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How to instantly tell whether someone is EVIL or GOOD!

The following amazing article was written by the Health Ranger a few years back. It's so important, even when dealing with nutrition, that we here at Biotech blog thought you'd love to read it and live it!

I get this question all the time from readers: How can we know whom to believe? Who's really telling the truth? Which person should I support for political office at the next election?

What if I told you there is an incredibly simple way to tell not only who's good and who's bad, but also how to tell who is pushing absolute evil onto our world?

This method is remarkably accurate, and you can use it right now to assess almost anyone.

It all starts with understanding the spectrum of control vs. empowerment.

Imagine a 10-foot string stretched out on the ground. On the far left side of the string, there is a point we'll call "Control." On the far right side of the string, another point is called "Empowerment."

Let's start with the "Empowerment" side first. This point represents people who primarily seek to empower you with knowledge, skills, wisdom and tools. "Empowerment" represents GOOD because it allows wisdom, skills and abundance to multiply from one person to the next. It recognizes the value of the individual and honors consciousness and free will.

On the far left side of the string -- which also represents the political left in America today -- we have "Control." This point represents people who primarily seek to control you: to extract money from you (rob you), to limit your freedoms, to demand your obedience and to use the threat of force to command your compliance. This philosophy dishonors the individual and downplays free will and individual liberty. "Control" is inherently evil because it seeks to diminish the power of a large number of people in order to accumulate power into the hands of a few people.

(The context of this discussion is, of course, entirely in the realm of dealing with adults. Obviously children should be subjected to certain controls for their own development and safety. That's called good parenting. But to treat adults like children and attempt to control them like a parent controlling a child is unjustified and inherently destructive.)

Examples of "control" vs "empowerment"

A person who seeks to teach others how to garden and thereby grow their own food is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to place other people on government food stamps and thereby make them dependent on government for their food is practicing control and is inherently EVIL.

A school that teaches students to think for themselves and engage in critical, skeptical thinking about the world around them is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a school that teaches students blind obedience to institutional authority while denying them the liberty to think for themselves is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A person who seeks to help others create their own successful businesses and generate abundant profits for themselves and their employees is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to destroy entrepreneurship, suppress innovation, punish small businesses and burden private sector job creation with onerous taxes and regulation is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A person who seeks to teach others how to protect themselves against violent crime through the intelligent, ethical use of weapons for self defense is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a person who seeks to strip away from everyone else their right to self defense, placing them in the position of defenseless victimization, is practicing control and is therefore EVIL.

A city mayor who seeks to teach his constituents the principles of nutrition and food choice so that they might make better decisions about their diet and health is practicing empowerment and is therefore GOOD. But a city mayor who demands blind obedience to his selective agenda of banning large sodas or other junk food items is practicing control and is therefore EVIL. (Bloomberg, anyone?)

So, getting back to the title of this article, the way to instantly tell whether a person is "good" or "evil" is to examine their actions on the control vs. empowerment spectrum. If they predominantly seek to control others, they are mostly evil. If they predominantly seek to empower others, they are mostly good.

Be careful to examine peoples' actions, not merely their words. Anyone can talk a good game of "empowerment," but very few actually seek to educate and uplift others around them.

The politics of control vs. empowerment

The political left is deeply invested in a philosophy of control. The left believes in centralized control over the economy, societal control of parenting and children, government control over education, centralized bankster control over money, and government control over health care.

The political right is invested in a philosophy of non-interventionism. They classically believe the government should keeps its hands off education, the economy, businesses operations and private lives. (Of course, today's political right is actually just as much pro-big government as the political left.)

Libertarianism, by the way, is a philosophy of allowing -- allowing people to make their own fortunes, or mistakes, or personal decisions as long as their behaviors do not harm others. Classic libertarianism means people are free to do what they wish, including marrying someone of the same sex if that's their choice, as long as their actions do not cause direct harm to others around them. Many people mistakenly think they are libertarians but they are actually closet control freaks because they want everyone else to conform to their own ideas of marriage, religion, recreational drug use, prostitution and so on. A true libertarian must tolerate the free will actions of others even if those actions are obviously self-destructive to the individual.

In terms of ethics, "controlism" is inherently destructive because it denies an individual his or her humanity. "Empowerment" is inherently good (or even blessed) because it invests in the individual the power of determining her or her own life outcomes.

The universe is written in the code of conscious empowerment

From a spiritual perspective, the Creator granted humans free will precisely because free will puts control into the hands of the individual, not a centralized power figure. If we were not meant to be free, we would never have been created with free will.

