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Quit smoking by inserting the missing link - Nutrition and herbs! - Natural News exclusive

The greatest fear of quitting smoking is the fear of the feelings of anxiety, depression and overall "crankiness" from the withdrawals of nicotine. Any smoker who has tried to quit in the past knows that this is a very tough period to go through, especially if stressful events happen on top of it all.

The fear of that anxiety and nervousness "never ending" can last for hours, days and even weeks, seemingly having no "light at the end of the tunnel" and sending the new "non-smoker" back to the well. And that's it. Once you smoke ONE cigarette, you get dragged back into the habit like a strong undertow in the ocean, and before you know it, you're right back to smoking a pack a day, or two packs a day, or was it three?

A man once told me that he couldn't quit smoking because his wife would find out. I said, you mean, she doesn't know that you started back up again? He said yes, and when he quits, he gets really cranky, and that she would know that he had started smoking again. I thought that was the most ridiculous reason I had ever heard for someone not wanting to quit, but it's true. So what is the solution? What is the "missing link" that, if smokers all knew about and really put to use, would have the highest success ratio of any program in the world for getting smokers over that hump, those first 14 days basically, when the anxiety and nervousness otherwise "kicks in"?

The missing link - nutrition and herbs

The reason why nearly all cessation (stop smoking) programs fail for about 95% of people who try them is because they do not address nutrient deficiency and the problems that smokers' central nervous systems face when they stop smoking ammonia-laden nicotine. You see, Big Tobacco uses ammonia to freebase nicotine so that every cigarette delivers about 100 milligrams of nicotine power, and that quells the anxiety and nervousness that is bred by smoking 4,000 chemicals, including herbicide, pesticide, insecticide and bleach. Also, the nicotine patch only delivers about 3 to 4 milligrams an hour, steadily, throughout the day. Nicotine gum is even weaker than the patch. These "cessation" choices are nothing close to calming the nerves. They are not helping you balance your central nervous system or replenish your nutrient base. Now you know why they call it chain smoking -- nicotine is just aspirin for the chemical hangover you get from EVERY cigarette.

Hypnosis doesn't offer nutritional advice or supplements either, and the CDC certainly does not inform you in any way of the power of certain organic foods and herbs that quell the anxiety, fight depression and raise dopamine levels naturally. The CDC's scary commercials and warnings on cigarette packs do nothing more than spark conversation; they don't help smokers quit the third-strongest addiction in the world. For most people, it's not just psychological. For the ultimate feat of quitting cigarettes for good -- people want some guidance.

End anxiety and fuel good feelings

Mucuna is a natural remedy and a tropical legume. It is made into a food "supplement" by grinding up the beans after removing the "velvety" outer coating. It's a beautiful bean that's native to Asia and Africa and has a wide range of medicinal properties. By safely and naturally enhancing dopamine levels, people do not feel irritated and desperate to light up, but rather they feel happy and "removed" from the want of lighting up. (

David Wolfe speaking on the safety of Mucuna:

When you kill the "urge," you cut the habit, and the rest is mind control and nutrition. The nicotine addiction is broken in three to four days, but it takes about two weeks to rid yourself of the 4,000 chemicals still leaching minerals from your body. This is also why it is important to supplement with an organic multivitamin mineral complex, really ramping up the fortification process as the first 14 days pass. Vitamin B is good for balancing the central nervous system, but it needs to be organic, possibly with niacin too. Check with your nutritionist. Did you know that organic chocolate fights depression? Imagine if you took action and did all of this? Whom do you know who smokes and would love to quit?

Also, L-tyrosine is an amino acid that fights depression, cures anxiety and cures chronic fatigue! Some smokers mistake depression for detoxification. It is vital to refortify nutrients throughout the body while quitting smoking. Garlic cloves and oil of oregano are also natural remedies to be considered here. The natural method called 14AndOut not only teaches the smoker about the physiological effects from the chemicals engineered into commercial cigarettes, but 14AndOut also introduces excellent behavior modification to replace and replenish bad habits with good ones. That is how nutrition is infused into the equation and the smoker is rescued from anxiety, nervousness, crankiness and, in the end, the habit that was removing 10 to 20 years from their life.


Kill the urge and you cut the habit

The Health Ranger presents the trailer to the all-natural program (empowerment video) recommended by nutritionists and naturopaths. 14AndOut is also available in paperback and on kindle. (

You are in complete control now, it's not just mind over matter. It's about nutrition and positive reinforcements! Eliminate your fear of quitting right now. Live without fear and the "fear of failure." Quit smoking. Change your life!

