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GLYPHOSATE TOXICITY SHOW: Monsanto's top scientist goes on "The Doctors" to endorse toxic "Roundup" herbicide


A mother and twenty-year veteran scientist whose sole mission is to convince the world that toxic glyphosate is safe for humans to consume went on "The Doctors" show and finished "selling her soul" to satan (or a lifetime of bad karma). The woman, who's last name happens to be "Farmer" - - looked into the mass media cameras and swore up and down glyphosate is safe for human consumption, saying the new IARC legitimate and unbiased study revealing it's toxicity to humans is still bogus. This woman's job was on the line, and she probably got a HUGE bonus check the second she got back to the office and evil laboratory at Monsanto. Monsanto most likely threw a huge party (with organic food) to celebrate her lies, her deceit and her bold-faced, beady-eyed insidious performance on National TV. Travis Lane Stork, MD, an emergency physician and key star of "The Doctors" show did a good job of questioning Satan's orator (Farmer the mad scientist), and making her explain why she denounces the IARC (study), a WHO (World Health Organization) division of scientists that have "no skin in the game."

The genius Jeffrey Smith was also on the show via video feed. He ripped Monsanto's orator a new one. Smith knew he would only be allowed maybe a minute or two to speak on National television, so he basically got all the best information out in one super long sentence, before the producer of the show could even get a chance to cut him off. Miss MonSatan waited patiently for her turn to talk and just kept an evil grimmace on her face while Smith spoke about study after study revealing the risks of humans consuming glyphosate, including the dangers of endocrine disruptors and stripping the body of minerals and nutrients. Smith even gets his chance to tell the world that Roundup was created by the chemical industry and its simply a waste by-product of toxic herbicide. This was huge. Roundup happens to be the most infamous herbicide on the planet and is covering 90% of the staple crop in this country that humans eat daily, at every meal.

Donna Farmer, the toxicologist for Monsanto downplayed the clout of Jeffrey Smith and referred to him as just an "author," knowing he's far more than that. As the founding executive director for the Institute of Responsible Technology, Smith leads the way in providing the public with REAL SCIENCE and education about the health risks posed by GMO and especially glyphosate. He's been a tireless pioneer in exposing the truth about genetically modified food for what it is, a cancer on society, humans, animals and the environment.

You could tell by the look in the eyes of Monsatan's Farmer (20-year-glyphosate manufacturer) she knows exactly what she's selling America - - cancer food. Though she would NEVER drink Roundup - knowing what it is - she sold it to America by backing it so fervently and dogmatically on television. What better clone for Monsanto to choose to appear on TV than someone who must protect their job.  
Here's the clip of "The Doctor's" Episode on Glyphosate dangers:

And here's the biotech industry LASH OUT at Dr. Oz after he exposed glyphosate as the biggest cancer causing chemical on Earth:

Ask yourself, "What is GMO?"

Don't fall for Monsanto's lies about their toxic product being safe for humans. Too many reliable studies and tests with NO SKIN IN THE GAME have told us it's dangerous to consume. Start filtering these three TOP TOXINS in the world out of YOUR daily intake now and see how you feel in just days:


#1. GLYPHOSATE: Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the world. The manufacturers claim low toxicity and "environmental friendliness." Glyphosate is applied as an herbicide BEFORE SEEDING (pre-emergent use) and AFTER GERMINATION (post-emergent use). This carcinogen acts non-selectively, killing a BROAD spectrum of grasses, perennials and even woody plants. In other words, there's no way any of this crop isn't COVERED in this Roundup Glyphosate chemical mixture and synthetic concoction that causes hormone disruption, mental confusion and cancer tumors in animals tested. Want concrete proof of that, check Seralini Roundup Study in your search engine. And you don't need a "peer review" to review the rats that die horrifically of cancer way before their lifespan was even at a third.

Glyphosate IS ABSORBED through the leaves and transported throughout the crop. Corn, soy, canola, "whole" grains, you name it. It doesn't have to be GMO to be LOADED with toxic Roundup and still give you cancer.