In this way, "controlism" stands in contradiction to the laws of the universe and the existence of free will and consciousness. Thus, the underlying philosophy of the political left is anti-consciousness, anti-free will and a contradiction of the fundamental laws of the universe.

This is why collectivist mandates feel so alien to a free-thinking human being... because control freakism is a violation of self-evident, universal truth. This is also why the leftist / collectivist political philosophy is doomed to fail: It exists in gross violation of the laws of the universe. No human being inherently wants to live without freedom, functioning merely as an obedient peon under a system of centralized control. It feels wrong because it is universally and spiritually wrong.

That is why it will fail. And that is why all those who defend individual liberty, free will and individual empowerment quite literally have God and the universe on their side.

In summary, then, if you want to determine whether a person is "good" or "evil" -- in effect, whether they are living in congruency with the laws of the universe -- simply place them on the spectrum of "control" versus "empowerment" and your question all but answers itself.

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Hillary speaks Monsanto’s language, and parrots their lying script about the safety and efficacy of genetic engineering of food

Hillary Rodham Clinton, a.k.a. the “Bride of Frankenfood,” is best known for her continued endorsement of genetically modified organisms in food, as she reiterates, word for word, the script handed to her by the biotech giant Monsanto. The presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for the oval office for 2016, she’s noted for her failed effort to enact the “Clinton health plan” a.k.a. “Hillarycare,” of 1993. She’s also the only previous first lady to get subpoenaed and face a federal grand jury for her contributions in the Whitewater scandal of 1996 (after she hid relevant documents for two years at the White House in her “book room”). Most Americans remember the lasting scar on her marriage when her husband Bill had sex with his 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky in the White House in 1998, lied about it straight-faced to the American people, and then confessed later after being fully exposed. (1)

After 9/11, while serving as senator of New York, Hillary Clinton voted to go to war in Afghanistan and voted for the Iraq Resolution. Known now to be a war monger, she also advocated for US military intervention in Libya. She has been highly criticized for her security lapses of the US consulate prior to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack, and for helping blame independent films, instead of taking responsibility for her own negligence, which directly resulted in the deaths of 4 innocent people, including U.S. Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens.

Clinton later blamed the “fog of war confusion” for the whole incident, knowing her alibi and scapegoat of a controversial independent film was a huge lie that had been called out. She’s quoted as telling the House Select Committe that the attack in Benhazi may have come from “… guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d go kill some Americans …”

Repeatedly escaping prosecution and guilty verdicts, Hillary has been the subject of countless investigations, including the infamous “Travelgate” and “Filegate,” by the United States Office of the Independent Counsel, the press, and by committees of the U.S. Congress. Her countless involvements in disguised bribery, financial conflicts of interest, and illegal profits from insider trading, and illegal gift-giving, and soliciting personal gifts, have all been investigated, but somehow, she escapes prosecution without any permanent “cuts or bruises.”

March, 2015–the beginning of an ongoing, escalating email scandal and breach of National security

The State Department’s inspector general discovers Hillary Clinton (while serving as Secretary of State) used personal email accounts and private messaging on a privately maintained server (non-government) for conducting official business, thus violating State Department procedures, protocols, and most importantly and disturbingly, federal laws. Over 2,000 emails on Clinton’s server were classified, with nearly two dozen designated “top secret.”

None of the emails should ever have been stored or transmitted through her unclassified personal system, and Clinton was caught outright lying that she kept no classified information whatsoever on the private server in her house. She was well aware of these activities being a breach of national security, as she had signed a nondisclosure agreement as part of her gaining security clearance in the first place, and all of the emails were sensitive info considered as “born” classified, even when they weren’t necessarily “marked” as classified. The FBI stated that even if Clinton had requested permission to do what she did, it would have NEVER been granted.

Hillary Clinton also joins forces with the infamous and insidious Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (7), which has been criticized for being hypocritical and investing in companies that actually worsen poverty and pollute the environment with chemicals. Gates has gained a reputation for seeking only maximum returns on his investments, without regard to business ethics or morals. In fact, Bill Gates recently went public with a very bizarre declaration, before a live audience, that vaccinations, if used properly, could strategically reduce the world population by fifteen percent. As Truthwiki reports, “… whether Gates meant population reduction through sterilization of men and women, miscarriages of babies or newly deformed children who can’t procreate, nobody can be sure until he clarifies.”

