Friday, October 17, 2014

People once thought the world was flat, and currently the CDC believes you can't get Ebola from indirect contact


The Natural News Tracker is keeping up with breaking Ebola news on Alternative Media and Natural Health News. If we don't learn from history, like that Columbus didn't discover America and that the Holocaust really DID happen, then we might believe some of the words coming out of the mouths of the directors and officials of the CDC, America's Center for Disease Control. It should be called the center for disease continuance. Here's why:


They've already been proven wrong about the transfer of the Ebola virus between humans, and now they're telling us the world is STILL flat. The only reason to turn on the TV for news right now is to see just HOW bad they are lying so we can better anticipate their motives. Do they want an Ebola outbreak in the US? Are they holding back with a vaccine that they THINK works for them, so they'll be protected? Sounds like conspiracy theory, until you turn off the TV and read reliable online Health News, like Mike Adams, the Editor in Chief of Natural who also happens to operate high tech lab equipment for measuring toxins by the PPB, parts per billion. Now let's talk about what's REALLY going on with Ebola:


The Health Ranger reports on Natural News:


"Never believe something is true," the saying goes, "until the government officially denies it." And today, the CDC is adamantly denying that the Ebola outbreak taking place in America right now is any problem at all."


Your family should be ready for a 42 day quarantine at any time:


"Naturally, 42 days is a bare minimum and you would be far smarter to cover yourself and your family members for a period of 90 days, 180 days or even longer."

Learn more:


Why? Because there are cases of Ebola popping up after the 21 day "safe" period once thought to be the case. Up to 5% of cases don't show symptoms until well into the 5th or 6th week. But that's NOT what the CDC wants to talk about. Why is that?


The CDC is part of the "machine"  - the one that gets tax money from the people who go to work, buy stuff, borrow money, get sick and go to "health care providers" in their networks, which are all under the umbrella of Big Pharma. Do the math.


The CDC has a script and it reads ... Don't panic. Go to work!


Do what you always do, "we have everything under control."


That's why Boston went down the way it did. The "Mad Mad Search" through suburbia USA for some crazed teenager who was seen on TV carrying a backpack got Americans to agree to illegal search and seizure. That was why Boston Marathon bombing post-search went down the way it did. The militant swat suburbia police - the Department of Homeland Security, DHS, rolled through the middle class neighborhoods like a North Korean military parade of guns, tanks and armor, pulling people out of their houses. Don't you know they'll pull people with FEVERS out of their homes, "if you report it" or your neighbors do. Don't you know once you call in that emergency that someone in your home keeps vomiting and has diarrhea and fever - that's when they come to quarantine you in quarters where you're sure to be exposed to other victims, real victims of Ebola, and also forced-vaccinations of some Ebola strain that doesn't even match the one breaking out in the USA.


Is this too much to think about, or is it too much for CNN to report. Remember everyone, they hid the LOSSES in Vietnam from the Americans "back home"!! The news edited the script to keep America from panicking. Period. This is the history we must speak of with our family, with coworkers and friends at parties. This is the history we must speak of at the Dinner Table with our children.


Wake up and stay awake folks, so you can choose wisdom, safety and health above and beyond what the CDC will ever recommend you do.


Choose organic food, natural medicine and news from a reliable source:


"These supplies should include food, water, medicine, emergency power needs, heating and cooling, pet food supplies and so on. Water is often the most challenging for families because of the enormous quantities needed. I like to recommend 4 gallons per person per day, but in a pinch you could survive on half that. This means that a family of four needs, at bare minimum, about 250 gallons of water per month (and that barely covers basic hygiene and cooking needs). So a six-week supply of minimum water needs is roughly 375 gallons, or about 7 of those large 55-gallon barrels full of water."

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Steps on how to prepare yourself for the Ebola pandemic outbreak!


According to Natural News, Mike Adams (the man behind this website) has come up with a free online audio course that shares lifesaving pandemic preparedness secrets. The online audio course will reveal, for example, the exact names of the most potent antiviral herbs known in the world, many of which you can grow yourself or easily acquire online. Given that numerous viral pandemics, which have absolutely no vaccines, no antibiotics and no mainstream medical solutions available, are now spreading, these alternative solutions are absolutely crucial for the public to learn and remember.

Everybody needs a pandemic preparedness plan that doesn't wholly depend on vaccines and the government to save them! The purpose of this course is to empower individuals all around the world with lifesaving wisdom that they'll never get from official sources.

Visit right now to start listening. No registration is required, and the entire multi-part course is released free of charge.

For more information, log onto:

Episode one covers the truth of why official information from the CDC may get you killed in a severe pandemic. You'll also learn:

* Why modern medicine is clueless if they don't have a vaccine

* Why the medical industry refuses to recommend nutritional therapies and natural medicines

* If there is an Ebola outbreak, why the hospital is the most dangerous place to go

* How you can be infected by touching a contaminated surface

* Why the media will lie to you about pandemics

* Why an Ebola vaccine may be completely worthless even if it exists

* The outright abandonment of medical ethics by government and medical institutions

* The ability of pandemic viruses to adapt and evolve is far faster than the ability of vaccine makers to manufacture vaccines

* Why you already have a genetic blueprint for survival

* How to activate your genetic "miracle" that will keep you alive

* We are all living in an immunosuppressive environment

* Why, if you want to live, you need to have a plan that doesn't rely on the vaccine industry

* Why Mike is driven by compassion for humanity and the drive to save lives

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the threat from Ebola and how to prepare for the pandemic outbreak, one can easily log onto:


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Will the ENTIRE USA have to "Shelter in Place" for months on end during Ebola outbreak?

What happens when Ebola really breaks out in USA?

Who has 21 days worth of food and water stored?

Will you be considered a "criminal" if you leave your own home, to go out in the yard, or to work or to rescue a relative?

You might want to get ready now:

"The grocery store, convenient store, Home Depots and Lowes will clear their shelves within days of all inventory and what will you have?

For the last few weeks, every time I've warned readers about the coming forced quarantines, isolation orders and government-mandated medical procedures that would be directed at American citizens, I was told that such claims were completely false and would never happen in America.

I guess Dallas isn't part of America, then, because all this is happening right now in Dallas, Texas.

"The state of Texas and Dallas County health officials have ordered four close family members of a Dallas Ebola patient to stay home and not have visitors to prevent spreading the deadly disease," the Dallas affiliate of CBS News reported today. [1] "If ignored, a violation could result in criminal charges."

What's happening in Dallas will happen everywhere if the outbreak spreads

The important point in all this is that the very same tactics being used in Dallas to try to stop the spread of Ebola will of course be used everywhere else, too... but on a much larger scale.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Guns can't stop Ebola - Niether can the TSA!


Screening potential Ebola victims after they've arrived is useless

Natural News has this cover story: "In Burwell's view, the best defense is properly screening West African travelers at their point of departure rather than after they arrive in the U.S. This makes sense, as screening potential Ebola victims after they have already come into contact with other travelers will do nothing to prevent an outbreak."
So I must ask, what's next, the TSA giving Ebola vaccinations at the airports?
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