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Kick cigarettes to the curb and never light up again! The Natural Method 14&Out is winning BIG!

Nicotine addiction is over after 4 days – 14 & Out natural program tells smokers the truth so they can quit
No programs for smoking cessation speak much, if any, about nutrition. Hardly any program sold, whether taught on video or in person, or written in a paperback book informs you that your body, as a smoker, is missing a boatload of nutrients it not only needs to run properly, but to recover while quitting nicotine, the third strongest drug in the world. And just how long do you need to actually become “unhooked” from nicotine? The answer is 3 to 4 days.
Learn behavior modification then stop smoking naturally in 14 days or less
Some people can ‘psych’ themselves out of being addicted. They use a mental approach to get through the physical withdrawals. Other people experience tragedy and get scared to death. Certain smokers think back to when they used to be in good shape, or not sick all the time, and they want that back. Some people see their cancer x-rays and have a wake up call. Too many lose a loved one to cancer and that’s the last straw, they just quit smoking.
For everyone else, nutrition changes everything. Most people are missing out on nutrients already, thanks to GMO (pesticide food) and processed food (all fast food), so now that nicotine potency in one cigarette can reach 100 MILLIGRAMS, they have no hope of quitting without completely stressing out, freaking out, and needing nicotine more than ever to raise their dopamine levels and make them feel closer to normal. Little do they know right here, they need BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION. They don’t know what that is. Nobody is telling them. The allopathic prescription writing witch-doctors of America are just scribbling prescriptions for meds that can make you depressed, MORE like a zombie, and so gloomy that you want to commit suicide. Not cool. People need mucuna and maca, they need organic chocolate and actual spring water, just for starters.  New non-smokers or quitting smokers NEED balance and alkalinity:
Maca is the Ancient Superfood of the Incas!
Mucuna Kills your Cravings!
Replace and Replenish
If you puff a pack a day, that’s about 250 inhales and exhales in a different pattern than you breathe when you’re not smoking. Breathe like that without cigarettes. If you smoke two packs a day, that’s about 500 times you raise your hand to your mouth each day. Replace that with raw organic nuts and berries, with chopped celery, carrots or apples, with organic supplements in capsules! Let’s talk about NOT feeling stressed when stress hits, and it always comes in one form or another. Bring on the best food in the world and quit smoking forever. Start drinking spring water like it’s your life essence, because it is. Get the good stuff, not Evian which is Naïve spelled backwards.
Replace your negative cigarette break with an outdoor break that involves you looking at the sky and laughing because you quit the habit that was killing you, taking up to 10 or 20 years off your life. Replenish that pesticide laden lung tissue and flush that tar right out. You can do it. I know, I know, the other programs don’t talk about nutrition. And why is that? Guess who’s selling you the scam programs that aren’t meant to help you anyway? Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, that’s who. No more GMO tobacco for you. Detoxify yourself from the Big Tobacco scam and the ammonia-laden tobacco and nicotine, and don’t fall for their “built-to-fail” programs. (
Over the past 5 years, the word Superfood has grown its own personality. People sling it around like they know what they’re talking about, and maybe they do, but if they actually made it part of their daily routine, to work in Superfoods in every meal, then there supplements would be catapulted, and their nutrient base strong. This is the “best friend” of the quitting smoker, who wants nothing more than to NOT smell like burnt tar and pesticide, and to NOT always “need a cigarette” when something stressful happens. Anti-inflammatory Superfoods to the rescue! How amazing would that be to end the habit once and for all and know that the solution was based on YOUR WILL POWER and NUTRITION alone! Hello adaptogenic herbs! There is no weight gain worry when you eat right and feel like working out. This is the “basement of basics” and they don’t tell you on the CDC website or at the end of the scary ads of people smoking a cigarette through a hole in their throat. Let’s get real food and feel REALLY good:
Health Ranger Report
Check out the Health Ranger Report! In this Health Ranger Report, Mike Adams interviews Sean Cohen, author of “14AndOut,” a course that helps smokers quit the addiction by learning innovative techniques and strategies never before heard. These strategies do not involve transferring addictions. There are no medications, no electronic cigarettes. No patch. No gum. No gimmicks.
End the nicotine addiction using behavior modification, then put to work the “replace and replenish” strategies, Superfoods and organic supplements. The four day “nic-fix” ends with nutrition. So, what are you waiting for? 
“14 & Out – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days” - video, paperback or E-book:

Vaccine exemptions – are they an “admission of neglect” or a smart choice for parents?