Planned Parenthood has come under fire also, over the past couple years, for selling aborted fetal body parts, organs, and even whole babies for cash, on the black market, to biotech companies for experimental research. This horrid and illegal practice has been captured on video tape more than once. Clinton’s “No Ceilings” project is a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and collects data on women and girls around the world, while accepting “donations” from foreign governments, which auspiciously halted when she was Secretary of State. Clinton also makes roughly a quarter of a million dollars per speaking engagement by appearing before Wall Street firms.

An dual insidious agenda: Chemical food and chemical medicine propaganda promoter

Clinton incessantly pushes for mass immunization of children (which cause autism and cancer), yearly mammograms (which often give false positives and expose women to unnecessary radiation that causes cancer), and for genetically modified ingredients in food (which also cause cancer). Known as the “Bride of Frankenfood” (because of her deep ties to Monsanto), she pushes the GMO–chemical agriculture agenda to the hilt, and hires Monsanto lobbyists while accepting mass amounts of money from the evil corporation.

The more Hillary pushes for Americans to consume cancer-causing GMOs, the more money Monsanto puts in her pockets. Not coincidentally, Monsanto and Bill Gates are the TOP donors to the Clinton Foundation, a.k.a. the Clinton “Crime” Family Foundation. Both vaccinations and GMOs are criticized by health enthusiasts as toxic and as insidious tools of the depopulation agenda admitted to by Gates at a TED conference. (8)

The majority of Clinton’s donors, contributing tens of millions of dollars, are the most evil corporations and entities on Earth–a long list of Big Food, Wall Street, Biotech, and Big Pharma conglomerates, including Dow Chemical, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, and ExxonMobil, just to name a few. Clinton went so far as to hire a prominent, long-time Monsanto lobbyist, Jerry Crawford, to run her “Ready for Hillary” campaign.

Crawford is the fulcrum in Monsanto’s evil schemes to bury small farmers in court in order to protect Monsanto’s growing monopoly on the world’s seed supply. This Monsanto-Clinton “duo” dates back two decades to when Hillary’s Arkansas law firm, Rose Law, represented Monsanto (and other chemical agriculture firms), at the same time Vince Foster was murdered for knowing too much about the Clintons, as covered later in this truthwiki revelation. Hillary is also infamous for heading off all of the claims by women who were sexually harassed and exploited by her husband.

2014: Hillary speaks Monsanto’s language, and parrots their lying script about the safety and efficacy of genetic engineering of food

At the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) conference, Hillary regurgitated Monsanto’s favorite talking points, saying she stands in favor of using seeds and products that have a “proven track record,” although no such statistics or records exist. In fact, superweeds and superbugs are routinely taking over crop fields across America to the extent that farmers are using up to TEN TIMES the amount of toxic herbicides they would have used on conventional crops just to try to stave them off.

Hillary tries to bleed together GMO with hybrids (traditional natural breeding methods), a typical miseducation and disinformation conversation many other biotech shills use for propaganda, such as Bill Nye, the science fraud guy, and Neal DeGrasse Tyson, also a known biotech huckster. Clinton goes so far as to say during her “BIO” presentation that all anti-GMO people are anti-science idiots who can’t comprehend the “facts.”

Clinton‘s gun confiscation agenda and the elimination of the 2nd amendment

One of the main goals of the “Democratic” agenda is to make as many US citizens completely dependent on the government for food, medicine, shelter, and protection. This involves confiscating any and all weapons citizens might later use to defend themselves against a tyrannical regime that infringes on their basic human and constitutional rights. Clinton wants Americans to believe that if they are totally disarmed and live in a country that’s one big gun-free zone, that no terrorists will ever come here or try to harm them, knowing they can’t fight back, just like in Australia. Yet, Venezuela is run by a socialist regime and the middle class is starving to death right now, and the government is confiscating all food and rationing it out only to the poor who vote for more socialism. (9)

Plus, Clinton has misguided Americans about Australia’s crime statistics since their guns have been confiscated. The underground firearms market has exploded since, and the number of pistol-related offences in Victoria doubled and tripled in New South Wales since. In other words, the people of Australia are now at HIGHER risk of gun violence than before being forced by the tyrannical government to forfeit their long guns. So basically, the ban on semi-automatics created conversely a great demand for other types of guns, including the semi-automatic pistol. Still, Clinton has stated outright that she favors an Australia-type of gun ban in America, including hand guns.

