Wednesday, November 26, 2014

3D printing will change the way we operate!

According to Natural News, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) announced yesterday that the release of an important new invention in 2015 would be accompanied by posting downloadable 3D printer files for parts used in the invention. His announcement made many readers wonder how they were going to print these 3D objects if they don't have a 3D printer.

The answer to that question is that 3D printers are on course to become as commonplace as desktop computers today. Nearly every modern household will likely have one within a few years, and the idea of "printing out" small objects that you need around the house or office will become commonplace.

For example, instead of running to the hardware store to buy a wildly overpriced T-connector for a drip irrigation line in your back yard, you will simply fire up your 3D printer, select the T-connector object from a menu and click PRINT. A few minutes later -- and for about a nickel's worth of PLA material -- you'll have your part.

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The Dremel Company has just released a consumer-friendly 3D printer that brings this technology closer to becoming a common household appliance. It's called the Dremel 3D Idea Builder. The object build dimensions are limited to 9" x 6" x 5.5", but that's plenty for many objects you will need around the home or office.

Right now, this Dremel printer costs just under $1000, but just as we saw with inkjet printers in the 1990s, mass market demand will sharply drive these costs down. Within another 2-3 years, you will likely see high quality consumer-friendly 3D printers available for under $500, and the library of available downloadable objects will rapidly expand.

3D printing is a similar leap that brings a whole new wave of decentralized, non-authoritarian, grassroots manufacturing technology to the masses. With 3D printing, millions of people can quietly and privately print the objects of their choosing, without censorship or repression.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ebola, Superbugs and more Superbugs - how will the Human Race survive?

There are bugs (bacterial and viral infectious organisms) at hospitals all over America and you can catch them by just getting routine tests or medical work done. This is very scary. There are bugs in conventional meat and dairy - big time! You can get very sick from drinking milk from CAFOs - confined animal feeding operations. You can get very sick from eating fast food meat, that's not taken care of properly during production (growth hormones and antibiotics), during feeding (GMO corn and alfalfa), during processing (ammonia and bleach) and during packaging and preserving (chemical additives and preservatives).

Did you know your body is a machine, and given the right whole foods daily and herbal supplements you will have the best immune system possible in case of a needed "battle" against Ebola, E-Coli, Salmonella, Superbugs, etc?!


It's true. You can build and maintain your best immunity by NOT consuming chemicals in foods, drinks and skin care products. Whatever you put on your skin your body "consumes" so pay close attention there. Antibiotics and antibacterial soaps and handwashes  can weaken your good bacteria, eliminating some or all of it at a given time, and that could be the time your body encounters infection and needs to fight free radicals, infectious disease or just plain bacteria and fungus. Most cancer is a fungus.


Look into superfoods and natural medicine. Look into whole food, raw food and alkalizing your body. these are the smart ways to be natural and organic and healthy, enjoying longevity without the issues of preventable diseases and disorders so commonly seen in United States. You are worth it. Here's more from Natural Health News online:

Per Natural News reports and research:


" ... Finally, we have the REAL war on bugs, and this is in regard to the kind that consume crops and the infectious bacteria and viruses that are created by engineers for US biotech "terror" in the form of mutated food and medicine, including inoculations.

Antibiotic "Overdose": Antibiotics are virtually useless in today's age, and they are often prescribed for viral infections, where they are beyond useless and actually damage the immune system, making the people MORE sick and vulnerable to infections and death. Plus, insects and blight are becoming more resistant to GMO pesticides and herbicides and are devastating
America's corn, oranges and more."

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Which causes cancer sooner: Cigarettes or Diet Soda?

Most people who smoke a pack a day of cigarettes know they are treading on thin ice regarding their health, but how many people realize that drinking 30 or more ounces of diet soda each day could prove to be more lethal than a pack of cigarettes? And how can diet soda be worse than regular soda? Even though there are over 4,000 chemicals in one commercial cigarette, the leading chemical in diet soda may actually be breeding more cancer cells in human beings, and thus leading to malignant tumors sooner in life, according to recent research. (

Could cancer be the end result of depression? Killing brain neurons and expediting cell death may be killing people faster than lung cancer, and chronic depression is fuel for overwhelming cell mutation and the taking over of organs by mutagenic warped cells, also known as blood cancer. (

People who smoke cigarettes are locked into a vicious cycle of boosting their ambition and dopamine levels with a highly addicting drug, nicotine. The cigarette hangover, which begins with smoking 4,000 chemicals and then waiting for the nicotine to subside, is just the beginning of lung cancer and the mutation of cells.

Cancer thrives in an acidic body where the cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Yet, even worse than cigarettes are artificial sweeteners, which fool the body into ingesting them, as if they are food, and polluting the cleansing organs with mutagens. Some research shows the body never excretes all of the aspartame, sorbitol, sucralose or saccharin. When a human consumes Equal, Splenda, Nutrasweet, Sweet-n-Low, etc., their cleansing organs, like the liver, kidneys, and pancreas are overworking and malnourished. You cannot live without these organs. Aspartame is GMO, so the blood is infected, with synthetic carcinogens (which it does not release properly, if ever) which cause central nervous system (CNS) disorders and make you hungrier! That's right, synthetic sugars drive hunger and actually make most people put on weight. How ironic, right? (

It is proven that obesity is a driving force of cancer, so whether you consume excess SUGAR or ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, you are feeding the same destructive forces in your body, in your cells, changing your DNA, and the long term effects have "no cure." So, when it all boils down to it, drinking 3 or 4 diet sodas per day is more dangerous than smoking a pack of cigarettes, about 20 cigarettes, in one day. Although diet sodas contain less chemicals than cigarettes, these specific "diet" chemicals are choking cells and mutating DNA at a higher rate, leading to chronic disorders of the digestive track, breakdown of the CNS and ultimately leads to the development of cancerous tumors. It is "programmed cell death" and your mitochondria cells are basically suffocating. If you combine toxic food and toxic medications prescribed by Western doctors (MDs), the addictions being "programmed in" are like programming an early death.

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