Monsanto Lies to Cover up Leukemia Cases in America

Glyphosate inhibits a metabolic pathway that plants, animals, insects and humans all MUST HAVE to form essential amino acids. IMAGINE THAT. I know you've heard plenty about how important amino acids are for health, so keep reading this most important section slowly and thoroughly. It was unfortunately introduced in the mid-1970s. Homeowners and industry alike have been lied to about glyphosate safety. Over and over we hear and see the lies, and even commercials on TV touting it's use. Now doctors, researchers, scientists, and reporters are all sharing the truth about this cancerous blight being dumped by the millions of gallons on the entire "green" universe. It's in the waters, the rivers and the bays, its in canals and aqueducts, infesting irrigation and even people home gardens. People are spraying glyphosate on the weeds around their home not even THINKING that this will get to the soil that's feeding the vegetables growing in the garden, and that's supposed to be the cleanest food you can get, if you buy organic seeds, organic soil and use non-fluoridated water always. You may also need to supplement with minerals. The Health Ranger has vast information on this:

Glyphosate is formulated with surfactants to spread the poison across the leaf, penetrate the leaf and "enhance the uptake" of glyphosate by the plant. You see, this is not just something that protects the plant from weeds or that just kills weeds. We are talking here about a class of carcinogenic sufactants, including rapeseed oil derivatives, which are highly toxic to humans. Use caution says the WHO!

Acute toxicities of glyphosate-based herbicides have been found to be irritating to the eyes and skin on test rabbits. For some of the tested rabbits, destruction of eye tissue took weeks to heal, thanks to simple exposure to glyphosate. Imagine what it does to the gut and the good gut flora required for immunity in humans? You see, this is the key to BAD health, destroying good bacteria in the gut. It's the cause of most autism, and that is why mercury and formaldehyde are allowed still today in all vaccines. It's a real money maker for politicians, globalists, market fanatics and lobbyists of all the Big American Corporations, whether toxic food or toxic medicine, it's all the same in their wallet.

RoundUp Toxicity Reported: For farm workers using Roundup, some report to have swelling eyes, rapid heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. Others report swelling of the face, eczema lasting two months.

Still, Monsanto shills will go on TV and say Roundup does not pose a health risk to humans because nobody can sue them for lying. There are backed by the FDA, the CDC, the USDA, the Supreme Court, the Vaccine Court and of course, the infamous AMA, starring Morris Fishbein ...

"What the American Medical Association hopes you never learn about its true history"
- click right here:

#2. SODIUM FLUORIDE: Ooooh, this is a big one. This one is as hard to talk about with friends and relatives as the vaccine debate. To speak of American water being polluted with stuff the Nazis used to weaken and kill Jews is edgy conversation, to say the least. At least half of the fluoride pushing doctors and dentists of the USA know something's amiss, but they definitely cannot say a word, ever. This most clever lie must be obediently repeated by all who work in the industry or else! "Fluoride is good for building strong teeth." That is why it goes unregulated in tap water where any person can drink any amount and be fine, even though sodium fluoride is NOT the fluoride that occurs in Nature. Oops. Even if the other kind of fluoride was good for your teeth, this is not the case in USA tap water. The city is lying. Your dentist and dental hygienist either don't know or are lying, and you NEED to know the truth now, if you don't already. SODIUM FLUORIDE is imported from chemical plants in China and is fluosilicic acid!

What cities call fluoride, says the Health Ranger Mike Adams, is a cocktail of deadly industrial chemicals and heavy metals, purchased IN BULK from China, where industrial processing plants are a dime a dozen. They just put the label "sodium fluoride" on the side of the barrels and ship it to the stupid Americans.

Folks, bottom line ... THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL OF SODIUM FLUORIDE in anything you drink, eat or put on your skin. It's labeled by its manufacturers as "causing severe harm" to humans. The Chinese admit it.  

