Saturday, November 15, 2014

Organic Tobacco - the Ultimate Secret to Quitting Smoking Naturally before 2015

What's your New Year's Resolution? Quit Smoking? That's great, but HOW will you do it? Will power alone isn't always enough, especially when it comes to quitting cigarettes.

Cold turkey is the hardest way to quit smoking, especially without any help. Some smokers pull it off, and they never go back to smoking cigarettes ever again. Hurray for them! The rest of the population, well, that's another story. They need weaning and they need it bad. They have no clue that most commercial cigarettes deliver over 100 milligrams of nicotine, just ask them. Coming off 100 mg. of nicotine in a single day and repeating that success for more than six months is reserved for only the strongest willed, meaning only five percent of smokers can actually do it without help. So what programs deliver on more than ten to fifteen percent success at helping people become non-smokers for life? Not many, but there is good news, besides all this "darkness."


Have you ever heard of organic tobacco? Many smokers have, but they may not know how easy it is to quit cigarettes for good after smoking organic tobacco for just two weeks. Once a person's chemical intake is reduced 90 percent or more, there is much less anxiety, nervousness, and the need for ... wait for it .... cigarette hangover relief. Nicotine is nothing more than a drug that acts as aspirin for the central nervous system disparagement caused by the last cigarette! The accumulation of toxins inside the body of the smoker is so high, that when you cut the bottom out using organic tobacco, the weaning process is then effective, and that's when you infuse nutrients, minerals, vitamins and spring water. The urge to smoke, the need, the fix, whatever you want to call it, comes directly from the human desire to have a balanced central nervous system. This is innate. Every person wants to feel balanced. When a smoker cuts out the hourly pesticide, insecticide, ammonia and bleach smoking ritual, he/she eliminates the driving force of misery. Kill the urge and you kill the habit. It's that simple.


Infusing Organic Tobacco the Last 14 Days of YOUR habit

So you go out and you buy some organic tobacco at a smoke shop or tobacco shop near you, or you go on line and order it. It's not very difficult and it's rather inexpensive. Then you get some rolling paper and you roll three cigarettes for each day of the last fourteen days of your smoking "career in self-punishment", as it is ending. This is your allotment, the organic tobacco that contains only about 10 to 12 milligrams of nicotine, and then you won't be going out "cold turkey." Next, go to the health food store, whether Whole Foods or a local shop, and buy some organic fruits and vegetables. Also stock up on spring water, preferably bottles that say BPA free - that's just one more toxin you'll be cutting out of your hourly intake!


Then look up mucuna, maca and the power of dark organic chocolate. You will be very, very happy with your research. Here's a head start:





Yes, stop smoking, get in shape, love your life and do it for your family! Watch the natural method that is approved and recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, and wean yourself off commercial cigarettes without a hitch! This is the organic method that recommends organic tobacco for the last 14 days and it's called 14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally.


Stop smoking for good and change your life. It's all about willpower and the right guide. Natural News enthusiasts are sharing the best methods in the world to help each other live long and prosper. Today's a new day - make it your best ever.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

4 "Quit Smoking" methods that rarely work, and ONE NATURAL METHOD that does WORK!

Here are the Four Quit Smoking Methods that rarely work - Chantix & Zyban, Nicotine Patches, Scare Tactics and Hypnosis - Plus a Natural Method* that does work!


Have you taken "stop smoking" medications and had horrific nightmares and thoughts of suicide that you NEVER had before? You might have been swallowing Chantix or Zyban pills, cause that's just a couple of the side effects, besides not getting people off of cigarettes.


Are you wearing a patch that delivers 3 to 4 milligrams of nicotine consistently throughout the day, when you were used to smoking a cigarette at least once an hour that contained over 100 mg. of nicotine in a vapor form that hit your brain and heart in three seconds after the inhale?


Maybe you should switch to those E-cigs, you know, electronic cigarettes without nicotine. That could be your bridge to freedom from commercial cigarettes.


Did the scary CDC commercials not work for you? Welcome to reality. Did some doctor convince your brain that you don't need cigarettes? It works, if you follow up with some nutrition. Oh, you didn't know?


Check out how to stop smoking naturally in 14 days or less with the Natural Method called 14 & Out! The teacher/inventor is a former smoker with comprehensive strategies for quitting the habit for good.


#1. Chantix and Zyban medications offer side effects, like thoughts of suicide, that NO HUMAN should have to tolerate just to quit tobacco!



The last thing you need when trying to quit smoking is completely imbalanced central nervous system, wrought with "no light" at the end of the tunnel - where all of your problems seem bigger and harder to deal with.


Why on earth would you take medication that makes you feel helpless?


Did the doctor prescribe something that gives you horrific nightmares? That's just your brain trying to work out what went wrong all day - with your misfiring synapses!


Medications for cessation can block normal dopamine production and deregulate the delivery of serotonin - your "feel good" hormones that come from natural chemistry in your body, not chemistry concocted in a lab!


You need behavior modification* and nutritional coaching to quit cigarettes for life. You can do it. Look into natural remedies and learn from the experts who share on line.



#2. The nicotine patch is a "mental" and physical scam, put on the market so smokers will waste their money and go right back to smoking at the first sign of stress


Let's just say you were addicted to beer and you drank a twelve pack every 24 hours. If a doctor or pharmacist were trying to "wean" you off the alcohol slowly, should they prescribe half a beer per day for you? Is that what weaning means?


