Friday, January 17, 2014

The curse of being a critical thinker is that you can't turn it off

The curse of being a critical thinker is that you can't turn it off, I've discovered. So you become a critical thinker about everything you've been told or taught, and as it turns out, most of what we've all been taught about genetics is a lie.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

They won’t say it publicly, but police departments around the country are preparing for domestic revolution


When mortgage rates skyrocket, and the price of gasoline quadruples, when dollars are worth only pennies and healthcare costs more than a $300,000 mortgage monthly, when everyone wakes up and realizes that Washington DC has created the biggest financial avalanche of the century, that’s when local police departments are going to be using their latest purchases, armored vehicles from the War in the Middle East, to “keep peace” on the streets in every medium to Metro-sized city of the USA. Remember the Boston bombing and how the SWAT COPS rolled down the suburban streets and it looked like North Korea having their military flexing of muscles parade. This was getting America ready, to accept this as a norm, that the military cops, the militia, can roll up YOUR street and pull you from your home to look for ‘suspects’ who might be hiding in your shed, your boat, or sitting at your kitchen table watching the fake news on CNN.


Police departments all over America won’t answer the question. They won’t say that that is what the armored vehicles are for, just like DHS won’t admit that’s why they bought hollow point bullets.


Police departments won’t be going to their Sheriff for approval or help either, because most sheriffs care about the people and wouldn’t shoot them in cold blood in the streets for protesting, or run them over with a police tank, or mace them til their blind and beat them with billy clubs, cuff them and take them away to their NDAA/FEMA prison cell where they will get NO phone calls, ever.


Where is the DMZ of the USA? Where are the peacekeepers? Where are the health enthusiasts who have their storable food, water, seeds, soil and weapons? Are they watching the fake news on ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, or are they prepping? I know what the police departments are doing. They’re prepping. Are you prepping for the financial, economic and psychological tsunami? Because you know the news is going to tell you everything is “alright” and there’s “nothing to see here” – just like they’re doing now with Fukushima and Building 7.


The militarization of police departments around the nation continues, as evidenced by the purchase of a massive, military-grade armored vehicle by an agency in Florida. According to the local NBC affiliate, police in Fort Pierce "are now armed with a U.S. military surplus battle wagon: a six wheel, 30-ton armored vehicle worth $700,000 - that the agency got for $2,000."

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Watch the collapse of building 7 caught on film! Loose Change – Flip the Pyramid



Boston lockdown, police state manhunt resembled 'banana republic' military action

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Follow four steps including regular workouts to have a healthy lifestyle to avoid dementia

There is an inclination among people to indulge in different types of unhealthy food, or better to say fast food, in the contemporary age. The different types of fast food are paving the way for toxic products to enter the human body. This is causing various types of disease among the people, such as dementia. But, there are ways that one can get rid of the diseases or take precautions against dementia easily. People need to get rid of their habit for junk food and indulge in organic food. It is as simple as that.


Many find it difficult to pursue rigorous workout schedules. According to Natural News, individuals need to follow four easy steps to solve the riddle regarding their exercise schedules and health. The steps include the following:


Step One: It is of paramount importance for people to keep their minds clear and undertake proper exercise schedules for a healthy life. They must join a gym and indulge in a healthy diet. A lifestyle and health study has been conducted by researchers from Cardiff University, which has been published in the PLOS ONE journal. The study followed 2,235 south Wales men, aged between 45 and 49 years, over a period of 35 years, starting in 1979. The study answered many questions regarding the betterment of the health and lifestyle of the people throughout the world.


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Step Two: One should not acknowledge dementia as a normal way of life for the old of age. Scientific or nutritional research has proved that 30 minutes of exercise for five days a week, undertaken by anyone, is more likely to keep that person healthy. The study also reveals that 60 percent of people who undertake regular exercise are less likely to suffer from cognitive decline or dementia.


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Step Three: One must clean out their pantry, refrigerator and over-the-counter medicine cabinet and involve oneself in gorging on 100% organic or health food, drinks, supplements, organic tea and coffee and herbs.


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Step Four: According to Natural News, people should buy some good quality gym equipment and work out in their houses. They can also join a gym. Working out is very safe, since it does not involve the intake of any chemical. All cosmetic products that people use should be organic ones. Given the amount of toxins in food, individuals must opt for more and more green vegetables and smoothies in their diet.


