be flagged at the airport as dangerous, or pulled over by police for no reason other than to get a blood sample. How do you kill a werewolf - with a silver bullet? How do you kill a vampire - with a stake through the heart? How do you kill an anti-vaxxer - with mercury-laced vaccines? Shall they all be injected in town square with all 30 vaccines from the mandatory schedule and live on pay per view? All proceeds could go to figuring out a cure for Ebola!


Maybe you haven't heard, but there have been ZERO DEATHS in the USA from measles in the past ten years, but over 100 deaths from the measles vaccine reported.










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