Nicotine patches deliver between three and four milligrams of nicotine via the skin to the blood fairly "steadily" throughout the day.


They say not to smoke while on the patch. But a commercial cigarette is juiced up with ammonia-treated nicotine that delivers up to 100mg per "toke." So you were saying?


Commercial cigarette manufacturers have been using ammonia to freebase nicotine for over 50 years. It's nothing new. That's why it's 100 times harder for someone to quit smoking that started after 1965. Did we let that "cat out of the bag?" Sure did!


The patch is a scam. Get realistic and end the chain habit with common sense, behavior modification and nutrition. There is a BIG light at the end of the "tunnel" and it's your shining success!


#3. CDC scare tactics don't offer a lick of nutrition to smokers when they need it most - while they're quitting nicotine


If you were addicted to heroin or cocaine, and someone showed you some scary pictures of homeless addicts sleeping in the gutters or next to dumpsters in New York City, would that be enough to make you quit smoking, without any other guidance or nutritional supplementation?


What if you were recommended medications that gave you thoughts of suicide while you watch videos and look at lots of scary, health-detriment photos of people who smoked for years and years? Does that sound healthy?


The CDC's long "reign of terror" has produced very little results as far as people quitting cigarettes for good. Most "ex-smokers" who get scared off their habit for a while go back within six months, as soon as something stressful happens or someone lights up a cigarette next to them.


Facing the truth is one thing, but having a sensible, natural approach to curing problems is the best method in the world. You are an organic person who needs organic food, filtered water, and Superfoods that can boost your energy, attitude, and most of all, your immunity! Get natural and quit smoking for good.



#4. Being hypnotized to stop smoking is like being told you can climb a steep mountain without the gear - it's not just mental, you need a nutritional guide!


True - some people have the willpower to just stop smoking one day and never light up again. However, most people do NOT have the straight willpower to give up the most addictive commercial drug in the world - nicotine.


Nicotine addiction is broken in 3 to 4 days, but the chemical imbalances suffered by the body that has ingested 7,000 chemicals hourly for years needs severe help and it needs it immediately.


The stress of quitting smoking stems directly from toxic blood and toxic organs that need to be detoxified and refortified with nutrition, steadily.


You can have all the willpower in the world, but quitting smoking is difficult, and most people need the knowledge of HOW to quit, step by step, explained in laymen's terms and proven to work.


This is what Natural News enthusiasts are sharing with everyone they know who smokes and desires freedom ...




#5. The Natural Method is the BEST METHOD to Stop Smoking Commercial Cigarettes Once and For All!


Have you ever pretended like you have a cigarette and just go through the breathing ritual? It's quite relaxing and you can smile knowing you're not a smoker anymore. If you smoked a pack a day, that's about 250 times you breathe this "relaxing" way. Try it.


Want your skin to be healthy, beautiful and your hair to regain its health?


Want to taste your food again?! Yes, your taste buds return when you quit smoking - it's amazing.


Mike Adams, Editor in Chief of Natural and Forensic Food Lab Scientist has examined the smoke in cigarettes for heavy metal toxins and you won't believe what he's found. Commercial cigarettes - the big name brands - are guilty of even worse "cancer sticks" than we all thought.


See the preview/trailer to the natural method for quitting smoking that not only teaches you in 60 minutes how to stop smoking, but you'll be free from the smoking nightmare within 14 days! The Health Ranger recommends 14AndOut.







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If adequate steps are not taken to control Ebola, it will get worse with time!!!

According to NaturalNews, for the last 11 days, there has been silence on the Ebola front here in the U.S. since the last confirmed case of the disease was announced. But the situation is hardly as rosy in Sierra Leone, where an Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) report says Ebola is now spreading at a 900 percent faster rate than it was two months ago.

In early September, the official number was 1.3 new cases of Ebola per day in Sierra Leone, one of the three "ground zero" countries that has been most ravaged by the virus. Now, that number has escalated to 12 new cases per day in the rural areas surrounding Freetown, the country's capital, representing a more than nine-fold increase.

The data was compiled by Sierra Leone's health ministry and relayed to AGI analysts, who used it to come up with three-day averages for how quickly the disease is spreading. This same data showed that, in the city of Freetown, Ebola is spreading at a rate about six times higher than it was two months ago, suggesting that the crisis is far from over.

"The government of Sierra Leone is making real strides in tackling transmission by speeding up access to treatment and safe and dignified burial," stated AGI chief executive Nick Thompson. "But we can't rest until Ebola has nowhere to hide. And we can see from growth in new cases in some rural parts of Sierra Leone that we still have no time to lose if we're going to get on top of this."

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As explained by Global Research, the roughly 2,000 National Guard troops that Obama recently sent to Africa have not been properly trained in dealing with this type of health crisis. But they are there to set up dozens of supposed treatment centers, which some believe is more indicative of the true purpose of the crisis: to advance the U.S. military's presence throughout the region.

"The total collapse of the public health systems throughout Africa follows decades of civil wars, fomented by US and EU military policies, in order to plunder Africa's economies and rich natural resources -- while marketing Western arms and mercenaries," wrote Professor James Petras for Global Research.

"Militarizing the problems of Africa and creating millions of refugees has naturally led to plagues -- Ebola today, [malaria yesterday] and other infectious diseases and miseries tomorrow."

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the threat from Ebola and how the government is trying to recuperate from it, one can easily log onto:


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