After the Sandy Hook (FBI-staged) incident in the US, the Democratic push for gun confiscation led to an all-time buy up of not only automatic weapons by citizens but ammunition. This all took place while the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, FDA, EPA, and USDA all keep buying massive amounts of body armor, automatic weapons, heavily armored vehicles, and hollow-point bullets for raiding organic farmers, holistic medicine establishments, and for preparing for a domestic war that might be on the horizon when the economy implodes.

The Insidious “Planned Parenthood” and the selling of aborted babies and baby organs

The political left in America is perfectly fine with the black market dealings from harvesting organs from babies during abortions. Time and time again, the politics of population control and the profits made from it are defended and even covered up as not taking place, until caught red-handed. The “American Birth Control League(3) is still running strong, now renamed as “Planned Parenthood.” For nearly a century, clinics support minorities killing their babies by the numbers (about 300,000 annually) as a major part of their agenda. The remaining prerogatives include promoting breast cancer rates through repetitive radiation exposure (scam-o-grams) and selling contraceptives.

The “Action Fund” allows Planned Parenthood (PP) to auspiciously lobby for pro-choice legislation, fueling the eugenics agenda. Of course, though PP services more than 3 million people in the US, providing 10% of them with abortion services, they never foot the bill. This accounts for 75% of their business. The rest of their population control “health” services include vasectomies, tubal ligations, and testing for STDs. As of late, PP has been caught on video bargaining cash deals for baby hearts, brains, cleansing organs and other tissues.

By this agenda, any dead (especially minority) baby is a good baby, especially if the body parts are preserved and sold for cold cash profits. (2) These illegal practices are nothing new for PP, as back in the early 1900s, Margaret Sanger and her sisters ran a birth control clinic in Brooklyn and we all ARRESTED and JAILED for violating the Comstock Act for distributing propaganda. By the close of WWII, the “American Birth Control League” had morphed into Planned Parenthood Foundation of America, which later dropped the latter part of the name.

Planned Parenthood gives out “Margaret Sanger Award” to John D. Rockefeller III and Hillary Clinton

Today, the largest facility for PP is found in Houston, Texas and is a 78,000-square-foot structure that cost over $25 million. At least 25% of all PP “clients” are teenagers and 75% have income considerably lower than the federal poverty level (mainly African Americans and Mexicans). This is not coincidence, but further proof of a mass eugenics plan to exterminate non-white babies, (4) all presented under the guise of “unwanted pregnancies,” as the counselors coerce the would-be-mothers into getting rid of their babies, while PP sells their parts on the black market for cash.

The CDC furthers the insidious eugenics agenda by covering up the fact that the MMR (among other vaccines and flu shots) causes autism in African American boys given the jab under age three. This is also part of population control. A top CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed last year to the mass cover up by other scientists (his cohorts), who lied to the public and the scientific community about the results of the study that directly connected the MMR to high autism rates in black boys. (10) (11)

By law, PP can’t federally fund abortions; however, by “freeing up” money by paying for other medical services (money they get from private donors like Bill Gates, Ford Foundation, Buffet Foundation, and Turner Foundation), one hand basically feeds the other. All in all, “low-income” abortions and maiming the living with too many vaccines both prove profitable in the end for Planned Parenthood, which should be called planned non-parenthood.

The Clinton Foundation’s criminal activities, including the death of an honest man, Vince Foster, who knew TOO MUCH about the Clintons

More than two decades ago, Vince Foster, deputy White House councilman, was found shot to death in his automobile–where he was suicided (murdered where it’s made to look like a suicide). Sustained injuries from a second bullet around Foster’s neck were documented (6) but not reported in the “official” government documents. At the time, during Bill Clinton’s reign, the FBI claimed the photos were underexposed and useless, but that was a lie. Plus, Hillary had ordered the removal of damaging files related to Whitewater and other controversial matters from Foster’s office the very night of his death.

A lead experienced and well-trained prosecutor with years of federal prosecutorial and federal grand jury experience, Miguel Rodriguez, resigned DURING the investigation, after producing damning evidence of a murder cover up, because he himself became a target and was investigated internally. Why did Rodriguez resign in the middle of the investigation? Because he said key evidence was purposely being overlooked and ignored in a big RUSH to judgment in FAVOR of a suicide verdict, that simply wasn’t the truth of the case. (5)

Rodriguez thoroughly explained in a letter at least a dozen ways the Foster death case was mishandled and completely compromised. Rodriguez identified and confirmed TWO gunshots that killed Vince Foster, not one! The gunshot to the head was from a .38 caliber, but the gunshot to his neck was made by a small caliber bullet. Why was Foster suicided? Foster was directly tied to Hillary Clinton’s roles in scandals at Whitewater and the White House travel office. Was he killed because he knew TOO much? Absolutely.

