Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dead people are embalmed with a toxic chemical called formaldehyde - are you eating it, smoking it or injecting it while you're alive? Find out now and how!


Some people are concerned about eating too much junk food, processed sugar and gluten, because they've heard they cause diseases and disorders in the long run, like cancer, diabetes and obesity. Other people are concerned with eating GMO, genetically modified organisms, because that kind of food contains chemical herbicides and insecticides that cause cancer, memory loss, confusion and depression. And then you have folks who absolutely refuse to get vaccines or flu shots, because they've either read the list of ingredients that come with the vaccine insert, or some health enthusiasts have informed them that vaccines and flu shots contain deadly neurotoxins, like mercury, MSG and formaldehyde. What's even scarier is that formaldehyde is found in all kinds of products now, not just vaccines, even though vaccines are the most deadly way to get formaldehyde into your body, since they are injected directly into the blood and muscle tissue, therefore bypassing digestive and breathing filters. Research indicates that formaldehyde shows up in clothing, building materials and diet drinks, and this is cause for major health concerns, since most people who are living don't want to be "embalmed" by their food and environment. When homes get hot from, say, the summer heat, the materials can release formaldehyde into the air, like from the carpet and the wood. What's your home constructed with? When people sweat in their new clothes, their bodies may be absorbing formaldehyde - so what clothes are you buying? Have you checked for this ingredient? When smokers smoke their commercial cigarettes, they are burning formaldehyde with ammonia, pesticide and bleach (white papers) - are you smoking embalming fluid? There's a lot to think about if you want to live a happy, healthy life free from the chemicals that cause chronic diseases. Natural Health News is a great place to stay informed and make smart choices, day in and day out. Here's a start:

Investigative Reporter S.D. Wells of Natural News informs us:

"Little do most people know today that formaldehyde shows up where they least expect it, like in their food, clothing, cosmetics, vaccines and flu shots. Maybe they don't know because they can't smell it. Exposure to formaldehyde can cause contact dermatitis, allergic reactions, rashes and yes, leukemia. If you're a woman who uses cosmetics or lotions with chemicals in them, they end up in your blood. If you're a man who uses antiperspirant and deodorants with chemicals in them, they end up in your blood. What do you think happens when your clothing contains formaldehyde and you work out and sweat while wearing those "cotton" T-shirts, underwear and sweat pants? What about the sheets you sleep on? Is it time to demand organic clothing, linens and diapers? Cotton is a crop, don't forget, which happens to involve 25 percent of the world's pesticide use, including insecticide and fungicide. Did you know it takes about one-third of a pound of pesticide to grow enough cotton for one T-shirt? What do you get when you mix pesticide with formaldehyde and "consume" it? Ask a smoker."

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