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Toxic Inoculation Nation USA: Injecting nicotine or uranium into your muscle tissue would kill you, but the CDC likes you injecting mercury and aluminum regularly

You can't inject nicotine or uranium into your blood with a vaccine or you would die, so why do millions of people inject mercury, which is still in most vaccines and flu shots? Mercury compounds are STILL used in vaccines as preservatives. The medical establishment ignores its toxicity, including the agencies that oversee safety. Mercury (usually listed in form of Thimerosal on flu shots and vaccines) is the SECOND MOST POISONOUS element known to mankind. Only uranium and its derivatives are more poisonous to people.

"Brain neurons rapidly and permanently disintegrate in the presence of mercury within 30 minutes of exposure. Mercury is also known to change a body's chromosomes. The U.S. Government has known about the potential problems of thimerosal (the mercury-containing preservative) for many years. The World Health Organization expressed concerns about it in 1990."

Toxic Inoculation Nation USA - How Chronic Damage to Health Starts at Birth!

Mercury is a cumulative poison remaining in the body usually for life. It's very difficult to remove it. Combination vaccines given to infants and children, like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox (MMR 2), contains enough mercury to match what the World Health Organization says is dangerous for an adult to be exposed to over 3 months! And that's talking exposure, not direct INJECTION into the muscle tissue and blood.

Symptoms of high exposure to mercury compounds includes deafness, liver disorder, and injury to the cardiovascular system. According to the National Institute of Health, acute mercury poisoning can cause renal failure, tremors, loss of side vision, muscle atrophy and mental retardation in children. Add in some MSG and formaldehyde and you almost guarantee health detriment for the rest of the child's life if any or ALL of these side effects take place. MDs are trained to tell patients these kind of problems that arise from vaccine damage are genetic. They are trained to talk about inheriting disease and disorder, and handing down bad genes, so parents will accept any health detriment as their own fault just for having children. MDs always ask for a complete family history of chronic ailments, infectious diseases, disorders, operations, medications and so forth. This is to establish talking points to shut parents up when they suspect vaccine damage and begin to bring it up. This is controlled conversation and insidious medicine practice, proving bad ethics, bad morals, bad judgment, and unfortunately lots of money in those doctor's pockets, not to mention the Big pharma reps selling them the drugs your child is or will be taking that won't even help.

"Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) is an ingredient of the polio vaccine. It is classified as a "very toxic material". It would take less than a tablespoonful to kill a 20-pound dog with this substance. Pet owners are generally cautious with this dangerous substance, knowing that only a small amount is fatal. For humans, it is directly injected into the blood through vaccinations. Antifreeze exposure can lead to kidney, liver, blood and central nervous system disorders. It is quite harmful and likely fatal if swallowed. Effects include behavioral disorders, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, visual disturbances, thirst, convulsions, cyanosis, rapid heart rate, depression, cardiopulmonary effects and kidney disorders. It can also lead to liver and blood disorders. It produces reproductive and developmental effects in experimental animals."

Toxic Inoculation Nation USA to add to Food Toxin Detriment

What are you "injecting" into your body when you consume GMO foods? There's a reason MDs rarely talk about food, or care what you've been eating, drinking or putting on your skin. The reason is that they know NOTHING about helping you in this arena. talk is only about which pharmaceutical prescriptions will change how you feel, temporarily, because a doctors office visit is almost always about pain and suffering needing to be addressed. For 100 years, the American Medical Association and been working with the FDA to burn health "at both ends" by supplying dead food to the people and then addressing nutrient deficiency with chemical medicines to kill the pain. In the past 30 years, this pattern of business has taken a steep turn for the worse, if you can believe it! GMO, genetically modified and mutated food, has entered the food supply and virtually taken over all conventional food, with toxic corn and toxic soy that breed and brew all the preventable diseases we know today. People highly underestimate the damage pesticides are doing that are in fruits too, like now they've modified apples and potatoes so they don't turn brown as soon, and this will modify human cells by poisoning them with synthetic chemicals and biotech designed pesticide and anti-fungal genes that disrupt the human nervous system, cell proliferation and development, and ultimately lead to cancer, Alzheimer's and dementia in general. Surgery can NEVER fix food and medicine poisoning, by the way!

Meanwhile, IQs are lowered by fluoridated water and restaurants and hospitals alike serve up 90% GMO food like it's all okay and has been tested for safety, when even the FDA admits this is a lie.

There's a new book that hit the shelves yesterday. It's called "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth" and it is going to AMAZE health enthusiasts and "fence-riders" around the world who suspect GM food is bad and who will know NOW that they were right all along.