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Cleansing of mind and body is not as difficult as many people think. Individuals can fight diseases like dementia with utmost ease by following an organized and healthy lifestyle.

Fences and duct tape to hold Fukushima radiation in place! ... Wait, what?

60 billion becquerels of cesium-137 and strontium-90 are being discharged into the Pacific Ocean from the ditch at the north end of the reactors every single day.

A former clean-up worker recently told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper that he was instructed to fix a gap in the top of a 10-meter-tall storage tank that had been shut with nothing more than basic adhesive tape.

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Cigarettes; a behavior addiction cured by 14&Out all natural method to stop smoking

If you smoke cigarettes, or if you live with a smoker now or have in the past, you are most likely familiar with the "smoker's cough," but why does it happen first thing in the morning while just getting out of bed, and how come it's not a productive cough? When you have a chest cold or bronchial congestion from allergies, usually you can cough up some mucus and at least breathe or feel a little better, but for smokers, sometimes the only temporary relief that calms the morning cough is lighting up a cigarette, especially for the menthol addicts.

Did you know that a person's breathing actually relaxes or slows down during most of the sleep stages to about 75 percent (except for during REM sleep), and so for a smoker, that's when the tar moves in and compresses the alveoli, those tiny air sacs in your lungs that contract and expand... so upon waking, you immediately need to breathe at 100 percent again, and a smoker may feel like their chest is being compressed, as if they're choking just trying to get a full breath. The irony is that the body is in a natural state of detoxification in the morning, trying to filter waste, and that is why the first morning urine is so concentrated, because the kidneys, the respiratory and the circulatory systems have slowed down during sleep and upon waking are looking to expel waste. Unfortunately, for smokers who light up first thing, they're doing exactly the opposite.

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The pills, the patch, nicotine gum, hypnotherapy, and electronic cigarettes all have popular names, but most will fail the smoker who doesn't understand the one aspect they all have in common, which reveals exactly what they are all lacking. Research reveals there are multiple reasons why people smoke, but even more reasons why they can't quit, and those reasons extend far beyond the nicotine addiction.

Exploring and trying out options for quitting smoking can be overwhelming and turn out to be very expensive and frustrating. The
greatest myth about smoking is that if you break the nicotine addiction, you can quit. But the nicotine addiction is broken in 3 to 4 days, so why is it that 95% of smokers who quit "cold turkey" return to smoking within 6 months? On top of it all, none of the programs mentioned above properly address the nicotine addiction in the first place, so the "weaning process" is severely flawed from the start, setting up the smoker for failure.

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Are you now, or have you ever been locked into one, two or all three of the following "bad" behavior rituals; cigarettes, fast food or a bad diet? You can transition from a bad 2012 routine to a great 2013 routine, where health, energy, immunity and vitality are your new "norm."


Why do you smoke cigarettes? Is it for the relaxation or for the pep of it? Nicotine addiction only lasts 3 to 4 days, so why do most smokers who quit return within 6 months? They are addicted to the behavior rituals they have grown accustomed to doing, over and over, day after day. You can get the same results from the right herbs and supplements, without damaging your body, but who knew?

Start off with the
breathing ritual: Inhale - hold - exhale ... and do that as many times as you would if you with one cigarette. If you smoke a pack a day, that's about 250 times you "breathe" that way; if you smoke two packs a day that's 500 times! How will you replace that ritual, that behavior you're so used to? Yoga practitioners and martial artists can train you on breathing techniques to reduce stress. You could go outside at work and practice the long inhale - hold - and exhale, just as if smoking. Every time you would take a break and go breathe!

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The Cigarette Hangover and its Cure: 14&Out All Natural Method to Stop Smoking in 14 Days!

Just about anyone who has had "too much to drink" knows about the alcohol hangover, where you have an excruciating headache and your body does NOT want you to do anything that requires energy. The first thing you do when you wake up with a hangover is reach for some water and pain reliever. Millions of smokers worldwide have "found themselves" in a similar, vicious cycle where they pollute their body with 4,000 chemicals, and then wait about 30 to 45 minutes for the hangover to kick in, at which time they go outside and take a "nicotine" aspirin, which means lighting up some commercial-rolled GMO tobacco chock full of ammonia, bleach, pesticide, insecticide, herbicide and carpet glue ("firesafe"), and inhale, hold, then exhale about a dozen times.