“Sign the form, admit neglect, and be on your way, Miss Jones.” Is that where this is heading? - So Obamacare can come in with CPS, Child Protective Services, and take your child later on based on whether they do or do not like your point of view, or maybe that non-profit business status, your voting trends, or whether or not you vaccinate your kids.


Infectious disease, after all, is the buzz word combo of the century! That IS Western Medicine. Yet the irony is most of the disease people are dying from is non-infectious and preventable, or the very thing they get vaccinated for, over and over. Now the New York Times just published a piece on the possible elimination of vaccine exemptions, and it all comes full circle. History teaches us that when evil governments decide all of your personal business and health for you, you’re in BIG trouble. This is just the way Hitler functioned before everyone knew what he was really doing. Propaganda and re-education films. Mandatory re-education films. You like that?


Is this who you want running your personal (and business) life?

This is why everyone fled Europe, twice! Europeans fled to America to get away from religious persecution and psychotic rulers, and then the Jews fled to get away from a psychopath who force vaccinated children, experimented on their brains, imprisoned (and secretly killed) any one who opposed his core belief system, and it was all about having a master race, one with certain genes, or didn’t you know? And, yes, Hitler really did take the guns from Jews before throwing them into concentration camps



Nazi Germany or New York City?


My friends, I am not from New York City, but I have visited there enough to know the “life.” Most people run their own businesses and they do it pretty well. They raise their children the best they can in the middle of “chaos.” Now a government is using scare tactics to convince the masses that flu shots and vaccines are for the good of everyone, but what’s the “master plan” behind forcing something “good” on the people?!


Forced Vaccination at Gunpoint Near


Parents, if you don’t sign a guilt form for NOT getting your kids shot up with MSG, aluminum and mercury, you will not be able to enroll your children in PUBLIC school. This precedent, if set, could and would be “used in a court of law,” to propel other cities and even states to follow suit. If you don’t sign that form, they have proof later you neglected protecting your child from a disease scare. This is leverage to take your children away from you and keep you listed as a criminal, with no right to own a gun, even though you’ll probably be on psych meds or in a jail somewhere.


That is the “master plan” my herding friends, who think there is safety in numbers. There was no safety in the 6,000,000 Jews that Hitler killed after he confiscated their weapons (made them register them first!), pulled them from their homes with their children (who needed force vaccinating and brain surgery), and took them on trains to the film festival (concentration camp with no food and chemical showers). Could FEMA and DHS be preparing for the nationwide “film festival” right now? Maybe you better check.





Natural News has this coverage:


Whether you vaccinate or not, we have a problem. We have people suggesting that it's the governments place to tell us what's best for our children. We have a healthcare community that is not educated on vaccinations, their ingredients or side-effects, and we have vaccines being injected into our children that have not been subjected to proper research, safety and clinical trials. It's time to wake up and step up before it's too late.


What can you do if you have children and you recognize that vaccines contain many neurotoxins and you don’t think they can do any good at all?


Know your rights!


Which ethnic group do you “loathe?” Because your ethnicity might get ultimately “tested” by the swine flu vaccine, or the next pandemic “outbreak” that CNN helps disseminate with information packs and directions to the nearest stadium or theatre showing the new education film. Everyone MUST get vaccinated! You must shoot formaldehyde into your muscle tissue for protection from infectious disease. Forget about the fact that most of you are dying young from preventable disease, all while getting shot up with toxic GMO bacteria, GMO viruses, MSG and embalming fluid!


Know your rights!


The Government who takes away your guns and force-vaccinates you has a master plan:


If you read the 1938 Nazi gun laws closely and compare them to earlier 1928 Weimar gun legislation - as a straightforward exercise of statutory interpretation - several conclusions become clear. First, with regard to possession and carrying of firearms, the Nazi regime relaxed the gun laws that were in place in Germany at the time the Nazis seized power. Second, the Nazi gun laws of 1938 specifically banned Jewish persons from obtaining a license to manufacture firearms or ammunition. Third, approximately eight months after enacting the 1938 Nazi gun laws, Hitler imposed regulations prohibiting Jewish persons from possessing any dangerous weapons, including firearms.


