Saturday, November 23, 2013

Superfoods end the smoking habit

How great would your New Year be if you quit smoking? Did you know that most cessation programs are just gimmicks to get you to switch to another addiction? Imagine trying to quit a chemical addiction (nicotine, ammonia and bleach) while eating food that is nutrient deficient (GMO and processed) and/or taking medication that is cooked in a laboratory and doesn't heal you (symptom cosmetics). Imagine 46 million smokers just in the United States and half of them WANT to quit but don't have any idea how. Now consider that each of those 23,000,000 human beings has the WILL to quit, but no road map and no real solution. Sometimes in life the solution to a problem is staring us right in the face, but we overlook it. Why is that?

Mass Media Hypnosis and Western Medicine Snake Oil

Do you have recurring headaches? Do you feel lethargic daily, except right after you smoke a cigarette? Do you have problems sleeping through the night or having regular bowel movements? Don't answer those questions, just consider this. The chemicals in cigarettes cause depression, anxiety, constipation, sleeplessness, and they breed sickness, breaking down your immune system. Also, nicotine boosts dopamine, and that is the relief for the chemical hangover, but there is a substitute for this, and it's all natural. Do you know what it is? A natural herb/bean called mucuna can replace the cravings that smokers have, especially during the first two weeks of quitting (reducing number of cigarettes), thus weaning the habitual pack-a-day smokers (or more) off of commercial-grade, ammonia-laden nicotine. Tobacco in the leading brands is so juiced up with ammonia that this vapor-ready nicotine can carry 100 milligrams of nicotine potency in ONE cigarette. Add up a pack a day and that's over 2,000 milligrams in 24 hours. What about two or three packs a day? This is artificial control over your emotions, your motivation and your central nervous system. (

Also beware of medications like Chantix and Zyban, as they can block natural neural impulses that help you deal with stress and feel naturally happy. They are just"snake oil" medications. Your central nervous system needs help, not more damage. You need the raw power of raw foods like superfoods and real spring water. Keep reading.

Supplements and Superfoods are the yellow brick road to the "castle" of good health. Can you follow a path that's already paved? You don't need a compass or a flashlight, and you don't need GPS. You just need common sense and nutritional guidance. The map is "mapped" and the wheel has already been invented here. Roll forward with your new healthy life and end the cigarette addiction once and for all. Let nutrition be your path to freedom for 2014 and beyond.

There is an all natural program that weans smokers off cigarettes and commercial grade nicotine in 14 days or less, and it is rightfully called 14 & Out. Check it out. Stop smoking naturally in 14 days. ( This could be the perfect gift to yourself or someone you care about who wants to quit smoking and just doesn't know how. The Health Ranger and doctors recommend the natural method. Be an organic person again. Nutrition kicks the cigarette fix! (


Here are the TOP 7 SUPERFOODS for quitting smoking and some handy resources for each. Take the time to do a little research, and your problems may be solved:

1. Mucuna: The L-dopa content of the unprocessed Mucuna bean powder is so powerful that doctors are also using it to help Parkinson's patients restore mental clarity, and as a mood elevator! Mucuna helps with:

-Regeneration of organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs)
-Dramatically strengthens immune system
-Improved sleep
-Reduced body fat and cellulite
-Improved skin appearance
-Increased mood and sense of well-being
-Increased bone density (very necessary after toxin overload from cigarettes)

2. Chlorella: (

3. Spirulina: (

4. Cacao raw chocolate: fights depression and is a great mood enhancer! (

5. Goji berry and acai berry: ( Acai berry has been cherished by the Amazonian people for centuries. This unique berry has an extraordinary amount of antioxidants that protect the tissues and cells of the body, plus acai contains phytonutrients that make it one of the most well publicized superfoods among health enthusiasts.

6. Kale and Maca: Maca is the ancient superfood of the Incas. Grown in the high Andes mountains in Peru, Maca is packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, tannins, complex alkaloids and other phytochemicals. ( Alkalize the body and load up on natural, raw nutrients! Kale is the hidden superfood of planet Earth! Check out these great resources:
( (

7. Blueberries: Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity, making them highly protective for the cardiovascular system. They contain pterostilbene, which lowers cholesterol, and anthocyanins, which improve vision and brain function and guard against macular degeneration.

Bring in the New Year as a non-smoker and never look back. Load up on superfoods and get super healthy. Natural News wishes you the best of luck!