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Most of the popular cessation programs address one and only one thing - the nicotine, and they're not even doing that right! People don't realize who is actually SELLING the pills, patch and gum. They're all a scam to keep smokers hooked. Nicotine is the third most addicting drug in the world, only slightly less than cocaine and heroin. Many smokers have will power and can quit cold turkey if the time is right or they face a near death experience, but all the rest who try to quit are rarely ever ready to battle the nicotine/dopamine war, and they go back to the well within 6 months. Smoking one cigarette drags the smoker back into a pack a day habit like a bad undertow can drag a person into the ocean after a storm (

The best cure for the cigarette hangover is to never put one's self in harm's way again. By combining behavior modification, knowledge, and nutrition, smokers have more than a "fighting chance" at quitting the habit. They have every tool they need!

Before tobacco was polluted with somewhere between 1,000 and 4,000 chemicals, anyone could quit the habit, even cold turkey without help, but because today's premium brands have juiced up the nicotine so high, it seems to take a small miracle to cure someone of smoking. (

In fact, the majority of smokers light up just to feel normal, and catch a little bit of stimulation or relaxation; however, even after quitting a smoker's organs and central nervous system remain poisoned from the chemicals for up to 12 months.
This sickened state is what drives smokers back looking for relief, not the "nicotine addiction." (

The history of
commercial tobacco production in the United States dates back to the 17th century when the first commercial crop was planted. But why do the chemicals in cigarettes have so much more to do with the smoking addiction than nicotine? Most cigarette smokers do not understand it's the chemicals in cigarettes that wreak havoc in their central nervous system, fueling the need for the short-lived relief nicotine brings. (

History proves that the premium brands contain more chemicals than others, and that is why they rule the marketshare, and most of their "loyal smokers" will not even smoke the competition's brand because the "kick" or "taste" just isn't the same. What most fail to realize is that this desired kick and taste comes with a
very steep price - that being more pesticides, more ammonia, and a richer toxic cocktail that does damage to the lungs and nervous system in the short term.

When a smoker tries to quit by using the pills, the patch, nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes, or even cold turkey, what drives him or her back to
smoking isn't the craving of nicotine, an addiction which is broken within the first 3 to 4 days.

If all cigarette manufacturers today faced strict and thorough inspections and regulations, and had no choice but to eliminate all of the chemicals, the number of cancer cases would be reduced immensely, and the ability to stop smoking without help would be
reasonable again.

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Cleanest Superfoods on the planet! – The Natural News food lab is revolutionary!

Ever heard of beet powder or barley powder? Ever heard of Suja juice? Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is in the forensic food lab at Natural News discovering and uncovering all the best and worst of the food industry, like nobody has ever done before, and like the FDA should have been doing for decades!


Want the purest superfoods to build your immunity to everything under the sun?


Want the best, cleanest foods that aren’t laden with toxic heavy metals or food additives?


Mike Adams is a health pioneer leading the charge and forging the way to this organic food freedom and shining light on the differences between “organic,” “certified organic” and “organic from China.” You really need to know the differences, because they can be huge!





You could learn about contaminants in foods you thought were clean, and the Health Ranger is testing foods from all different stores, restaurants, food chains, and imports! You can find out what contaminants are in foods you thought were clean. You can stop wasting money on foods and supplements that have no nutritional value or are loaded with heavy metal toxins that tax your system. Some people think they are eating healthy and they are not – that’s why some people just give up after trying to change to a healthy lifestyle. They think it’s useless and not working so they give up. But you have to know what you’re doing when you “go healthy” and change your eating habits for the better. You can’t just guess in the dark, especially with all these companies that use to be small farmer owned or mid-size and then they sell out to big corporations and the products get changed, compromised, or mismanaged and then become worthless or worse – toxic!