"In Germany, firearm registration helped lead to the holocaust," National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre wrote in his book, "Gun, Crimes and Freedom."


Natural News Tracker is keeping up with every major move the crooks are busted trying to enforce on the people of this great Nation. What can be done? Read Natural News so you know how it affects your day, your taxes, your food purchases, your supplements.


Could the U.S. Food Supply be purposely infested with pesticide to slowly kill all the people who have yet to see the New World Order film?


Protect your Constitution and stay happy, healthy, safe and wealthy. Natural News enthusiasts can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we are sharing this vital information.






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How does Flight 370 have similar “disappearance” and “foul play” scenario to the 9/11 “crash” of Flight 93 over Pennsylvania?


Do you remember? Do you recall that they never found any fuselage or human remains at all from Flight 93 that “crashed” in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001? The black box was found days later and then “buried” by “investigators” so the American public couldn’t ever know what was said by the pilots or anyone “else” in the cockpit. Why wasn’t that whole event ever investigated? The idiot box (TV) just showed a smoking hole in ground in some rural field and some bumbling idiots walking around like a plane had crashed there. They did that for a few days while everyone else worried about terrorism throughout the country. The theory about flight 93 being shot down by a jet was never examined either. Maybe they should rename “Shanksville” and call it “Pranksville, Pennsylvania.” What about all the phony phone calls to relatives that were done by people who asked for their parents by their last name? That was the same day that World Trade Center building 7 imploded demolition style and was reported by BBC to have fallen before it actually did. Pay it forward 13 years to Flight 370.


So far, we have no black box, no radar signature of an explosion or crash, and no fuselage or human remains of any kind, anywhere. Could Flight 370 be parked somewhere right now, in some hanger, next to Flight 93? Maybe Flight 370 stopped to refuel (in Afghanistan at the Military-Industrial Complex, and is now at Guantanamo Bay.


Did you know they found a woman’s I.D. in perfect condition at the Flight 93 “impact area” just as they found a terrorist’s passport in perfect condition at ground zero in NY on 9/11? Will they soon find someone’s I.D. from Flight 370 just floating in the Indian Ocean, wrapped up and sealed nicely in some cellophane bag? What’s next for our Mass Media fix? What huge lie comes next about Flight 370, in order to cover up the truth they probably knew before take off?








The era of chemical antibiotics is over – and the Health Ranger explains just why


It’s all a huge ego on top of great failure, but it always comes crumbling down. Antibiotics are like a house of cards about to be run over by a Mack Truck – namely Superbugs. We bred them and they are wiping out antibiotics in hospitals across America, killing over 200 people EACH day. Imagine if a terrorist group was on the loose killing over 200 people EACH day and getting away with it, what would be the news? Remember the D.C. Sniper, who was shooting people at gas stations and Home Depots from the car he parked in the parking lots? He had a partner, remember? Hospitals have partners, and they’re the doctors who don’t understand nutrition, cleanliness, and the entire failure that looming for all antibiotics. They are the doctors who have 8 years OR MORE of schooling which taught them exactly NOTHING about immunity, only how to push back disease. Schooling handed down to them by the “Ivy League-ers” from the AMA and Morris Fishbein back in the 1930’s and 1940’s.




What Western Medicine and the CDC will never admit is that the failure of antibiotics is almost “exponential” now, because Superbugs can spread faster than any group of scientists can concoct a temporary solution to in their little labs. Nothing Obama can mandate or the Republicans can “refudiate.” No act of Congress or Big Pharma for that matter can veto the Superbugs, the infections that kill enough people everyday to freak out every American as if there were a WAR going on here on domestic soil. Yep, it’s going on in your own “back yard,” where the school kids get their vaccines and broken bones fixed, where women have babies and people have heart surgery. Where the elderly go in for a broken finger and NEVER come out alive.


The Health Ranger wants you to realize these FACTS as reported by the CDC, the very organization that collaborates with the FDC and the AMA, to suppress natural cures for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease, that same organization is supposed to be in the business of “disease control.” How ironic. How tragic.

“The era of chemical antibiotics is over”

Mike Adams, Editor in Chief at Natural News says: “The great failure of modern medicine is that it invented and unleashed the vehicle of our own medical self destruction: antibiotics. These patented chemicals were once heralded as "miraculous cures" but have now thrust humanity to the brink of medical self-destruction. Soon, a simple infection entering your body from a minor scrape or cut may prove deadly, with doctors having run out of prescription chemical weapons to use against it.”

