Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arsenic and aluminum contaminate U.S. tap water supply

Arsenic and aluminum contaminate U.S. tap water supply, but only 5% of the population has a clue – and that’s mostly because their mental capacity to research and understand this has been hampered by heavy metal toxin disorder. Remember, zombies do what the other zombies do, and that is drink tap water and eat arsenic-laden food.


From toxic chicken to “certified organic” from China, foods and drinks in America are laced with IQ lowering toxins, carcinogens, synthetic metal waste from factories, and top it off with Monsanto RoundUp and pesticides.


What to do about it?


The Health Ranger Mike Adams is discovering and sharing vital information and research on these very topics that have NEVER BEFORE been investigated as such. After all, the FDA and the CDC are in bed with Big Pharma, so they certainly aren’t looking out for your health. The latest research shows that children cannot learn properly or to their potential when consuming arsenic, even at really low levels, like 5 ppb. But they’re eating chicken and tuna and rice proteins that contain very high levels of all kinds of toxic heavy metals, like lead, cadmium, mercury, tungsten, aluminum and more. How could this be? Do the CAFOs, the confined animal feeding operations, make this situation horrific? You bet they do. Do the pesticides and herbicides that “corporate” big lot farms and their caretaker use, does all that ruin the water that runs off into lakes, rivers, and aquifers? Yes, surely it does. Who sells out to Monsanto and Bayer chemical divisions for profits, but then uses ten times the amount of toxins on their crops? Conventional food is poisoning humans, animals and the soil. GMO is super-toxic and destructive. GMO is not helping anything. It doesn’t help with starving countries and it certainly has no place in medicine. You better watch what you and your children consume, every day and in every way. Stay tuned to the Health Ranger, watch educational videos, share them at work and in your spare time with relatives and friends. This is how we learn and grow and remain sustainable on this planet. Move forward with your day, feed your brain and heart organic food, and do your best to never consume heavy metal toxins. Here is the research from Natural News:


FDA has no limit on arsenic in foods

Even though the EPA has a limit of 10 ppb of arsenic in drinking water, the FDA has no limit on arsenic in foods, superfoods or supplements. To many Americans, this is bewildering: Why would the FDA have no limit on toxic heavy metals in the U.S. food supply?

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Did you know that everyday foods can contain mercury, the toxin many people accept as an “injection” that causes disease rather than curing it? That is correct - so you better check out the foods you eat. Mike Adams the Health Ranger has insight on this phenomenon so common in America:
“As a consumer, it’s about getting in to healthy habits and staying aware.”
Sure there are heavy metals found across the globe in natural foods, like copper, iron and zinc, but what high levels of industry pollutants are you consuming? Natural News is researching and documenting the following: “We are finding and documenting heavy metals in all sorts of dietary products, including organic foods, protein supplements, herbal supplements, beverages, vitamin pills and more.” The Health Ranger is a forensic food scientist and is tearing into this atrocity of the Big Food Industry and even “Certified Organic” foods imported from China: Click and read the research here:



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Don't Eat Cancer! - A documentary film based on the book

Did you know that hospitals serve artificial sweeteners like aspartame, and they serve genetically modified food, like corn oil, canola oil and soybean oil in their cafeterias and in the recovery rooms, all across our great nation? Can you imagine eating pesticides and insecticides while trying to recover from surgery or a sickness in the hospital? Do doctors know?


You simply cannot walk blindly into this modern day conventional food barrage of toxins and expect ideal health. In fact, preventable diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s are not discussed in the right light when you visit the hospital, no matter what your ailment. Why?


From infant to senior, we could all experience longevity without disease and disorder; without this food agent chaos – we could share the health and the wealth - being happy all the while. After all, health is the greatest wealth – just ask a sick rich person.


How can you filter all 70,000 food toxins that the FDA allows in foods, out of your normal daily intake? How can you also filter toxins from your drinks, personal care products and basic water? Where is the Health Basics Guide – the cancer-free guide to life and prosperity?