Here are quotes from the Great Jane Goodall, who endorsed the book with a wonderfully inspiring and prolific foreword:

"Druker makes the case that it was this fraud that truly enabled the GE food venture to take off. And he asserts that the fraud continues to deceive the public and Congress, despite the fact that the lawsuit he initiated thoroughly exposed it. His description of the proceedings surrounding this lwsuit was, to me, one of the most astounding and chilling parts of the book."
"And what of the role of the media? How have the American public been so largely kept in the dark about the realities of GE  foods -- to the extent that until quite recently, a vast majority of the populace did not even know they were regularly consuming them? Druker describes, in Chapter 8, how the mainstream media have been highly selective in what they report -- and have consistenly failed to convey information that would cause concern about these engineered products. Moreover, Druker demonstrates that the policies imposed by the media magnates have been, in his words, 'not merely selective, but suppressive.' [single quotes were double quotes in original] And he relates several dramatic incidents in which jouranlists who tried to bring unsettling facts to light had their stories altered or totally quashed by higher level executives. So it is not surprising that the American public, and a good many key decision-makers, believe that there are no legitimate concerns regarding GE foods."

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Got a monkey on your back? Escape the cigarette fix without medications ... here's how


Do you feel trapped? Do you feel captured by nicotine, wicked nicotine? Maybe you're one of the 45 million smokers who live in the USA. Do you smoke a pack a day? Step right up! Do you smoke two packs a day? Step right up! This is the platform, the yellow brick road to the castle of freedom, that rescues thousands of smokers from the plight of 4,000 chemicals in commercial cigarettes. Laced with ammonia, bleach and pesticides, every smoker knows the feeling of being a nervous wreck from cigarette chemicals and needing another cigarette laced with nicotine to temporarily quell that cigarette "hangover" you have from the last smoke. Oh, but HOW will you quit? You have the willpower, but probably not the WAY. You don't want to take those scary medications either. The worse part of taking medications to quit smoking are the side effects. Have you heard? Have you read?

People post all over the internet about how their medications give them horrific, weird, intolerable nightmares that end up making them insomniacs, who don't even enjoy sleeping anymore, and can't go to sleep when they want to most.

They are exhausted mentally, physically and usually spiritually. The 4,000 chemicals break them down, over time, and the nicotine relief period gets shorter and shorter, demanding stronger nicotine, stronger tobacco, longer drags on the cigarette and smoking them more often, to top it off.
Do you wake up coughing? Can you even laugh hard without coughing?
The vicious cycle has smokers trapped, and the pleasure of it all has worn away, chipped away, and deteriorated, into a desperate attempt to just feel normal again. Well, there's a much smarter and easier way than smoking for these years to come. It's all starts with an ex-smoker's sharing of strategies and education about how the chemicals affect your body, a few great behavior modification tips, and the whopping success manual that spells out nutrition. A one-hour video teaches all of these phases of quitting, and even incorporates organic tobacco for the final 14 days of the smoker's "career." 



The final 14 days of YOUR smoking "career" - end cigarettes naturally here!

Try 14AndOut  - -Recommended by doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors and the Health Ranger, Mike Adams: Free preview/trailer to 60 minute course that's sweeping the nation.

      Freedom for you means the sky is the limit!


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U.S. Chemtrails? Forget about it. How about 570 tons of lead dropped on your head in one year!


That's what the EPA says. Over 570 tons of lead fall from the airplanes over US skies each year - don't look up! Especially not with your mouth open. From GMO seeds to GMO spray of pesticide, right on up to the GMO skies, if you live anywhere near an airport or a military base, then wow is what you say, when you look up in the sky and see the chemtrails, and we're talking about the trails that DON'T DISSIPATE for up to an hour or two. Are they making earth hotter or colder, or is it just your neighborhood? Is it your district that's affected, like district 12, maybe? Is this the hunger games? What about spraying sulfur or aluminum aerosols for colder temperatures? I've heard and read that that works. What about controlling regions and ecosystems? What about destroying natural cycles? Can you say Alzheimer's disease is falling from the sky? How much aluminum can your brain take?

How broad does it stretch, this dropping of lead and silver iodide? These biochems making cloud tracks in the sky? It's not just the mosquito truck that's spreading cancer in your neighborhood and over the farms that grow your food. Should you grow ALL your own food indoors? It's a thought. Monsanto wants your seeds. Don't worry, they'll sell you back some new ones at Home Depot and Lowe's, ones that die each year so you got to get new ones. Chemtrails and pesticide seeds - it's force-fed-cancer. What's your "deductible" on that? Still want some Obamacare? He's the one putting all of Monsanto's top executives in positions of power in the FDA, the EPA and USDA. Who's really in charge of the chemtrails?