Learn more:


Get more on this here from Natural News:

The coming plague will not be stopped by drugs: CDC now admits era of antibiotics at an end as bacteria out-wit drug companies

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Amazing herbal cures from around the world - A Natural News Exclusive Look

So we start this whole thing off with cancer, since that’s the biggest “mystery” on earth. Cancer, the eighth wonder of the world, or is it the ninth? Cancer – that “disease” (actually it’s a disorder) of the cells where certain dying or “chemicalized” cells mutate and multiply uncontrollably, then attack your good cells. Scientists all over the world cannot figure out a vaccine or medicine to cure this problem. Or can they?


Then there’s Alzheimer’s disease, again, not really a disease at all. It’s not contagious and you don’t inherit it either, so forget about that big lie. Yes, it’s “genetic” because your genes get screwed up, and oxygen can’t get to your brain. Can anyone say “aluminum and lead in food?” Scientists certainly can’t build a human brain, and they definitely can’t take it apart - to figure out what causes seniors to forget who their immediate family is, and not know how to take care of themselves anymore. There’s just no pharmaceutical cure for that. Dang it! After all, what’s the pill made from that makes you stop eating heavy metals?


Scientists around the world study arthritis too, and they design drugs in laboratories, much the way (crystal) meth-heads make their drugs in their RV labs, but they just can’t seem to make a drug that makes all the inflammatory food in America disappear. Maybe some day soon they’ll have their breakthrough, and without side effects!


Everybody (lazy and uninformed people) wants to eat anything they want to, any time they want to, and as much as they want to, and then take a pill to make the pain (and the fat) go away. It just doesn’t work like that. You can’t sit around every day eating high fructose corn syrup by-products, hormone-laden meat, pus milk (conventional), rennet (calf stomach) cheese, GMO pesticide-laden gluten, bleached bread, microwave dinners and drink fluoridated water and expect to live past 50 or 60, without needing help walking, thinking, going to the bathroom and feeding yourself.


If you want to “march for the cure” for any of these preventable “diseases,” take OFF your walkin’ shoes and let your fingers do the walking – it’s a snap. The internet is full of <b>phenomenal herbal cures</b> that come from nature and are pure.


I beg you. If you are watching TV turn it off. If you are reading the newspaper, put it in your fire pit and go wash the toxic ink off your finger tips, and then cancel the subscription right away! Mass media lies, period. <b>Natural, indigenous and organic cures</b> have worked for millennia; it’s just that Americans are simply never educated about them. Do you feel like avoiding cancer, Alzheimer’s and arthritis? Maybe you have some now and want to “eliminate” and “prevent” – (can’t say “cure” or they put you in jail). Oh, but wait, this is just journalism, so we can type and print what we know, and natural news enthusiasts across the nation can tune into reality, longevity, and happiness. Here we go:


<h1>Indigenous cures have worked for centuries and even millennium</h1>


<b>Addressing cancer, immunity, and vitality</b>:







Maca and Mucuna: Raw food expert and world traveler/speaker David Wolfe is an authority on maca and mucuna. Watch these YouTube videos for great information:





Medicinal mushrooms: Check out Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake and Chaga to boost immunity and fight cancer cells - everything from brain cancer to breast cancer. What more could you ask?


Since ancient times, people have used plants to heal themselves. Want to grow your own at home and start your fresh new natural “medicine cabinet?”


<h1>Chinese Medicine</h1>Traditional Chinese medicine compounds are extracted from natural products and herbs and “food as medicine” has been practiced for centuries in China, Korea, Japan and other countries in Asia. Coriolis versicolor, a common turkey tail mushroom, has 400 published studies, including long term research and clinical trials that confirm its cancer killing, anti-metastatic and immune enhancing capabilities. It can improve patient’s anti-tumor response. This is why Western Medicine won’t mention it, and your oncologist could get shut down (by FDA/CDC) for prescribing it. Turkey tail mushroom improves survival rates and lifespan for gastric, colorectal, breast and lung cancers. Are you wondering why Dr. Oz and “The Doctors” can’t talk about it?


Do you see medicinal mushrooms on pink ribbons anywhere? All I see are buckets of KFC, Kentucky Fried (GMO) Chicken with pink ribbons on them. What’s that about?