Get the scoop on what you’re eating! Get the scoop on what you’re drinking and all the supplements you might want to take, before you buy anything more. Check out the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, from the inside. Mike shows pictures, videos and explains in laymen’s terms how he tests all the products he tests and why you can make informed decisions without having to go through all the punches that he does. Plus it’s free information. He’s not selling for anyone, and he’s not getting endorsements or kickbacks so you don’t have to worry about tainted information. This is clean info about clean food you so can change your ways!!




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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Labeling GMO state by state in America – 5 state Provision set for Northeast USA


There’s a huge black cloud that hangs over the USA, blocking the sunlight and the vitamin D. Have you seen it? Have you looked up at all, or are you just walking around in the dark, gloomy city, waiting for something to change? The black cloud is just sitting there, keeping everyone in the dark, but it’s a figure of speech of course, meaning most people in the country can’t see what’s in their food, they can’t taste it, and they can’t read the dangers on the labels, and that’s because there are no GMO labeling laws. Well, not yet, but they’re on their way. Yes, the big black cloud may move off the Eastern seaboard of America and shine light on some Northeast states like Maine and Connecticut. The people of those states might just absorb some Vitamin D sunshine before it’s too late.


New laws would require the labeling of GMOs in five states and begin setting a precedent for the whole country. Once Monsanto is defeated in the Northeast, a wave of sunshine will roll over the Mississippi River and out to the Colorado River, up to the Great Lake States and across to Washington and Oregon. The labeling of cancer causing food will help states like Arizona and Texas make informed decisions about disease prevention, right there on the food labels. Imagine, the grand ole USA doing what the rest of the world is already doing, labeling toxic food or even banning it. Wow. We really are advanced! 


Some people already know they don’t want to eat food that grows from seeds containing pesticide, but others think GMO means feeding the world and growing more food. That’s because they watch too much TV and think GMO stands for genetically mutual opportunity.


Meanwhile, as the dishonesty continues, nutrient-void food becomes more prevalent, beckoning a sickened population that roams around in the dark.

Maine Governor signs GMO labeling bill

While countries like Europe, Russia, China, Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia all require labeling of genetically modified ingredients, the people of the US are still in the dark and continues to face challenges.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

What’s so HARD about working out? - People just can’t “get going” - so Natural News has a solution


What’s so HARD about working out? - People just can’t “get going” - so Natural News has a solution: Clean out your pantry and join a gym, then go to the organic grocer and “reload” – it’s that simple. Take these 4 easy steps and solve your health and exercise “puzzle”:


Step one: Read about the longest study ever done regarding exercise and keeping your mind clear for life: The study, conducted by researcher from the Cardiff University and published in the journal PLOS ONE, followed 2,235 men from south Wales for 35 years, starting in 1979. The men, aged 45 to 49 at the study's start, answered regular questions about their lifestyle and health throughout the study.


Step two: Do not accept “dementia” as a standard or “normal” for old age. That is a big fallacy, and here is concrete proof from scientific/nutritional research: People who exercise regularly are “60 percent less likely to suffer from dementia or cognitive decline” Learn more:


Step three: Clean out your refrigerator, pantry, OTC medicine cabinet, and your freezer too, and go to the nearest organic grocer/health food store and buy 100% organic food, herbs, drinks, supplements, and even organic coffee/tea.


Step four: Join a gym or start using the membership you have. Otherwise, buy some good exercise equipment for your home, maybe a treadmill or stair “master” and get busy. Why will it be different this time? Because you are not eating chemicals and you are not drinking chemicals and you are NOT putting chemicals on your skin. That’s right, every skin care/personal product you use should be organic and chemical free. Make that change. Natural News is here to help!


Clear your mind and your body will follow! Cleanse your body and your brain and heart reward you. Reward your heart and you have it made:





Sunday, January 12, 2014

Take control of your life: Don't Eat Cancer - A Natural News exclusive author cover story

In the United States, cancer statistically now strikes half of all men, and a third of all women. Those tough odds are compounded by the odds of surviving that cancer. Why is this happening, and what factors can improve our chances?

The rise of diseases now typical of Western society has coincided oddly enough with the industrialization of the modern diet - food allergies, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, GERD, peptic ulcers, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome... and ultimately cancer. How does our food supply contribute to this common thread of illness, debilitation and early death?

The answer is staring us in the face - chemicals!

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Get rid of your “cigarette hangover” for good the natural way