Sources for this article include: (The Health Ranger previews 14&Out on YouTube!)

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Cancer CURE smear campaign continues, decades later, for Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski


Thanks USA Today, for jumping on the bandwagon, the one that beats down a proven cure for even the worst, most fatal cancers, and once again helping the American Masses remain in the dark about the cure for their most feared atrocity. Thanks USA Today, you remind me of Dr. Oz when he stabbed the organic world of food in the back, saying it was for snobs and elitists. Thank you USA Today, for riding the I.G. Farben train, the one that’s going off the health “cliff.” Thanks USA Today, for acting like the FDA, and trying to bury an innocent man while he’s still breathing, and doing Nobel prize worthy scientific work, and curing people of Stage IV cancer, and curing kids of brain cancer, and more. Thanks a lot!


Mashing together just the right combination of heartbreaking anecdotes, manipulated data points and generally false accusations, USA Today's Liz Szabo completely marginalizes the work of Dr. Burzynski in her shameless ridicule, while at the same time conveniently ignoring the utter failures of conventional oncology to come anywhere close to his successes.”

Learn more:




The smear campaign is sponsored by USA Today and the FDA, working hard to ruin your chances of figuring out there is prevention and a cure for cancer. All proceeds go to shareholders who have stock in chemotherapy and radiation equipment manufacturers. You can find their symbol on the stock exchange under “ctch22.”


Ask your allopathic doctor if cancer is right for you! Side effects include dizziness, internal bleeding, going psychotic when you find out there’s been a cure all along, more news burying the cure, and some people on other medications will experience a total lack of appetite and extreme nausea. Also, some patients complain about insurance not covering alternative cancer treatments, especially those that work. You can register for anything that doesn’t work on line at You contributions are helping politicians play golf at luxurious resorts and remember, what happens to them in Vegas stays in Vegas (and on YouTube).

Investigate the natural cures for cancer and stay tuned to Natural News for more coverage of how you can begin healing your mind, your body and your spirit!




Mike Adams, Part III: Nutritional Cancer Cures and the Best Products on the Market
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Tell the Texas Legislative Oversight Committees and Gov. Rick Perry to Stop the

TMB's Harassment of Dr. Burzynski!







Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hospital in bitter custody battle over teen girl – 9 months and counting child held “captive” and force medicated


Its medical tyranny in the United States of America and this is the epitome, the latest “precedent-setting” case that gives power to hospitals over parents who disagree with diagnosis of their children and their teens, and if they think differently about chronic care management, it’s up to the hospital to decide about custody. A teenager is literally trapped inside a hospital with what seems to be no way out. An active 15 year old girl who ice skates and loves spending time with her family is stuck under “custody” in a bazarro - “clockwork orange” type of propaganda and control trip. It’s the twilight zone meets Tales from the Crypt. The evil doctors have the girl, and they won’t give her back, but the organic forces of the universe are collaborating to rescue her and give her back to her kind loving parents who eagerly await her return. But wait, we’re caught in limbo, for 9 months, and what seems like a lifetime, because this is REALITY, the Boston Children’s Hospital questions the cause of the girls “mitochondrial disease.” This is because Western Medicine knows that means her cells can’t “breathe.” And what suffocates cells? Sodium benzoate is really “good” at it. You find it in almost all conventional food that comes in jars. Pesticides are also good at suffocating your mitochondria. I’m sure we won’t see an episode of “The Doctors” or “Dr. Oz” covering any of THIS.


Natural News is covering this real life HORROR STORY in Boston:


The family is not allowed to remove Justina from the hospital, says the mother Linda. Some “new” team of doctors showed up and that was that. They called it a somatoform disorder. That means they have no idea what she has, just a bunch of illnesses. Awesome! You went to medical school for 8 to 12 years to name a disorder which means you have no idea what she has. How much do you get paid? Is that covered under Obamacare? Somatoform twilight disorder?




But wait, then they changed it, the so called diagnosis, to keep the child “kidnapped” - to mental illness, not cell strangulation disease. I guess they were worried people might figure out she’s allergic to TOXIC FOOD and toxic preservatives, and then the whole GMO thing would be blown wide open. Put it on 60 minutes or Newsline and let America know!


Maybe she has Agent Orange Food Disorder. That would make more sense with this whole clockwork orange bazzarro-world court case.