Warning: Herbs and mushrooms can be POTENT and quite effective medicines, yet gentle on the stomach and bowels, unlike chemo, radiation, surgery, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses and Superbugs from hospitals. (


<h1>Nutritional therapies to remedy inflammation, arthritis and more!</h1>


Ermiao wan, burdock root, dandelion and meadow saffron: Check out these Chinese herbs for reducing swelling, inflammation and edema, and to treat gout! - 2004 Journal of Ethnopharmacology: ( ) Dandelion also stimulates the excretion of uric acid – one of the main causes of gouty arthritis.

Aloe Vera: One of most common herbs in alternative medicine. Aloe is great for sun burns, skin abrasions and achy joints. Try growing your own at home!


Boswellia: An anti-inflammatory herb derived from the gum of boswellia trees, indigenous to India. You may know it as frankincense, capable of blocking leukotrienes, substances that attack healthy joints in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Mainstream medicine still lives in denial on this one based on lack of “human trials.” Okay, let’s just look at centuries of HUMANS who swear by it then.


Cat’s Claw: Comes from a tropical vine and dates back to Inca civilizations. Boosts immunity and reduces swelling in arthritis, but must be used sparingly there. Even the University of Maryland Medical Center admits (reveals studies) that cat’s claw can help with osteoarthritis pain and RA swelling. You won’t read that in “peer reviews” of JAMA!


Eucalyptus: Its leaves contain tannins that are helpful in reducing arthritis swelling typical from consuming MSG, refined salts, refined sugars, and especially GMO anything.


Ginger: A staple of alternative medicine “cabinets” – your spice rack. You should juice raw organic vegetables and include fresh organic ginger! Limited trials on humans exist in research, except for the humans who have been using it for great health for a couple thousand years.


Green Tea: Quite simply reduces inflammation. Do you have an overload of Omega-6 fatty acids, and not enough Omega-3’s? Get some hemp seed oil and drink green tea!


Thunder God Vine: One of the oldest herbs in Chinese medicine. Best use is topical. Suppresses overactive immune systems (like after you get a vaccine). May treat autoimmune diseases, but don’t say that around an FDA or CDC agent, or in an advertisement.


Remember, there is a huge lack of scientific evidence that any pharmaceuticals work, much less vaccines and flu shots. The real QUACKS in America aren’t natural healers, instead they are dentists who still use mercury fillings, allopathic doctors who scribble out prescriptions for cancer, and oncologists who never ever study nutrition.


Make sure you talk to your Naturopath before taking chemical, lab-made concoctions. Look to Mother Nature for the answers and trust herbs that have worked for cultures for millennia! The best recommendations, after all, are testimonials from thousands of people.


<b>Sources for this article include:</b>















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Make powerful aloe a “regular thing” in your daily routine, just like many other organic foods and supplements!


Take the organic food and supplement (and food preparation tools)* test really quickly right now. Put a tally in your mind for each of the following foods that you have in your home right now. When you’re done reading the list, remember that number until you reach the end of this short assignment. There is a great reward! Here we go:


Aloe, maca, mucuna, organic dark chocolate, oil of oregano, garlic, licorice root, cinnamon, organic lemon and lime juice, spring water, goji berries, raw nuts, reishi mushroom, chaga mushroom, acai, hemp protein powder, hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, organic vitamin B12, a dehydrator*, a juicer*, and a quality smoothie maker. What’s your score? Let’s start this off with Aloe, the King, and go from there:


Aloe Vera is high in vitamins, minerals, fatty-acids, amino acids - it is an adaptogen that helps with digestion, helps with detoxification and it alkalizes the body. Aloe helps with cardiovascular health and immunity. It’s great for your skin and can reduce inflammation! Find out how to use it, how much, and when from Natural News and the Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Natural Health News is quite resourceful with helpful links to lots of health websites. Share the knowledge and you share in the wealth!



Natural News delivers full coverage of this natural wonder Aloe!


“Aloe Vera has a history that spans over 6000 years. The Egyptian civilization was the first to note its extraordinary health benefits and called it the plant of immortality. It was used for various health issues ranging from insomnia, baldness, bad digestion and even cancer. It is now regularly grown in tropical locations such South Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Additional healing properties were discovered through time and starting with 18th Century, Aloe Vera was often employed for other conditions like skin irritations, burns and wounds.”





Get rid of your “cigarette hangover” for good the natural way