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Top Nutritionist Recommendation for Quitting Smoking STARTING TODAY!

Millions of people don't quit smoking because they've already wasted major money on "quit methods" that don't work, or don't work for them. The pills give you intolerable nightmares, feelings of suicide and other "side effects" that should be banned entirely from the system of healing. It's absolutely ridiculous that Big Medicine can advertise such fraud and get away with it. Medications try to control your dopamine and serotonin supply to the brain, but it's not a balanced, safe science and using chemicals to try to do this is dangerous, to say the least. That's what the nicotine does anyway - - it controls your emotions by controlling your "feel good" body chemistry. Nicotine pulls you from the funk - the ill feeling that something's just wrong, bad, ominous, lurking - you know, that paranoid feeling you're not going to feel good anytime soon, unless you have a cigarette. People in jail will do just about anything for a smoke or drugs. Misery loves company.

Some smokers can't go 60 minutes without a cigarette. That's why you won't find them going to the movie theatre. They'll just say movies are a waste of time and money if you ask them to join you. Movies are expensive after all - shucks - you could get a few packs of cigarettes just for the cost of your ticket. Might be less health damaging than a large buttered popcorn and a super-sized GMO cola, who's really to say there.

So the "beat goes on" and the smokers they smoke, thinking there's no way out - no escape from the nicotine "rescue" nightmare ... but there is a way ...

14AndOut - the Natural Method, has strategies for quitting like no other method on Earth, and it's all organic, simple and tested - with testimonials raving about great results. Here is a taste of the reasons people quit smoking and the program they used that's recommended by David Wolfe and Mike Adams:

1. Breathing Better

The day you quit smoking you start breathing better. In fact, there's a sixty-minute course that teaches new non-smokers a breathing ritual that they've all been engaging since they became smokers. Think of this: when you take a drag off a cigarette, you usually breathe in for about a full second, sucking back on that cancer stick to get that nicotine hit that lurks in the smoke, then you hold it in for maybe half a second and release. That's a zen-breathing ritual, of course, without the smoke. So as a new non-smoker, why wouldn't you go outside every half-hour or hour, as you would have smoked, and just breathe in the same way, this time some FRESH AIR, and hold for half a second, and release, about a dozen times. Do it as many times as you would have taken a drag off that cancer stick, and do it just as often, at least for the first fourteen days after quitting. This is a strategy invented by an expert ex-smoker who teaches the natural method for quitting cigarettes for life.

2. No Coughing Upon Waking

Many a smoker coughs rather violently upon waking each morning. Why? The lungs, in fact, the whole body, has run through a detoxification process while you sleep. That's why your first urination contains many toxins your body has simply filtered and is ready to release. Well, your lungs have relaxed, and the tar and fiberglass has "settled in" as you sleep, all you smokers out there, and when you wake up and try to take a normal breath (which is deeper inhaling than you do during sleep), the tiny air sacks in your lungs called alveoli - have trouble expanding all the way, and here comes the hack! Sadly, it won't work. Nothing, in fact, will even come up, unless you're already suffering from allergies, a common cold or the flu. The toxins are trapped in your lungs. If you smoke a pack a day for one year, you have acquired a CUP OF TAR in your lungs. Imagine pouring a cup of tar on your kitchen counter. That's what caught in your lungs - hence, the morning smoker's cough. You can detoxify over time with Superfoods and regular, light exercise.

3. Food Tastes Great Again

Ask any ex-smoker in the world about how their taste buds "returned" after they quit smoking. All food tastes better. What a world of difference. When we lose one or more of our senses slowly over time, it's not so noticeable, until somehow it is pointed out to us. Hearing, vision, taste and smell - they're all the same in that way. We can take it for granted while we do damage, but if the damage is done for TOO LONG it can be irreversible, so it's always a good time to quit smoking. There is a viable, sensible, proven natural method to stop smoking in 14 days or less so you can reclaim YOUR taste buds. Get ready for your food to taste GREAT again. And there's more.

4. Endurance Returns and the Motivation to Workout

You don't feel like working out when you're a smoker. What's the use, right? You just get tired too quick, start coughing and need a cigarette. It's not even funny. You usually don't try to eat healthy either, because again, what's the use. You know you're smoking pesticide, ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde and all those other chemicals any random person can name that are in commercial cigarettes, and it all leads to central nervous system malfunction, so just "leave me alone" I'm "not into sports" - - or something like that, right? Maybe a "smoker friend" will sympathize, OR, maybe YOU could become an ex-smoker starting today and then another ex-smoker can sympathize and reminisce with you. You could laugh at the old problem, walk out your door, and go for a walk or jog, and soon without even coughing once. Yes, you can. You start with a light 5 minute workout. Then after 3 days of that you make it 10 minutes. Then after a week of that you make that LIGHT workout 15 minutes. So what if you cough a little, your nearing the end of THAT! After those 10 days or so, you begin to ENJOY the workout. You look forward to it. In fact, it becomes the BEST part of your day. Keep reading.