The parents were escorted out of the hospital by security guards, and four days later, lost custody. The parents were TOO CARING and had to be expunged from the situation.

“They were actually being accused of being too active in pursuing healthcare matters for their child,” says Hokanson.

Boston Children’s Hospital refused to comment about the case, of course!

Get the Natural News report:

Is Franken-Rice a Food Drug?

Is GMO food a drug? Is it deadly? It is a topic of national security in China, and certain officials are likening it to opium. Are Monsanto and DuPont dumping food drug "products" on China? That scientific debate has been hijacked and no "John Smith" may ever be allowed to talk about anything scientific. The social goons of the planet need to just eat the mutant food and shut up, right? Wrong. Speak up. Be heard. March against Monsanto and expose the GM nightmare for all those who have no clue. Do not play "genetic roulette." This is the war on food. Fight or be defeated; it's a simple choice.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What do you really want, health insurance or health? The Health Ranger Mike Adams wants to know


Let’s start off by asking about prevention and cure before we start talking about coverage, anyway. See, the whole mindset is for Americans to worry whether or not certain conditions will be covered and will they be able to see their doctor “of choice.” Worry, worry, worry and pay, pay, pay. That’s politics. But the evolutionary person, someone who invites change as it relates to development, intelligence, kindness, progression, they want to actually prevent disease and disorder, and learn how to cure yourself of it, not prolong it, mask it, and add to it. There is a cumulative effect of bad food and bad medicine and now all healthy people are being asked to pay for it while the rest carelessly wait for Western Medicine to “treat” their major health problems, without even asking why NOONE is talking about natural medicine, organic food, Superfoods and botanicals.




The conversation across every network and “affiliate” news station is the same. They’re debating about the price of your coverage going up or the total non-functionality of the website. That’s the con. Don’t you see it? It’s right there before your very eyes and listen, they’re telling you to decide between to crooked choices. Do you like it? Which one? Do you hate it? Will you just pay the “fine,” the “levy” and carry that tax penalty, year after year? Will they pressure you into deciding between the lie. The debate about whether your plan covers the Cymbalta or the Chemo? Does it cover the anxiety medication or the anti-depressant, the one that makes you feel numb so you just choose the next fixed choice. Think about it. Make an evolutionary choice. Choose to prevent and cure, instead of whether to prolong or mask.


The Health Ranger balances the “health” BUDGET here:


“For every cancer patient where the government spends $500,000 on "disease management" interventions such as chemotherapy, there's a bona fide cure to be had for less than $5,000 worth of nutrients and botanicals. That's a 100-to-1 savings and it has a far better outcome, too, since chemotherapy actually causes repeat cancer as well as permanent damage to the kidneys, brain and heart.”

Natural News comes at this positively, suggesting a whole spectrum of natural cures and holistic care that changes the entire picture and this is where we can really take things if we want to have HEALTHY health care coverage.


• The outlawing of drug company bribery of doctors, financial influence of medical schools and commercial funding of science journals.

• Reforming the mission statement of the NIH to study causes of health rather than causes of disease.

• Restoring patients' rights to sue vaccine companies for the permanent health damage caused by their products.

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prevention and cure







Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - could the real cause be chem-trails, fluoride, mercury and aspartame?


U.S. allopathic doctors love their “regular clients” – their repeat offenders – their patients that schedule their next visit on the way out the door from the current one. Most doctors who can scribble out some pharmacist recognizable pseudo-prescription on a piece of paper after looking down your throat and listening to your heart, those professionals make $300 - $500,000 a year without blinking an eye. They are visited by different pharmaceutical reps, who carry lots of new and “improved” goodies, and they go play golf and go yachting to talk about the best selling drugs. And now, just like Fibromyalgia, but multiply that by 10, we’ve got some CRPS, a syndrome that just debilitates you and nobody can seem to figure out why. It’s like the cure for cancer, let’s all march for CRPS and wonder why people who consume toxins all day are getting sick.


Yes, it’s true that some people are born into very unhealthy environments, and either fail to make a change or don’t know much better until its too late, but for the most part, chronic pain, lethargy, IBS, confusion, migraine headaches, numbing back aches, shooting pains in the legs, bone decay and lack of immunity is all part of a bigger plan, to keep people alive and paying taxes, medical bills, and for unnecessary wars. The great dumbing down is felt in the brain and the body. Natural News has coverage of this latest syndrome and there is a natural cure for everything, so stay tuned:





“The long-term health consequences of our increasingly polluted environment and food supply appear to include an unusual pain condition that strikes out of nowhere and leaves its victims in a near-constant debilitated state. Referred to in the medical literature as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, doctors say they have no idea what causes this strange illness or how to cure it, yet the number of people who suffer from it continues to rise.”