The Foster murder is one of the biggest controversies of the Clinton administration, next to the National security email scandal. Foster was a close friend and former law partner of Hillary’s, but none of that mattered when he began to expose her corruption. Boxes of evidence have since been discovered that laid deep in the National Archives, leading to published books and countless articles exposing the truth. The “smoking gun” was the series of photographs of Foster’s neck, exposing a wound that did not exist according to Kenneth Starr’s “official” government report. Plus, just hours after Foster’s body was found, Hillary Clinton’s aides were caught rifling through Foster’s White House office files.

The Supreme Court themselves actually denied previous requests during the case, that were filed under the Freedom of Information Act, to uncover the missing photos, back in 2004. The government’s conclusion? Foster died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Rodriguez pleaded at meetings and in letters that Foster’s death was NOT a suicide, as he cited new photographic evidence, a dozen ways the investigation was compromised, and the complete mishandling of death-scene photographs. To top it all off, not only had witness statements been inaccurately reflected in official FBI reports, but FOUR paramedics had recalled seeing Foster’s neck wound as they had their memories refreshed by the new photographic evidence.

How did the FBI get around this? They took cheap Polaroid pictures of the original pictures, essentially producing blurred copies of copies, and then said the originals were “under-exposed” and useless. But then Rodriguez found the originals buried in a file and took them to a lab, had them enhanced, revealing a bullet hole in Foster’s neck. Rodriguez was simply railroaded out of the case when a U.S. District Court judge in L.A. denied a request in 2001 for deposition from Rodriguez.

What you can expect from a Clinton/Monsanto presidency
The cold, hard truth is that there are so many deep ties between Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Monsanto, that the monopolistic agri-chemical corporation is virtually Hillary’s running mate for the Presidential election of 2016. If she wins, the nation should expect Monsanto’s full agenda of controlling all crop seeds to be aggressively pushed as national policy, and nearly all food converted to being genetically modified to contain cancer-causing pesticides. Soon after the election, expect to see the elimination of organic farms and a federal ban on GMO labeling, followed by the USDA’s outright approval of all experimental GMO crops.

The FDA, EPA, AMA, and USDA will increase raids and armed attacks on holistic doctors, anti-GMO activists, scientists, and journalists. The government will then create massive increases (taxpayer funded, of course) for farmers who switch from growing organic or conventional to strictly GMO crops, and any bans on glyphosate by other nations will be attempted to be overturned through economic and political imperialistic-style pressures. We may even see the end of the USDA certified organic label and the non-GMO Project Verified labels.

Anyone who pulls the lever for Hillary is also voting for Monsanto’s poisonous food, not to mention mass gun confiscation, and forced vaccination (of the CDC’s schedule of 50 vaccines before age 7) for all children, at gunpoint. Any citizens who balk at this government “protection” will be labeled anti-science, pro-terrorism, and hauled off to prison, and their children sold on the black market via Child Protection Services and Planned Parenthood. (12)


BREXIT victory means the Global Elitists LOST!

If Trump wins in America, then Big Food, Big Pharma, and Biotech LOSE. Pay close attention to the people's revolt across the world. We're winning!

The implications of such a victory are huge. For starters, it also means that Donald Trump would be a far more likely victor in America for all the same reasons: the voters are revolting against the establishment in such huge numbers that even the corrupt government regimes of the world cannot commit sufficient ballot box fraud to overrule them.

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Do not EVER drink decaffeinated coffee - here's why

The decaffeination process for coffee often involves soaking coffee beans in the toxic chemical benzene to dissolve the caffeine. Continual benzene exposure leads to neurological symptoms. Symptoms include dizziness, drowsiness, headaches and loss of consciousness. Larger doses cause vomiting, dizziness and convulsions, and can eventually lead to death. Dermal exposure leads to reddening and blistering of the skin, and exposure to vapor leads to respiratory problems.

Learn more about the world's worst and most dangerous food modifications here:

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Most Americans are too brain damaged from food and medicine toxins to discuss this ...

