Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jade Helm may be PERMANENT MILITARY OCCUPATION of US states, metropolitan cities, suburbs, certain rural towns - starting with the West

Once the military occupy all the towns they plan on "practicing" in, they most likely will never leave again. As Natural News followers know, just about every staged event in the US has an official story that has major holes in it, which usually go forever unexplained and memory holed by the mainstream media. This is a trend that gets worse by the day, as they erase videos, emails, documents and even try to rewrite history with fake encyclopedia-style websites like Wiki and WebMD. Peer reviewed research is nothing more than paid hack science today, and the "nightly news" is nothing more than terror for your emotions so you'll buy into whatever the White House wants you buying into, including genetically modified food, toxic vaccines, fluoridated water, a fake war on terror and of course, that a two party system means your vote somehow matters if you choose between the lesser of two horrific evils. With no disrespect to any military person ever, the wars we fight on terror are fake. Though there are real people with real weapons shooting at other people and killing them, the theme behind the war is fake. The reason we are there, the reason we were "attacked" in New York in 2001, and the reason the Patriot Act killed the Constitution are all based on fear mongering and thought control.

Put it this way; because Texas is considered a "hostile state" by the US government, and they plan on placing their most well-trained and well-armed military all over towns and cities starting in July, don't you think they could just as easily start some fake riots using undercover FBI agents and paid mercenaries to pretend like they are Texans freaking out? Then, it would be simple to round up anyone they want, throw them in reeducation camps (prisons FEMA sets up like Hitler did) and hold them indefinitely, without any phone call to a lawyer or their mommy? After all, wouldn't the US government just be protecting Texans from themselves, in that case, and the LIVE experiment of Jade Helm would serendipitously be READY to deal with it all, and Wolfe Blitzer and Anderson Cooper could be hot on the scene (with blue screen background of Texas riots), reporting for the Administration exactly what's happening on the streets, and how children and teens are strangely disappearing (CPS helps kidnap the ones where parents already have trouble with the law). And the conspiracy theorists will sound even crazier than ever, when we round up Texans and put them in internment camps, just like when we put the US Japanese during WWII in internment camps, with no rights whatsoever, just because of their race, even though they were US citizens with Constitutional rights. Oh, but still, it's just a "training exercise" because our Navy Seals are not prepared well enough to do this in Afghanistan, Iraq, or when we invade Iran - -  that is, to work with "underground freedom fighters" who can help America beat down the evil villains. Puke! What a facade. The parade of military in US states like California will be EXACTLY LIKE North Korea flexes their tanks and missiles and military arms at public parades in order to brew fear in the people and subservience. Will Texas secede from the Union or battle for their Constitution in July, August and September? Will US troops capture and help torture US citizens who simply protest peacefully, or will the US stage an event that looks like ISIS did something huge and crazy, and then capture any US citizens who don't like fake wars and know that the White House script is always tainted, twisted, edited, re-edited and then edited some more?

Fishy Politics - From the Bin Laden Raid to the Jade Helm Military "Practice" (permanent occupation) of Texas in 60 days

As recently reported on

"The real story, according to the report, is that members of Pakistani intelligence services were privy to the raid months before it happened and that it was a “walk-in” Pakistani intelligence officer who gave up the location of Bin Laden rather than a CIA operation that tracked him down by following various couriers."

Nothing goes the way the TV news or the world's most popular newspapers would have you believe. They have a script that's constantly being rewritten, and they bank on the general public being too high on medications, toxic food and toxic water to remember any news that's even only a few months old, if not a few years. People simply watch the news with dumbfounded-ness, with all its shock and awe value, and they talk about it at work that day, or at the dinner table later that night, as if it all really went down the way the "situation room" said it did. It's kind of pathetic, and the rest of the world just shakes their head. Just flip on the TV next time and imagine it's opposite day, and whatever the president or his cohorts say is the complete and utter opposite of what he did, plans to do or is doing right now. Then you can laugh and wait as you find out it's really that way. You listen to the cons conspire, knowing the "war on terror" will always continue now because it's the greatest excuse to launder billions of dollars a day while the American people believe it's for a good cause. It's the world's ultimate Ponzi scheme.

The official story you hear on the news is fabricated, edited, re-edited, and then edited some more. By the time it hits Wolfe Blitzer's two little troll hands, the White House has figured out what they need to say, what they must say, and of course, what they will NEVER SAY.

Bin Laden was most likely dead long before the US heroic "raid" on his compound. He was also most likely a CIA operative for the US, having been paid before and garnished with our best weapons way back when. We're always fighting those commies ya' know, and we gotta' support the rebels in the towns we try to conquer for resources. It's like Texas, when the Feds try to sink their hooks in this July, it's probably about a lot more than some top notch seals and special forces pretending like they're meeting UNDERGROUND FREEDOM FIGHTERS and gathering supplies together to beat back the crazy government, or however the script goes that they're hacking up today.

See this infographic to understand the gist of Jade Helm 15:


Turn the US map of Jade Helm locations to a slight right angle and it matches the conflicts of interest in the Middle East. This is very bizarre. It's like some kind of Sandy Hook premonition/foreshadowing. Wonder if there will be a Facebook page that tells all too early, like we saw with the memorial "RIP" memorial page of one of the Sandy Hook victims the day BEFORE it even happened.

Here's the Jaded Map coincidence. Take a look:

Want to fight REAL terror? Fight the food fight. Learn the horrors of eating GMO and drinking fluoridated water. Take a close look around you and you can find and see how many people are actually dying from a hidden terror that's right under your nose and that is the toxic food sold in America. You can count up all the people that have died fighting in wars and being the victims of wars, and the total number of deaths pales in comparison to those dying right now from PREVENTABLE diseases that America refuses to properly educate its people about. Ninety percent of the food found on the shelves of every grocery store cause preventable disease and disorder. Vaccines cause thousands of deaths. Prescription medications taken "as directed" cause hundreds of thousands of deaths. Three thousand people died in New York in 2001, but 750,000 will die of cancer this year - - cancer they could have prevented and even cured with organic food and spring water. It's true. But there's a "War on Cancer" too, remember. See, these wars are all staged, so we must fight them on our own grounds, literally, with organic home gardens and blogging about the truth - sharing videos that expose the hoaxes and the shills, and sharing Natural News articles that help each other survive and thrive in the face of adversity and in the face of this military occupation that is against the law on US soil. Despite all the sensationalism, few people die from terrorist attacks each year. Don't believe the hype and the US TV script, it's fabricated, edited, re-edited and then edited some more.

J.D. Heyes reports on Natural News: " ... the Environmental Protection Agency has continuously permitted higher levels of glyphosate to infiltrate the nation's natural resources. Today, it is everywhere, and it continues to poison the environment and the humans who feed off the environment."... Are you still more worried about terrorism?

As J.D. Heyes goes on to report: "ISIS attacks on America are nothing compared to Monsanto's mass poisoning with glyphosate."

Sources for this information are here:


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