Is this how GMO will take over, spraying this junk over organic farms to ruin the only food left on the planet that has nutrients and value to the human body? Did you know that companies right now offer to CHANGE THE WEATHER FOR WEDDING DAYS? It's true. They guarantee sunshine or your money back!


A cloud seeding service is currently being offered for destination weddings in France. The company plans to expand its weather manipulation efforts into the UK. The cloud bursting procedure uses silver iodide to seed clouds a day before the wedding or important event.

Learn more:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Protect your body and family from the allopathic assault of cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and GMO


Who do you know that smokes, takes medications and could care less about buying organic food? Who do you know that wears too much makeup, drinks too many mixed drinks at the bar, or who always orders enough food for three? Maybe it's you that's being labeled by one of these "allopathic assault" genres, or maybe a handful, either way, what you end up with is a need for chronic medical attention and you might not like what you find. Many large corporations make their biggest bucks from selling products that cost them nearly nothing to manufacture. This goes for drugs. Though you think they're putting in the scientific "manpower" and "man hours" what they're really doing is far from that. Statistics are simply made up out of thin air to suit the needs for contracts. Science is "for sale" folks. Keep reading.


One definition of assault is; "a concerted attempt to do something demanding." Have you been vaccinated with everything the CDC says you should be? With or without your consult? Have you been informed of exactly what's in your food? Are you given permission by the powers that be to look? Did someone exploit YOUR scruples? In other words, might you have filtered certain toxins out of your life had you known they were "there?" You made a choice ... to smoke that first cigarette and the most recent one. You made a choice to drink six beers instead of one, or to eat a cheeseburger instead of steamed organic broccoli. And so the story unfolds. The fast-fix world really wants to eat conventional sweet and salty food until health problems develop, then ask an MD what to do and what medicine to take. But allopathic means never justify the results. Covering up symptoms and relieving you of them just puts off the inevitable. You don't unscrew the bulb of the warning light on your vehicle when something goes wrong and figure the problem will work itself out - you call a mechanic. So why take prescription drugs for pain, depression, cholesterol and blood pressure, if the cause of your pain, depression and malnutrition stems from bad food choices? You make the choices and the consequences are defined by your actions. Energy and immunity come from organic food. Period.


Fear-mongering fake news on TV: Do not be influenced by the hypochondriacs that feed off the fear-mongering fake news and fake CDC statistics. These are myths to keep you in a mode of fear-thinking; about infectious disease your body can defeat with nutrition. Turn off the television and learn the natural ways to detoxify your body and never return to synthetic excuses for toxic indulgence. Help yourself, then you can help your friends and family.


Cigarettes: Is the answer to quitting smoking found in synthetic medications that give you side effects that include intolerable nightmares, depression and feelings of suicide? Is the answer to quitting smoking found in a patch that just keeps feeding your blood one of the most addictive substances in the world - nicotine? Is the answer found in an electronic cigarette which contains more nicotine? The answer is no to all of those questions. Quitting smoking means getting healthy, and that means educating yourself immediately about nutrition, because certainly any smoker is missing vital vitamins and minerals they must have to recover from how ever many years they've suffered CIGARETTES!


Pharmaceuticals and vaccines: Know that the CDC says on vaccine inserts that there's no proof they work. Know that medications that mask symptoms also mask the problems, which always boil back to the human gut. Do you have 85% good bacteria? Prescription drugs are usually a prescription for bad bacteria breeding. Check and see for yourself!




Toxic cosmetics and personal products: What's new in the world of natural health? Find out right here:


Genetically Modified Food and Organisms (GMO): Be smart and frugal. Realize that allopathic paranoia wastes money and takes chances by endangering health with chemical, synthetic medicine. Most conventional food (seeds) and medicine has been modified in a clinical lab to contain either human albumin or pesticides. Are you eating bug killer or ingredients from Agent Orange - the chemicals they used in Vietnam to burn down the jungle brush? How many thousands of quack doctors in the USA push chemotherapy as a cure or "treatment" for cancer? They know the real statistics, but they push it anyway.






Conclusion? Do NOT Join the Allopathic Pathetic Sick Care Industry. Break free of the chains that bind you now and quit eating, drinking and smoking chemicals. This is your life, your body, your mind and your free choice.

 Natural News is on the Radar for Ideal Health. Join the revolution and find out about the POWER of organic food and non-fluoridated water!



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