5. Clothes No Longer Stink of Cigarette Smoke

It's funny how smokers think that when they put their cigarette out, outdoors, and instantly walk into a room or building that they are somehow "separated" from their habit and not infringing on other people. Most do not realize (unless someone specifically tells them, like now) their smoke smell trails them like a shadow in the mid-summer sun. Their clothes still smell rather pungent for about a minute or two, even from a few feet away. Non-smokers get a whiff if they stand and talk to the smoker for a few seconds. If you hug a smoker right after they put out their cigarette and enter the room, you will smell like a smoker for a little while. Ever walked into the "smoker's room" at a bar or restaurant? When you exit, you smell like a gnarly cigarette. Oh, but when you quit smoking, what you do is you wash every piece of clothing you own twice, and you spray out your dresser drawers and your closet. You have your carpet and walls cleaned in your home, or you do it yourself, gladly, energetically, with music playing and a great attitude because you are celebrating an accomplishment.

#6. Say Goodbye to Cancer Sticks Forever!


Watch this:

Thank You for your recommendations - David Wolfe and Mike Adams - the Nutrition Pros!  

There is nary a cessation (stop smoking) program in the world that focuses on nutrition as the key to quitting cigarettes for good. During the first two weeks (14 days) of quitting, your body is in DIRE need of the proper nutrients so that you feel GOOD and don't have unbearable "crave moments." In fact, the proper vitamins, minerals, Superfoods and spring water can keep you from having ANY crave moments at all. When you don't need nicotine to rescue you from the cigarette hangover, then you don't want to smoke. It's that simple, but nobody has the right guide for all of this. Or do they? Guess what - they do. Thousands of ex-smokers are telling the story of how they came off cigarettes in 14 days or less by infusing simple behavior modification strategies and the right nutrients. This is a whole food, organic raw food regimen that becomes a regular part of your life, instead of cigarettes ruling your emotions and causing health detriment. Reclaim your full breath in, and your sense of taste! Reclaim your will to exercise. Find your ideal balance and get rid of the smoker's clothes smell. Imagine how great your life would be without cigarettes.

David Wolfe, world famous nutritionist and best-selling author says this about 14AndOut Stop Smoking Method:

"Practical, simple, and straightfoward strategies to quitting smoking that integrate the latest and greatest discoveries in the field. From the appropriate supplements to surviving cravings to understand the real toxicity of conventional cigarettes - - everything is covered. Go for it!"

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor-in-Chief of has this to say about 14AndOut Stop Smoking Course:

"14 & Out offers smokers a new approach to quitting the smoking habit for good - - an approach that frees you from all corporation chemicals and their physiological addictions. It does this by addressing smoking addiction with a multi-layered approach, reforming smoking behaviors, detoxifying the body from chemicals that promote addiction, and supporting the body's healthy functioning with a sound nutritional approach that works with the brain's natural chemistry to break addictions at a molecular level."

Life without cigarettes in 60 minutes!
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Top 9 Shills and Hucksters of the Biotech Industry - by S.D. Wells

It's time for you to meet some of the best-paid puppets of the chemical-agriculture industrial complex of the USA. The biotech industry in general has a deep-seeded interest in controlling the world's seeds, modifying them by inserting the genes of toxic pesticides and declaring it is the way to save a starving, depleted, diseased world.

These are the "headmasters" of propaganda, the worst type of characters on Earth, selling poisonous food and its "technology" to the public and regulatory officials under the cloaks of "journalism," "science," "education" or all of the above. A "sellout" will speak only positively about GMO agriculture, always selling the public on the safety and security of the whole industry of agrichemical science.

First, let's review the following relevant terms:

Shill: An accomplice of a hawker, gambler or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

Hack: A writer who is paid to write low-quality or rushed articles or books "to order" and often with a short deadline.

Huckster: Someone who promotes or sells a product or service of questionable value.

Charlatan: A fraud who falsely claims to have special knowledge or skills.

