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Top 8 "Most-Believed" American Health Myths


1. The dairy myth: "milk – it does a body good." Humans are the only animals that consume milk after infancy or from another animal. Oops. Cut out the dairy and see how much LESS mucus and congestion you wake up with in the morning. It's a tell tale sign that dairy is bad for you.


2. The protein myth: you have to eat meat to get enough protein for your body to be healthy. Yep, there are plenty of sources of protein that are raw and awesome that your body doesn't have to work so dang hard to break down, digest and dissolve just to get to those amino acids (plus conventional meat contains hormones and antibiotics, not to mention GM bacteria). Try phytoplankton, raw organic kale, spinach, nuts and seeds, chlorella, spirulina, and the list goes on!


3. Herd immunity and the immunization myth: vaccines are "safe and effective" and you're better off getting them than not getting them. Vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum. They inject it into your muscle tissue to conjure up an synthetic immune reaction. If you think you're safe with the "herd" think about those who just got injected who can shed that very disease for 2 weeks. Need we say more?


4. Fluoride – it's "good for your teeth" (it's in most tap water, by the way). Hitler used sodium fluoride to weaken the Jews in concentration camps so they couldn't fight back. Sound familiar? That's why most people believe the two party political system of America means they have a real vote, when it's all one big party scam. The fluoride put in tap water causes cancer, lowered IQ and brittle bones. Watch those hip fractures!


5. The FDA, CDC, USDA and EPA protect consumers from eating and drinking chemicals and synthetic food "agents" that cause disease and disorder. The FDA and CDC are businesses that have been run as businesses since inception. You can buy stock in the CDC-they're listed on Dun and Bradstreet, for God's sake.


6. Antibiotics are mainly prescribed by doctors to kill bacteria and heal infections in humans ... except for the fact that 75% of today's antibiotics are jabbed into animals in filthy dirty CAFOs–confined animal feeding operations–to stave off infections until slaughter. Point made.


7. Foods labeled "diet," "light," "zero," "sugar-free," "all-natural," and "gluten-free" are healthy foods. Artificial sweeteners CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN! How horrendous that so many people believe otherwise, with their 32 ounce diet soda of death and gut flora destruction. No wonder half the country has IBS!


8. Cigarettes are good for digestion. In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, the American Medical Association worked in tandem with Big Tobacco to poison millions of American's lungs and minds with commercials where doctors outright endorsed and smoked "their favorite brands" right there in print ads and on television ads. They knew back then smoking increased chances of lung cancer greatly but they HID the TRUTH for 30 to 40 years, just like they hide the truth about the TOXICITY of tap water, GMOs and Flu Shots today!!














Monday, July 25, 2016

Bill Gates and George Soros Fund Monsanto and a World Depopulation Agenda

George Soros:

The man who “broke the Bank of England” on Black Wednesday in 1992 is one of the top thirty richest people in the world, and a political activist who helps fund the most evil corporation in the world–Monsanto. Soros, who is of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry, holds dual citizenship in Hungary and the United States, and self-proclaims as a philanthropist, while contributing massive funds to eugenics programs and population control through toxic food and toxic vaccines. Soros has been accused of orchestrating the Asian financial crisis of 1997. Soros is a big league investor who auspiciously moves money in anticipation of currency crisis and also triggers those crisis for profit. His insidious motives have been referred to as “Soroi.” In 2009, Soros founded the “Institute for New Economic Thinking” – a think tank composed of international economic business and financial experts and globalists who investigate radical approaches to organizing and corrupting international financial and economic systems to their advantage.

Soros predicted (basically knew it was coming) the housing bubble burst of 2008, in his book “The New Paradigm for Financial Markets,” where he described a 25-year trend of equity that was about to collapse. This year, 2016, Soros has already predicted a financial crisis similar to that of 2008, based on the dire state of global currency this time, and based on stock and commodity markets crashing along with the sinking Chinese yuan.
In 2005, George Soros was convicted of insider trading by the French Supreme Court, but was only penalized €940,000.

In 2012, Soros donated $1 million to the super PAC that backed the reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama.

In 2013, Soros donated $25,000 to “Ready for Hillary,” while becoming co-chairman of the super PAC’s national finance committee. (9)

In 2015, Soros donated $1 million to Super PAC “Priorities USA Action” ­– which also supports Hillary Clinton for the current 2016 Presidential Race. Since then, he has donated an additional $6 million to the PAC.