#3. BLEACH: Bleach is used to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, insects, rats, humans, you name it. Yes, we lumped humans into that sentence on purpose. Everyone knows the healthcare in the USA is an abomination - on the allopathic side where Big Pharma kills you slowly while Big Food tortures you will dead, toxic corn, soy, canola and cottonseed. Who's to really say they're not growing GMO wheat in secret farm fields only run by corporate America and never sold to organic companies? Good question, huh? Back to bleach now.

Most red meat contains some bleach. The flavor and color is just added back in afterwards, with red dye and MSG. Don't think it's true? Read this report:

Most fast food, franchise and corporate run restaurants, schools and of course ALL prisons serve GMO everything. Think you're choices are limited? They're NOT. The system just wants you to believe that they are. Still wondering what you can do about it all?  

Create Change through Action! The Non-GMO Project was created for consumers who are concerned about potential health risks of products made using relatively new technology of genetic modification. You have a right to know what's in your food, including GMO. You can go on the Non-GMO Project Verified website and make a product verification request, find retailers that support the project, and even donate or help support the project yourself, or as a business. This is North America's first consensus-based STANDARD for GMO avoidance. The seal of NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED is only backed by independent, third party verification, not some corporation or manufacturer that has skin in the game. Do you have a store you might want to register? Check it out, either way. This is how you create change and not complain about it. This is how you do research and make a difference in your life and those around you that you love and care about.

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New US tax on processed sugar and all things GMO to kick in by 2016 - plus the four top biotech shills and charlatans who oppose it

In a utopian world where the government actually cares about the health and well-being of its citizens, this make-believe processed sugar and GMO tax could and probably would take place, but in the grand 'ole USA it's just a pipe dream; however, the insidious shills and politicians are planning something to the contrary, and that would be taxing organic food to help California citizens afford more cancer-causing, fluoridated conventional food.

By putting a 99 cents tax for each pound of processed sugar used by corporate America to make foods that cause diabetes and cancer, the rewards would be amazing, not only reducing the current grim statistics of preventable diseases but the money could go towards a government subsidy program that helps farmers pay for organic soil, organic fertilizers and filtered water systems for watering the crops. Also, by labeling all GMO foods with a label that costs 99 cents, 80% of America's food items would carry a tax to benefit elementary schools that teach about the power of organic food to prevent and heal heart disease, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Amazing! Then, to top it all off, all FAST FOOD restaurants would incur a new tax of 99 cents per "happy meal" to help reduce the 18 trillion dollar deficit the US politicians have created by printing money, pocketing it all, and funding the fake war on terror.

Shills say tax organic food in California to help conserve water - a big sick joke

True story: GMO propaganda is running amuck in the USA. Shills and charlatans that write lies about GM foods helping the world, recently tried to get Dr. Oz kicked of the Columbia Medical Board last month because Oz exposed how glyphosate (key ingredient in RoundUp) is toxic to humans and causes cancer, per the research the WHO (World Health Organization) revealed. Heading up the propaganda (complaint letter) was Biotech front man Henry Miller, who's now calling organic agriculture "particularly insidious." Miller, one of the worst liars of the century, can be linked to Gilbert Ross, a known felon, and Jon Entine, a paid huckster who spits out pro-GMO junk-journalism, but who recently got fired by for doing exactly that. These hacks and toads will write anything for money and always try their best to sound like what they write has some kind of merit, knowing it's all useless propaganda that can cause health detriment to the stooges that actually believe it. Speaking of stooges, are you thinking about even thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton? Think again. Would you vote for someone who would further poison conventional food and help an evil company gain control of all the seeds in the world? The propaganda for this woman has just begun. This biotech SuperPac will be larger than anything you've ever seen, once they decide Hillary has enough backing to be a real contender, and that time is very near. Let's uncover the shills now, expose them for exactly what they are, and never look "back" again. Read about their lies. Synthesize their criminal track records. Do your own "case study" right here, right now:

Top GMO Shills and Hucksters Revealed

Shill #1: Henry Miller

In case you're not all caught up on this, ten doctors that have direct ties to the Biotech industry tried to oust Dr. Oz from Columbia University's Department of Surgery by writing a nasty letter about his choices, right after he did his show on the toxicity of glyphosate. They called for Dr. Oz to resign saying that all of the sudden Dr. Oz had lost his mind and was endangering the public. Now, they couldn't come right out and say it was all due to Dr. Oz's show on glyphosate cancer risk, but it was beyond obvious that the show was the entire motivation behind the ten schmucks trying to defame Oz like that, just out of the blue, with some random psycho letter to the Columbia faculty heads. Henry Miller was key in orchestrating the character assassination attempt on Oz. Miller tops the charts lately for being the number one huckster in natural health news.

As Mike Adams the Health Ranger has explained before, these mafia tactics used by the biotech industry are nothing new, except to Oz and this prestigious medical institution he has been an integral and respected part of for decades. So Miller finds himself in the alternative news spotlight and that's not at all where he wants to be. There's more.

Pay it back a few years to October of 2012 ...
 During the "No on 37" campaign, one of the most confusing campaigns to ever label anything (thanks to Monsanto), people went to vote with no idea whether they should vote yes to "No on 37" or no to "No on 37." Monsanto wanted everyone to go into the vote confused, because then common sense would steer you wrong, into voting "Yes to No" which meant leave off the GMO labels. Imagine that! The grass roots activists and alternative media had it sunk in everyone's brains to say NO to GMO and by voting Yes to "No on 37" - you did just the opposite of what you wanted. The agribusiness giants ran an advertisement during all of this to drive the stakes deeper and add to the smoke and mirrors. One Dr. Henry I. Miller M.D., and supposedly "Stanford University" doctor told a bunch of lies based on the thirty year GMO fraud. Miller is a complete huckster because he didn't even have any ties to Stanford, but was simply a research "fellow" at the Hoover Institution within a rock's throwing distance from Stanford campus. So Miller basically lied and had everyone believe a Stanford doctor was endorsing GMO and saying you should eat it your whole life if you want to be healthy. Miller has also been known to work for Big Tobacco and push DDT. Plus this psychopath even claimed Fukushima radiation might be good for you. Plus, the Miller advertisement was a clear violation of Stanford University rules because they're not supposed to take sides on Ballot Measures. Monsanto won that battle too, because in the end, the confusing "No on 37" helped them further bully the public and keep carcinogens in staple food for all Californians to enjoy for years to come, even Whole foods carries these hidden killers in many of their products - - care to try some dishes at the Canola Oil Food Bar? Be sure to ask the attendant if everything is "wholesome" and "certified organic"  - - including that hydrogenated rapeseed oil!

Shill #2: Gilbert Ross

Also signing onto the character assassination letter to oust Dr. Oz from Columbia was a man by the name of Dr. Gilbert Ross, the "executive director" of the American Council on Science and Health, a shady biotech front group that spreads disinformation and faked science research on the internet. Just another member of the "Monsanto Mafia" is Miller, who serves as a top biotech puppet, saying anything and everything they tell him to say for a paycheck. The ACSH is completely anti-science but anyone who opposes what they do gets the label of anti-science themselves. It's reverse psychology. By Ross signing the attack letter on Dr. Oz he was trying to label Oz as anti-science, but the whole thing blew up in his face. In case you weren't aware, Dr. Ross is a convicted criminal and Medicaid fraud artist.

Per Natural News' report back in 2012, the Shady Dr. Ross was "convicted of racketeering, mail fraud and conspiracy," and was "sentenced to 47 months in jail, $40,000 in forfeiture and restitution of $612,855" in a scheme to defraud the Medicaid system. These original reports came from the U.S. Right to Know campaign that describes the ACSH's shady and sleazy practices.