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Hitler's new right arm–Monsanto

Walk slowly through a field of crops being sprayed with Monsanto's toxic herbicide called Roundup and try to breathe deeply as you inhale some of the same ingredients used in Zyklon B, the death chamber gasses Hitler used to kill about 3,000,000 people just 70 years ago. Do exactly what the MD and the oncologist tell you to do and you find yourself nauseated for hours on end, with an immune system that's totally incapacitated by the very medicine (chemotherapy) designed by Nazi scientists AFTER they were released from prison for mass murder and then hired by U.S. pharmaceutical companies and corporations. Stroll slowly through an American superstore or grocery store and nine out of every ten products contain pesticides, heavy metal toxins, synthetic cell-mutating additives and preservatives, artery-clogging animal fat, insecticide-laced corn sugar and other KNOWN carcinogens the FDA allows in food. Step into any U.S. clinic, grocery store, elementary school, or pharmacy and get a FREE influenza shot yearly that contains deadly mercury (listed as thimerosal), formaldehyde (embalming fluid for dead people), MSG (highly concentrated synthetic preservative monosodium glutamate that can cause brain damage in infants), and aluminum (which affects memory and brain function–leads to Alzheimer's over time).


Population control and eugenics are nothing new, but they're fairly new to America. Bill Gates is all for it. Obama and his cohorts are all for it. Big Pharma designed it. Hitler designed it - kill off anyone the government thinks is inferior and make the rich richer and the powerful more powerful. Control the masses through reduction, genocide, nutrient-dead food and mineral-dead fluoride water, toxic experimental vaccines and chemical pharmaceuticals. Hitler's "right arm" was I.G. Farben, the chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate, much like Monsanto or Bayer today. Guess who makes your rat poison blood thinner? Population control doesn't have to be carried out in concentration camps either, that just makes it easier. Hitler used "ghettos" in several countries to "suffocate" the masses. He took their guns too–that is a cold, hard fact.


The Second Holocaust is not being broadcast on TV or in the Newspapers, and neither was the First One


Watch TV news just a few hours after any mass shooting crisis and what do you see and hear? Politicians, including the President of course, and the relatives of the alleged deceased and injured, talking about gun control. And which guns do they want to take away from the entire population? Automatic guns, the "long guns" of course! Why? Because they shoot so many people SO FAST right? Right. If the economic doomsday comes to America soon, the evil politicians who are spreading their tyranny now do not want thousands of people storming the capital with the kind of weapons that can defeat their own "SS" military police.
J.D. Heyes of Natural News writes: "Nazi gun laws of 1938 specifically banned Jewish persons from obtaining a license to manufacture firearms or ammunition. Third, approximately eight months after enacting the 1938 Nazi gun laws, Hitler imposed regulations prohibiting Jewish persons from possessing any dangerous weapons, including firearms. The point was, Hitler had it in for the Jews, so he first disarmed them before carrying out his murderous campaign against them. And, unable to resist, millions died." Also, National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre wrote in his book, “Gun, Crimes and Freedom," “In Germany, firearm registration helped lead to the holocaust.”


How many people are dying right now from GMO, genetically modified organisms that are pesticides lurking in staple food? How many people in America have NO IDEA that sodium fluoride in their water lowers their IQ and leads to brittle bones and the calcification of the pineal gland? How many Americans DIE each year from taking their pharmaceutical medications as recommended and AS PRESCRIBED by their "medical doctors?" The Health Ranger said it best here: "Thirty-two thousand Americans are killed each year in automobile accidents, and the President sheds no tears for them. The deaths aren't on the news, and there is no call to "ban cars" to prevent the deaths. Over 100,000 Americans are killed each year by government-approved pharmaceuticals, yet we never see all those dead bodies on the evening news."

American CAFOs – Confined Animal Feeding Operations – Just like the Nazi Concentration Camps


What meat do you eat? They recently found human DNA in hot dogs, veggie dogs and other cheap, processed "veggie" patties, in case you're not keeping up with news. Maybe the meat industry is buying aborted babies from Planned Parenthood that they couldn't use for biotech experimentation? Who's to say? The condition of animals in CAFOs is much like the holocaust at Auschwitz, with animals dying from eating GM corn and GM soy and getting shot up with drugs, tortured and abused in front of their own relatives. These animals are suffering. Humans are suffering too. They're being slowly "gassed" with GM food and GM medicine. Wake up. It's not being broadcast on TV or published in the government scripted newspapers. Get smart and go everything organic. It's time! Stand up for the Constitution–all the amendments. Protect yourself and remember: You OWN your rights, not the government.












Get rid of your “cigarette hangover” for good the natural way