“… it is a disorder of the nervous system. CRPS is believed to trigger erratic nerve synapses that send constant pain signals to the brain, misleading it into believing that there is actual pain taking place, when in fact it is these signals that are causing the pain.”

Think for a second what psychotropic drugs do to the brain and body! They block nerve synapses from firing across to receptors. They make you crazy. They can numb pain in the brain so you think the health problem is going away, while it gets worse. MSG and Aspartame go to work on your central nervous system just like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. They block the brain from communicating its messages to the body properly, and the central nervous system falls apart at the seams, creating stressful situations and dysfunctional “norms” so people can’t figure out what’s going wrong, and not one allopathic doctor is gonna tell them. They can’t, or they’ll lose their “license” to dish out Big Pharma’s “junk.” CRPS is a junk disease and your Western Medicine specialist has JUNK meds for your junk body that can’t seem to move, or think, or do much of anything productive.


"On the McGill Pain Index, a chart that doctors use to measure their patients' pain levels, the condition ranks extremely highly, receiving a score of 42 out of 50, higher than both childbirth and amputation,"

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It’s time to consider organic food, spring water and an environment that is clean and pure. Good luck my friends:


Monday, November 18, 2013

Ahh, Sweet (Nerve Damaging) Milk for kids, how noble of America and the FDA!

Some people share research that shows aspartame is the “excrement” of e-coli, the feces of it, and this might explain the central nervous system disorders so many kids in America suffer from when they eat artificial sweeteners, especially this one. Some sources say that 75% of the health complaints about food agents pertain to Aspartame and the adverse conditions experienced from regular use of it. Millions of children in schools across the USA are taught, also, from a very young age, that milk is good for you (not raw organic either) and that it helps build strong bones because it’s full of calcium! Yes, you’ve heard it before. But conventional milk comes from CAFO cows that are constantly injected with hormones to produce more milk than natural, and this in turn gives them udder infections, which gets in the milk. This bacteria must be “dealt with” regularly, so the cows are shot up with antibiotics, and that breeds Superbugs. None of this is labeled on conventional milk, but millions of people, including infants, children, teens and adults drink it daily, without giving it second thought.


Now, add in some GMO bacteria and you’ve got sweet light skim! Oh yes, because the best way to hook a child on some cancer causing dead food is to make it sweet. It’s no wonder they’re not sliding in some modified, reduced chicken fat too.


Natural News has the inside story: “So the National Milk Producers Federation and the International Dairy Foods Association are petitioning to simply redefine the word "milk" to include other things like artificially flavored and sweetened chocolate and strawberry milk beverages.”

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Hey kids, want a sweet strawberry flavored panic attack?


Hey kids, want to have a super sweet nervous breakdown?


Artificial sweeteners have no place in food at all, not even candy or gum, but they’re almost everywhere now! It’s hard to even pick up any gum or candy without eating some. So now, the milk that’s “good for your bones” is going to have more toxins than it already does. This is very bad. It’s like conning kids into smoking cigarettes that taste sweet. Will aspartame be put in commercial cigarettes next and be advertised as the Sweet Camel? I wouldn’t put it past’em.


“Dr. Janet Starr Hull, author of the book Sweet Poison: How the World's Most Popular Artificial Sweetener is Killing Us. "The research and history of aspartame is conclusive as a cause of illness and toxic reactions in the human body."

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Artificial sweeteners TRICK the body into ingesting them, trying to use them, and the filtering organs go into panic mode. The cleansing organs are all vital to survival, but aspartame attacks them like a mad dog. Your liver, your kidneys, your pancreas, you must have them to survive, but how much mayhem can they withstand, and for HOW LONG? That is the real question, and as Aspartame invades milk too, how will the cancer and mental illness statistics rise, how sharply, and will those victims be diagnosed with something else so the truth doesn’t really come out?


Stay tuned to Natural News for more coverage:


Sweet deception: The real truth behind artifical sweeteners


Get rid of your “cigarette hangover” for good the natural way