Want to know some other "members" of the ACSH and writers of their propaganda pieces so you don't ever fall for their lies and deceit? Coming right up next at number three is the infamous Jon Entine, ex-tv-news-producer extraordinaire!

Shill #3: Jon Entine

"Monsanto Mafia" top character assassins include Jon Entine, the former writer and American Enterprise Institute "research fellow" (there's that term again that means you pretend like you're helping people but just use a University name to propagate GMO junk-science). Entine is known to Natural Health Enthusiasts to be the man who violently choked his wife in front of his daughter, according to lengthy court documents. Entine, have no doubts, has his own close ties to ACSH and even authored some quack science literature (cheap GMO fraud booklet) called "scared to death" which was some reverse psychology for people who already suspect GMO is toxic, so they'll second guess their instinct and eat poison anyway. All biotech mafia operatives operate with the same exact M.O. (method of operation) and that is to repeat the same lies over and over until the masses believe them - - like GMO is the same as organic, or that GMO will help feed the world during a great drought, or some other BS like that.

Shill #4: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Now mind you, Hillary has now been nicknamed the Bride of Frankenfood. This is worthy of deep consideration when you think of the fact that so many Americans think it will be cool and different to have a woman running the White House and the country, which people should have no problem with, except for the fact that this woman and her husband's Foundation are going to owe the corporations favors, really really big favors, who make toxic cancer-causing food. Where do you think this is all going? Let's first take a look at the money Hillary is "pulling in" nowadays and the criminal rackets she will be obliged to repay if (God forbid) she should win the oval office of the tyranny and police state that shines from sea to sea.

Clinton Foundation donors, biggest "soon to be super-pac" corporate money guns first


Microsoft/Gates Foundation $26,000,000 or more


Walmart/Walton Foundation $2,250,000 or more


Coca-Cola $5,000,000 or more.


State of Qatar and related entities $1,375,000

(and you thought Hillary didn't take money from foreign countries?)


Goldman Sachs $1,250,000 or more


Dow Chemical $1,025,000


In conclusion, we can recap this whole Clinton thing just to be sure nobody votes for this biotech "tool" that's vying for the ultimate front-man (or front-woman in this case) spot. Bill Clinton opened the doors for Biotech by helping deregulate the food industry. Before him the illustrious Ronald Reagan helped Biotech begin its illegal planting of seeds and the total subversion of science when Monsanto really blasted through the gates and began infusing deadly pesticide in US corn and soy, not to mention animal feed.

So, when you see this list of "sponsors" (for lack of better term), you know what's at stake. 90% of America's food is already processed, genetically modified or both. That means currently, most people are consuming most of their food which contains chemicals that clog the body, cause inflammation, central nervous system disorders, cell death and heart disease, yet still, it can get worse by voting for someone who will support these toxic industries one hundred percent or else .... well, you know what they do to presidents who BUCK THE SYSTEM right? Just think of JFK. He announced he knew of some BIG secrets about Big Pharma just one week before he was shot to death. Just sayin.




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Hitler's gun control and his "Big Pharma" now similar to the Obama "goal" of a police state America


What is this new martial law demonstration and practice (jade helm), but a preliminary action based on a prediction that the people are nearing full revolt? Let's just look at all the similarities "at play" from WWII. Hitler knew countries would try to rise up against him once they really figured out what he was up to, but it was too late, and Hitler took them over one at a time, he didn't announce to the world he was about to run the whole thing.

Hitler's police state had certain steps and procedures all worked out far in advance. His soldiers and personal police knew exactly what he wanted, and they feared for their own lives if they didn't "carry it out" in the name of the State. Get it?

Last year in Boston and this year in Texas, you will see martial law right in front of your face, and it's all a game of "preliminary" chess, but it's real. Whether they're "chasing terrorists" on the loose in your neighborhood (Boston) or they're practicing "searching for underground freedom fighters" (Texas this July) they are in your face, to see if you can tolerate now what is on it's way, and most likely not too far away. Now the reality sinks in. Tanks with missiles might be on your block. Yes you. Not the mosquito spraying truck or the Amazon drone delivering a package at your door, no this time Special Forces military, half dressed out but artillery fully decked out and in full view, pretending to be searching for packages, food, more artillery and "freedom" fighters who may or may not even exist. That's their story on this, in case you haven't checked.