Obama’s biggest supporters, Bill Gates and George Soros, purchased 900,000 and 500,000 shares of Monsanto, respectively, in 2010
Eugenics and population control agenda in America and Africa are well under way. Bill Gates and George Soros know the best means for reducing the population–food and medicine that contain deadly neurotoxins and that damage fertility–and those include genetically modified foods and flu shots and vaccines for just about every infectious disease known to mankind. (6) Most Americans and Africans alike have been brainwashed into believing their governments are looking out for their best interests and would never be involved in killing off people using food and medicine as bio-weapons, but that’s exactly what is happening now.

Under the guise of philanthropy and disease control, these two globalists want nothing more than more money and the killing off of “undesired” peons. They are elitists who believe that rich white people should rule the world, much like the Hitler mentality from WWII. In fact, according to Truthwiki and several other reliable sources, including VIDEO footage of the incident, Bill Gates recently went public with a very bizarre declaration, before a live audience, that vaccinations, when used strategically could help reduce the world population by as much as fifteen percent. Gates meant, without coming right out and saying it, that population reduction through sterilization of men and women, miscarriages of babies or newly deformed children who can’t procreate, was a good thing. (8)

Population control is part of the vaccine agenda, obviously, and the polio vaccine and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccines are two top facilitators of these crimes of medicine, as both infect the victims with disease and neurological disorders, costing people millions in medical bills while killing of unwanted populations in demographic areas that the globalists hand pick, like US inner-cities and African countries where nobody knows any better.

Inciting and baiting race wars and the funding of Black Lives Matter by George Soros
There’s a campaign on television that promotes anything supporting race wars, white-on-black violence and hate, and protest movements that seemingly are against bigotry, but insidiously push the very agenda of hatred and intolerance. There’s ONE man at the financial center of it all–George Soros. Soros funded the Ferguson protest movement, after the death of Michael Brown, on TV and on the streets. The liberal billionaire forged a political machine that impacts American politics and policy and mobilizes protest groups to spread hate propaganda across the US. Through years of funding, Soros injected more than $30 million to embolden on-the-ground activists in Ferguson and also gave rise to the combustible protest movement after the criminal event in Missouri. Just as Soros claims to be leading a grassroots revolution for economic and racial justice, so does DeRay Mckesson, (4) the leader of BlackLivesMatter, who has CLOSE CONNECTIONS to the priveleged and elite. (3)

In fact, Mckesson himself lives in a home OWNED by elitists who support population control, plus Soros’ groups have several connections to #BlackLivesMatter organizers and activists. All in all, George Soros has already invested $33 million in a race-baiting movement that fuels the fire of hatred in America, all in a long-term attempt to invoke Martial Law by a tyrannical government that desires more and more control over the people that are slowly being lulled into subservience (and slavery) through socialism. The Balimore Sun reported that the agitator Mckesson is making a massive salary approaching $200,000, courtesy of Baltimore school district taxpayers, while he manages a budget of over $4 million and more than 50 employees.

The role of George Soros in the spread of Ebola in West Africa
Soros (along with Dr. Thomas Frieden) set up a biolab in Kenema which manufactured the Ebola virus under the so-called “Development Aid,” but the Sierra Leone government CLOSED the lab immediately following the Ebola outbreak (to remove tracts back to them), and now the CDC has its own PATENT on the virus, which means they literally own the virus and can now use it as a bio-weapon. The new vaccine will contain the LIVE version of Ebola, so anyone injected will be highly susceptible to coming down with a full-blown case of Ebola.

Soros investing in GMO marijuana for “medical use”
Genetically modified engineering (GM or GMO) is the scientific methodology of inserting pesticide genes into crops and produce seeds to kill weeds and insects that take away from corporate profits in the chemical agriculture industry that’s sweeping America. More than 90% of all corn, canola, cottonseed, sugar beets, and soy is currently GMO. As more and more US states are embracing litigation to make marijuana legal, especially on the medicinal end, many corporations are investigating the profit potential of getting involved in its production. (1) (10)

Also, since CBD oil that comes from cannabis is a known cure for cancer, and hemp is known to be a natural substitute for building materials, healthy food, safe clothing, and much more, the market for growing it in the United States could be enormous, although at the same time it could undermine major capitalistic enterprises, such as power, fuel, and the “Big Food” processed food industry.
Meanwhile, the US-based corporation Monsanto plans to launch GM marijuana and create a brand for it. There’s no telling what pesticide genes will be involved, and whether or not that brand of pot/cannabis will actually CAUSE cancer rather than cure it, since the cancer industrial complex in the US is a multi-billion dollar industry that propagates food and medicine that not only do NOT cure cancer, but make it more prominent (ie: mammograms, radiation, pharmaceuticals, GMO food, processed synthetic food, and chemotherapy). (2) (7)