What if I told you today that the medical industry discovered an inoculation for cancer – would you get it? What if the cancer “vaccine” itself was the right knowledge and simple purchase modifications you could make starting right now?


The great hidden truth of the for-profit cancer industry is that preventing cancer is remarkably easy. Most people wouldn't have cancer if they didn't give it to themselves; day after day, bite after bite, toxin after toxin.


What you don’t know can and WILL hurt you, in fact, it can give you cancer and kill you. At least 70% of the general public are walking around full of GMOs - genetically modified organisms, and processed foods, trying to digest bug killer and weed killer, wondering why they just “don’t feel right” most of the time.


There is no question that cancer has touched many of our lives. Much of that cancer is caused by unknowingly consuming poisons in the food that we eat. “Don’t Eat Cancer” teaches how to guard your body and mind, and how to filter common chemicals out of your daily food intake.


Most stress and illness starts with a lack of nutrition. Bleached foods, fluoridated water and fake sugars can cripple your immune system and lead you right towards an otherwise preventable disease. Knowledge is power. It’s time to feed your self some power.


Don't Eat Cancer teaches you how not to be a victim in the kitchen, the grocery store, restaurants and more. It’s time to change the way that we look at cancer, as well as how to cure it.


We invite you to this movement to become part of this enlightening, documentary style film that is based on the book, “Don’t Eat Cancer,” by Sean David Cohen. Don’t Eat Cancer is scientific research on food toxins put in a health basics 101 guide we can all understand and appreciate. It’s time to get healthy and stay healthy. Take control of your life. Don’t Eat Cancer.









Monday, April 21, 2014

Are you being "socially engineered?" Find out the horrifying truths about the Federal Income Tax - exposed!

According to Natural News, Mike Adams, in the latest episode of Awakenings, explained why the government doesn't need your money and why the tax code is actually a system of social engineering rather than revenue generation. In the episode, he also covers:

• Why the idea that your tax dollars are needed to fund the government is a myth.

• How the federal government can -- and does -- create trillions of dollars out of nothing when it wants to (for bailing out wealthy banks).

• Why the real purpose of the IRS tax code is to exist as a tool of social control where behaviors can be punished or rewarded by lawmakers and special interests.

• How money is created as a debt burden against the People.

• Total federal tax revenues are only around $3 trillion annually.

• Why the federal income tax could be abolished overnight -- and the government would never run out of money.

• How abolishing all federal income taxes could revolutionize the U.S. economy and create millions of jobs, supporting small businesses, local jobs, investment, savings and more.

• How the government is already creating over $1 trillion a year in new money that's handed over to wealthy banks and injected into the economy.

For more information, log onto:

Henry Ford once said, “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Are you confused by all the talk about monetary policy, fiat money and inflation? You’re not alone. Bankers and politicians have worked hand in hand for many decades to obscure their activities from the public. They hide behind elaborate structures designed to inflate the money supply while creating the false impression that they are looking out for our best interests.

Inflation is a very simple concept to understand: More money = less value. It may seem contradictory, but it’s very straightforward.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the federal income tax issue and more, one can easily log onto:


You should make the switch 100%, from corporate living to holistic living. Find out abut the best foods, the best health, and how the Health Ranger helps us take care of the organic world!


Why should you be a skeptic about eating out at certain diners, restaurants and “corporate” franchises? What happens when you eat too much GMO food, and just how much of your food is GMO in one meal dining out? What about take out food? Natural News is warning diners about metal content in their food. On behalf of consumer health, the whistle is being blown about mercury and pesticides in FOOD! Wake up and smell the poisons. 



Holistic living and nurturing cognitive ability can be the answer to your prayers. If you haven’t tuned into the research done by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, followed by millions for news on healthy food, consumer protection and environmental sustainable practices, you should start that daily “regimen” now.   








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