Hitler had his Big Pharma too, to keep the enemy dumbed-down. Who was the enemy? Anyone attempting or even thinking about blowing the whistle on him. Why do you think Obama goes after whistleblowers so hard? He does the opposite of what he says. It's like The Russians during the cold war - - they said they would slow down or stop building nuclear weapons and they went and doubled down meanwhile. Obama is doubling down NOW before the SHTF. Martial law in your city, in your "little" town, near your farm land and on your neighbors land - with their permission! Who's been coerced into this participation? Are they still patriots, or just "doing what the Fuhrer says?" Just taking orders, huh? Should I say you are innocent? Or should we press charges? Did you say heil Obama when he walked by, or when you see him on television speaking on gun control?

Maybe you should read about the highly secretive TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership - - Obama's IG Farben (Pharma plus Republicans and Demoncrats alike) are buying up some sucker countries and nobody knows but him and Monsanto. Food drugs and chemical drugs and food chemicals and chemo for the poor and fluoridated. Martial law when inflation takes off and banks go on the greatest run ever.

2016: Will it be the year of the greatest BANK RUN in the history of the world?

Before the revolt takes place, there will be a great bank run, one of the biggest ever. Now, by the term great, we mean humongous and deep, not good. The banks will basically "run" with the money that belongs to American taxpayers, who probably already paid taxes on all of that savings. This will all be in reaction to a great event, which is most likely already drawn up and planned in some "situation room" - and you can be that Obama's cabinet is not left out of this room. Wall street was behind Obama from the get go, and they are simply "fulfilling" the debt that is due them. He is but the pawn delivering on his own promise. Did you ever see the movie "Angel Heart" with stars Robert De Niro as the Devil and Mickey Rourke as the guy who sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune, but then forgot about it when he got shell shock in a war. Still the ending is thrilling, and Deniro lets him know "who he is" and well, you just gotta watch the rest to see what happens. I won't spoil it for you.
Here's the trailer:  
In reality, right now, nobody is being arrested for insider trading or conspiring to stage events or lie about them on TV. In reality, right now, the government is getting away with murder, literally, on several different fronts. There are still secret NDAA political prisons where people are held and never are allowed to contact anyone. Torture is legal as long as the government simply says they have "something" on you. They don't even have to prove they have anything, they can just say they do, then classify the whole case. Like Sandy Hook, you will never ever see a video or picture of the alleged perpetrator who crossed school grounds, broke into a school window and shot up an entire school where they had just installed a new high level security system that year. In reality right now, gun control is a pre-emptive move by the administration because they know the money bubble is about to pop and it's 20 trillion dollars worth to disappear into thin air (politician's off shore accounts).

Since the entire stock market is rigged, that means first goes the money, then martial law. This is why we are "practicing" martial law from July to September on US soil.

It's funny (not really) how everybody thinks their money is safe if it's federally insured, or in a CD or an IRA, or some fancy stock portfolio blend of a dozen different risky, not so-risky, and moderately risky investment accounts. This is all just digits in a computer and ink on a piece of paper that will be worthless when the "Fuhrer" declares that he needs that money to fight the war on terror that has "reached the homeland."

Last year when the Feds tried to bully the Bundy's at their ranch, and real freedom fighters came out of the woodworks, from multiple states, to save Bundy's cattle and declare that the land belongs to the people, it was a marker for history, and it was "check mate" declared before the game of chess had barely even begun. You see, true patriots who tote their legal guns and don't have criminal backgrounds won't be LEANED ON and intimidated by the "American Fuhrer" and his bully SS swat police (DEA and DHS).