How does all of this relate to George Soros? The Organization of Open Society Foundation is actually under the control of the main shareholder of Monsanto, a billionaire by the name of George Soros. He will be funding the development and marketing of transgenic seeds of marijuana, beginning in Uruguay, and most certainly “growing” soon on US soil. Marijuana may just be the next major US GMO crop. The pharmaceutical industry would certainly manipulate medical marijuana, most likely for insidious purposes, and then patent the new breed, while making illegal the kind that cures cancer (see CBD–cannabidiol). (5)
The ultimate Soros goal is to genetically modify at least 40% of all the cannabis in the world. Soros was a significant supporter of marijuana legalization in Uruguay. As Soros has pointed out, the failed “War on Drugs” in America will only fuel his auspicious involvement and support of genetically modified pot in America. The biggest problem is that Monsanto GMO seeds are made to produce “Roundup Ready” plants that are resistant to CHEMICAL herbicides (because they contain them), most common is RoundUp–which has been implicated in many studies to cause cancer in animals, including humans. (11) When and if GMO marijuana hits the American market, consumers should be well-advised to avoid it at all costs. Seek out natural, organic cannabidiol for the prevention, treatment, and cure of many cancers, and also hemp seed oil, as recommended by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams. (12)


Bill Gates:

One of the world’s wealthiest people and owner of the world’s largest PC software company, William Henry Gates III, a.k.a. “Microsoft Bill,” is well-known as an inventor, business magnate and writer of computer code. Since as far back as 1987, Bill Gates was listed as a billionaire in Forbes magazine and one of the nation’s richest people. According to Forbes, Gates was ranked the fourth “most powerful person in the world” in 2012. His wealth increased $15 billion last year alone. Gates is widely criticized for being anti-competitive and for being a pro-vaccine zealot. He engages in many “philanthropic endeavors,” such as donating large amounts of money to various scientific research programs through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates has even gone so far as to fund technologies that are designed for mass sterilization in order to address what he refers to as the world’s population problem.

One of these wildly acclaimed vaccination programs is called “Grand Challenges Explorations,” and is supposed to include major breakthroughs in global health, even though vaccines are now being regarded by the natural health community as unnecessarily toxic – – still often carrying mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde, as well as live, untested viruses. Gates is also an avid supporter of GMO, genetically modified organisms in food, which are time and again proving to cause cancer in animals and aid the development of “Super-bugs” and “Super-weeds” that are quickly becoming immune to carcinogenic pesticides. (1)

In 2007, the Los Angeles Times criticized the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for being hypocritical and investing in companies that actually worsen poverty and pollute the environment with chemicals. The LA Times also criticized the Gates Foundation for investing its assets in pharmaceutical companies that don’t even sell into the developing world. Gates has gained a reputation for seeking only maximum returns on his investments, no matter what the cost. The world’s youngest self-made billionaire may not be so generous after all.

In fact, Bill Gates recently went public with a very bizarre declaration, before a live audience, that vaccinations when used strategically could help reduce the world population by as much as fifteen percent. Whether Gates meant population reduction through sterilization of men and women, miscarriages of babies or newly deformed children who can’t procreate, nobody can be sure until he clarifies. Population control is part of the vaccine agenda, obviously, and a look at the OPV (oral polio vaccine) (3) and the MMR II vaccines serve as perfect examples. MMR II has been linked to autism (in African American boys under age three) by the leading, senior CDC scientist – Dr. William Thompson. (2)

The campaign called “Global Polio Eradication Initiative” (GPEI) is also funded by Gate’s (Bill and Melinda) Foundation – – and to the total of $1.3 billion. It’s primary “targets” are India, Pakistan and the Philippines, but oddly enough, oral polio vaccines have been banned in most industrial nations because they actually cause polio. (4) As reported by the 2012 Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, more than 47,000 cases of vaccine-associated polio paralysis (VAPP) and acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) arose in the year 2011, and those cases arose regionally in proportion to oral polio vaccine doses administered to children. This comes in light of the fact that only 42 cases of wild virus polio were even reported in India in 2010 and India had already declared that polio was no longer a health priority.