Not only does the FDA refuse to test food toxins for safety, but they never test them in combination to find out how they may be damaging Americans' ability to think. Medical doctors go to college for at least eight years to study how different prescription medications can or cannot be combined, due to the dangers of blood toxicity or brain damage, but they never study food chemicals. In fact, they don't even study how food chemicals affect prescription drug chemicals. Go figure!

Some food chemicals are more dangerous than the chemicals found in medications and vaccines. Aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are both genetically modified neurotoxins and should be classified as narcotics, but they're not. These food toxins cause brain fog, headaches, anxiety and depression, but MDs don't even mention them when prescribing dangerous SSRIs for anxiety and depression.

So, what happens when all of these toxins are consumed at the same time? Plenty of people take depression and/or anxiety medications, drink diet sodas, chew "sugar-free" gum and then eat conventional soups, chips and Chinese food that are often loaded with excitotoxins – a formula for health detriment, brain damage and serious side effects. Don't even start talking about sodium fluoride in tap water either, which lowers IQ and the ability to engage in cognitive considerations about toxic food and toxic medications.

What better way to keep the population weak, dumbed-down and subservient to tyrannical government than to poison the food?

Hitler put fluoride in the water for the Jews to drink so they'd be weak and couldn't rebel. He surely did. That's the same chemical put in America's municipal taps today. It lowers IQ – as proven in multiple long-term research studies.

The American "cannons" (core curriculum) in public schools have all but eliminated critical thinking skills, discussions and essays, and replaced all testing with multiple choice, easy-to-grade, dumbed-down learning. Most schools teach rote memorization of distorted "facts" about history, the economy and even Western food and medicine. School served breakfasts and lunches are 95 percent GMO, processed, toxic foods. The CDC's mass inoculation scheme demands all children be injected with brain damaging neurotoxins (49 jabs by age 6) over and over, and now 1 in 68 kids have autism.

What happens when you combine school food, toxic vaccines, flu shots, fluoride-loaded tap water and dangerous, chemical-based prescription medications? Nobody knows. It's never been tested. Probably won't ever be. What's the solution? How do we reclaim our brains and our children's brains? We filter all the toxins from our daily lives – that's how.

Top brain-damaging toxins to begin filtering out NOW!

Here's the "hit list" of top concern. Filter them out now while you can still comprehend the difference between food and poison.

Fluoride in tap water: Look into a Big Berkey water filter – it's the best for your money, and filters fluoride, heavy metal toxins, chlorine, other people's medications, pathogens, etc.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG): Never eat this neurotoxic, brain-damaging, genetically modified and concentrated spicy salt substitute. Causes brain damage in infants and unbearable migraine headaches in children, teens and adults.

Aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, saccharine, acesulfame potassium: These are all synthetic, IBS-causing, neurotoxic artificial sweeteners designed to make humans sick and fat.

Diacetyl: This synthetic artificial butter flavoring is often added to microwave popcorn. Able to cross the blood-brain barrier, this food additive nightmare causes beta-amyloid clumping associated with Alzheimer's disease. You may not see the word diacetyl, so just look for "artificial butter flavor" and you'll know.

Aluminum: Found in pots and pans, antacids, vaccines and flu shots, tap water, baking powder, deodorants and antiperspirants, and most food imported from China, whether organic or not. Causes Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other dementia disorders. Aluminum fluoride is the compound often found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

Mercury, (listed as thimerosal), aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG: all very common ingredients in vaccines and flu shots.

GMO foods: These foods contain pesticides and herbicides that damage the human brain!

SSRIs – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: These dangerous, experimental, untested drugs block/disrupt your serotonin production and attempt to control it unnaturally. These drugs can lead to unnatural thoughts like homicide and suicide, and eventually, those acts themselves.

Also watch out for toxins in common candles, air fresheners, antibacterial sprays, flea-killing carpet bombs, and the toxins when you first get into a hot vehicle.

The good news is that you can reverse most kinds of damage, improve brain function, and sharpen your memory, if you stop consuming toxins and start eating superfoods, like maca, mucuna, medicinal mushrooms like chaga, goji berries, organic raw seeds and nuts, hemp seed oil (high in omega 3s) and much more.

Remember, you are what you eat, so if you eat junk food all the time, you're going to experience "junk" brain: brain fog, confusion, depression and anxiety. So, eat organics, superfoods and clean foods, and experience organic thinking, super brain power and clean thoughts that help you reach your goals and experience your dream life. Billions of brain cells and enzymes are waiting for you to simply flip on the switch!

Sources for this article include:[PDF]

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