And freedom fighters write about all of this and the Journalists and Alternative News Reporters cover all of this, for history. Study THAT curriculum in school! Study what the term freedom fighter really means.  Know the US Constitution and be able to sight it when you watch the lying news, and see the martial law permanently try to occupy city after city, of course, after they get "bored" practicing.

What's a freedom fighter, really?   

Someone who uses a 3-D printer to make firearms:

Oops. No more gun control for the man. Sorry 'bout yer luck. Them woods and forests are full of the real freedom fighters, who stand up for the Amendments like free speech, free press and the right to bear arms.

Just this year, the Health Ranger has shown us how a 3-D printer can revolutionize the food industry, allowing you to print the parts that create home gardens that work indoor without electricity or even running water. Already knowing people can make guns with 3-D printers is another realm of revolutionary achievement that carries the torch of freedom and independence for America. When a government is out of control with greed and power "runs" and then takes people hard earned income AND SAVINGS, well, that's usually the end of that line, but if the 300 million people in America wake up and smell the coffee brewing soon enough, they will be prepared for the BIG BANK RUN.

Did Hitler have a "forced vaccination" program? You bet he did

When does "medicine" become murder? What Hitler was doing was capturing and kidnapping Jews, and then experimenting on them in all kinds of ways. He would have scientists pick apart the brains of twins to see what they could find because twins simply "fascinated" Hitler. Then they were dead and nothing was learned, because despite the fact that some scientists are brilliant, mankind can't simply dismantle a brain and put it back together. And Hitler tried out all kinds of dangerous medicines and other medical procedures that were sick and demented. He convinced the scientists and his armies that Jews were inferior, in fact so inferior that they were like "swine" and didn't deserve any rights, ethical treatment or even the right to bear arms. That is why he was able to kill 6,000,000 people before the world even knew what he was doing. He was force medicating the Jews inside the concentration camps with fluoridated water too. This kept them weak and dumbed-down, because any tyrannical government knows that once the people know what's REALLY HAPPENING to them, they will rebel with all their might, but in the case of Hitler and the upcoming US bank run, many people may be too weak, starving and disarmed to do anything about it.

Is it no wonder that the IG Farben of today, Monsanto, is one of the most powerful corporations in the world? Is it no wonder that most US food is contaminated with the toxins that Nazi scientists used to gas the Jews to death? Is it no wonder that the US did NOT bomb the headquarters of Nazi Big Pharma (IG Farben) when they had many chances to do so? Why do you think chemical medicine is the "first choice" for all Americans who believe in the system that "chases" terror now? Read this quote from a Natural News reporter back in 2008:

"On a number of occasions, when orders were given by the Allies to bomb the complex, Rockefeller used his influence through John J. McCloy, Assistant Secretary of War (who was a former legal counselor to IG Farben), to cancel the bombing raids, much to the chagrin of some of the Allied commanders. Furthermore, not one bomb fell on IG Farben's Headquarters back in Germany, at Frankfurt. Astounding, at a time when German industrial cities were widely bombed and pulverized, including Frankfurt itself."

Read that full article here and learn so we don't repeat history's worst mistakes:

Americans can be self-sufficient, informed and protect Constitution with their lives

It's never too late to impeach a President, but it doesn't look like it's going to take place this "go round."

So what else can be done to reclaim the Republic? Start by eating clean. Second, do not buy anything you don't need for safety, health and sanity (happiness). Do not buy anything from corporations that don't care about the environment or public health, because it's those same corporations that MUST have YOUR MONEY to survive. You can undermine the whole capitalistic regime that is stealing from you and trying to kill you slowly for profit. You can eat organic, exercise, read Natural Health News and share the information. This is your saving grace. Take the time to learn how to grow your own food, there are no excuses here anymore. The Health Ranger has grow boxes he donates to schools to teach the kids how to grow organic vegetables and fruit. Teach your kids if you have any. Don't let WWIII look just like WWII. Be safe and smart. Protect your home, your food and your constitution. It is your birthright.

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