In fact, in 2010 there were only 42 cases of wild virus polio reported in India. Plus, statistically, children infected with the AFP polio oral virus are twice as likely to die as those who just get the wild virus. On top of it all, less than one percent of children with wild polio are likely to become paralyzed in the first place, so why all the concern and commitment by one Bill Gates? Depopulation is one hypothetical, and coincidentally worldwide cases have risen steadily of AFP, inluding Guillain-Barre syndrome, traumatic neuritis and transverse myelitis. Bill Gates is not bothering to inform his fans about mega-doses of vitamin C – proven effective for curing polio. While India celebrated the eradication of polio in early 2012, the AFP victims and those statistics are all ignored.

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates donates hundreds of millions of dollars to new vaccine efforts and speaks on the issue of CO2 emissions effecting climate change. Gates has even invented his own formula for tracking emissions via people, services, energy per service and CO2 per energy unit. The world is just one large computer for Mr. Gates, and 6.8 billion people are too many people, by his math. A reduction of 10 to 15 percent is ideal for the world, Bill says, which equates to the elimination (genocide) of over one billion people. Which vaccines will work the best for that – – only Bill Gates, the CDC and vaccine manufacturers know. However, at the “TED” Convention, Bill Gates was recorded on video as professing the following:
“The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” (5)

Bill Microsoft Gates wants to get rid of one billion people – one of three ways
Vaccines containing dangerous heavy metal toxins like mercury (thimerosal) and aluminum, and known carcinogens like formaldehyde that could kill people slowly in an unnoticeable way, taking a whole generation to deteriorate the individual with accelerating degenerative diseases. Vaccines could be used to reduce (or eliminate) fertility in order to lower birth rates around the world using a “soft kill” method, such as miscarriages or spontaneous abortions, and that’s more easily accepted by mainstream scientists. Lastly, a pandemic of some infectious disease could be deliberately planned or the result of carelessness, or even used as a bio-weapon, which could easily wipe out a billion to two billion people, especially those who are immune-deficient and more susceptible. This could be as simple as a virulent flu strain, such as swine, put into a “new” vaccine.

Bill Gates Pushes Hard for Genetically Modified (Pesticide) Food across Africa
In order to help African farmers who can’t afford fertilizer, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave $10 million dollars (as a grant) to a group of British scientists working on new genetically modified crops that require no fertilizer. (10)

This largest single investment in GM crops ever made in that country by a private organization, is meant to help spread genetically modified corn, wheat and rice because they contain artificially inserted genes that pull nitrogen from the air. Bill Gate’s goal: to allow Africa to grow enough food for themselves. But genetic alterations of crops also leads to doing business with huge corporations like Monsanto, that do not allow farmers to keep their own seeds, but must rather purchase licenses every year to get more patented corporate GM seed, Monsanto’s herbicide and insecticide, and even down to costly crop system equipment rentals. Currently, GM crop systems are failing in America, being overrun by what are being termed super-bugs and super-weeds, and the quality of food has plummeted for conventional farmers who have to use up to ten times the amount of pesticide to try to keep their yields from diminishing.
Bill Gates and his Foundation’s Genetically Modified “Assistance” is Not Sustainable
A study published by Rodale Institute found that organic growing methods (traditional) produce higher crop yields and are far more sustainable than any of the GMO crops that have emerged from Monsanto research laboratories. (6)

In an auspicious way the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is investing in chemical food research, development of untested food technologies, and possibly the spread of cancer in Africa. Organic poly-culture crop systems that use the natural environment are safe, healthy and sustainable. (7) Organic crops are still the safest and most nutritious crops available to mankind, but the Gates Foundation is only concerned with crops that grow without fertilizer, so all the donations go to fund that biotech research. In fact, Gate’s investment strategies assist African nations in producing “bio-safety laws” that promote agribusiness interests instead of protecting Africans from potential health and environmental threats posed by GM crops. Even Roundup herbicide has been proven toxic to the heart by renowned French scientist/team Seralini. (8)

GMO crops are not sustainable, as more farmers are using more toxic herbicides and insecticides, depleting soil nutrients and adding toxic waste to the water and surrounding communities. To date, only four African nations have released GM crops, but the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has its goals and aspirations. Since most African nations have no bio-safety regulations in place, Gates figures it’s a great place for a corporate takeover. Despite the GMO push in America, though, organic food consumption topped $42 billion in sales in 2014, up more than $10 billion from two years ago. Nations of Africa must address food security before even considering GM maize, soya or cotton, just look at the disease figures in America from its consumption. Cancer rates have skyrocketed since the introduction of genetically modified foods over twenty years ago. (9)











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